Operate at Optimum Levels by Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body

Help Speed Up Recovery from Porn-Induced ED & Chronic Masturbation by Using Supplements

  Magnesium – Deficiency can lead to premature ejaculation, muscle cramps, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety and headaches. Magnesium is one of the properties of semen, and excessive masturbation coupled with a Magnesium deficiency can lead to suffering the aforementioned symptoms. »Read more Zinc – Deficiency can cause hair loss, poor eyesight, neural malfunction, bad memory […]

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? Time to Uncover the Inconvenient Truth

Does masturbation cause hair loss?

The topic of masturbation is taboo in societies around the world. Even in the West, where people are much more open to the idea of jokes and gags related to sexual activities, masturbation is something that most people tend not to discuss openly. This is quite strange given the fact that it is one of […]

Better Lifestyle Choices When Recovering from Porn Addiction and Over-Masturbation

Diet Obviously a balanced diet is a going to help you feel great and function at optimum levels. Eliminate: Processed carbohydrates, High fructose corn syrup Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Other unnatural chemicals Avoid hydrogenated oils, food with soybeans or vegetable oil. Olive oil is good. Fish oil is also good. Watch out for fish that are […]