How to Stop Chronic Masturbation and Recover from the Side Effects of Chronic Masterbation

Chronic Masturbation

Chronic masturbation, also known as over-masturbation, excessive masturbation, self-abuse, and jokingly referred to as hysterical onanism and hairy palm syndrome differs quite significantly from normal masturbation, which itself is healthy, encouraged and has been prevalent since the dawn of human history (and even some animals).

Masturbation is part of a normal sex life (emphasis on: part of, it should not be the only thing in your sex life). It can boost your immunity, improve your mood, and used right, it can even help you to last longer in bed.

However, we are beginning to hear that ever-increasing numbers of people are suffering from a chronic compulsion to masturbate. It’s affecting their work, impacting their social life, destroying relationships and leaving them feeling like guilt-ridden, useless lust bags that have reduced themselves to only living for orgasms and neglecting everything else. The solution to this problem is further down the page, but first…

When does masturbation become over-masturbation?

Since there is no formal diagnosis of what constitutes chronic masturbation, how we define it is important. For many people, they consider themselves as suffering from chronic masturbation simply because they masturbate every day and feel guilty about it. Daily masturbation in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad.

However, we can presume that one is suffering from chronic masturbation when they are experiencing the following:

  • It is causing them significant distress
  • You are masturbating multiple times per day as a form of self-medicating or to escape from certain realities in your life which you’re unhappy with
  • You regularly cause damage to yourself (rubbing yourself raw)
  • You have little time to see friends, family or go to work because of the amount of time you devout to pleasuring yourself
  • You find the urge to masturbate is too strong to fight and constantly feel lustful

The main purported side effects of excessive masturbation:

Hair loss – To go bald two things need to happen. You need to be predisposed to male pattern baldness and you need an excess amount of DHT in your system. There is some correlation that supports DHT causing baldness, but it is not conclusive. That being said, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it is true.

Persistent sexual arousal – This is that “lust ball” feeling I mentioned earlier. You’ve managed to rewire your brain to be in a heightened state of arousal. Rebooting will take care of this.

Memory and concentration problems – It’s hard to say if this is just down to masturbation or to porn use, but those that give up porn tend to find that their memory recall and concentration abilities significantly improve.

Erectile Dysfunction – While your spirit is still willing and urging you to masturbate and orgasm, your penis shows signs of suffering from exhaustion.


How to avoid and cure chronic masturbation

When you masturbate, are you usually watching porn?

This is a very important question. If a significant amount of the time you are masturbating to porn, or thinking about porn in order to achieve climax, then you need to go here right now.

In the vast majority of cases, those suffering with chronic masturbation are also watching huge amounts of porn, and it has been demonstrated that excessive porn use can have significant detrimental effects on your mind and body. Conversely, cutting porn out of your life can bring tremendous benefits.

To recover, go to the Sexual Reboot Quit Porn section.

If you never masturbate to porn, or very rarely watch it then the principles behind the Quit Porn guide are still very relevant to you.

Masturbation is not the problem. It is part of an even bigger problem. Something personal to you, something that is causing you pain. It can be some insecurities or unhappiness with your life.

Whatever it is, you seek to comfort yourself temporarily by achieving orgasm, and it’s only when the side-effects worsen that you realize this is not an effective way to treat yourself.

What you need to do is face up to the problems in your life that you’re avoiding and develop proper coping mechanisms to deal with pain.

Have a look at the Stop… the Easy Way program for more information.


Sexual Rebooter – Submitted Solution

One of the rebooters from our forum posted this:

To cure this problem (and other problems too) we have to strengthen the body as a whole, otherwise we might fail and get depressed when we do not benefit from our practice.

The solution how I understand is:

  1. Live as natural life as possible. Do not torture yourself but eat well prepared tasty foods and make yourself feeling nurtured. Enjoy normal life activities and social relations.
  2. Avoid stimulating and exhausting things in excess. Avoid especially porn with masturbation.
  3. Regulate your ejaculation, find the so called optimal sexual frequency.
  4. Use exercise, stretching and meditation to solve physical, mental and emotional blockages which can prevent the healing taking place. We must do everything we can to ensure smooth flow of energy and blood in the internal organs and whole body. Do not exercise too much, otherwise you can end up in further problems / pre-mature aging.
  5. Learn to stay positive no matter what kind of suffering you have. Try to eliminate hate and negative thoughts about others.
  6. Observe yourself to notice how the things you do, what you eat etc. affect your health and wellbeing and figure out the way which will ultimately heal you.
  7. Try to understand that each case is different, and do not worry too much about others until you have healed yourself.
  8. Trust that your body can heal itself completely if you can be an excellent student by putting your methods into practice. Forcing something or using man made aggressive methods will not heal, but ease some symptoms at the cost of other life supporting functions inside your body. I do not believe in western medical at all, other than the surgery which is used for car accidents etc…
  9. Time is needed to recharge the burned energy reserves in your body. It cannot be done in two days or two weeks. Of course it depends on the severity of the deficiency.

I can say this algorithm works since I´ve been symptom free with once a week ejaculation lately and I still gain every day. I should have dropped porn earlier.


Better living through chemistry. It ain’t that easy

Your first port of call is to stop masturbating and to give your mind and body a rest. A time to readjust. A reboot.

Some people are hoping there’s a shortcut to fixing this and look for pills to take, and while it’s true that supplements can aide recovery, they won’t do squat if you don’t change your behavior first.

For the sake of being thorough I am reposting this from our forum but cannot comment on its accuracy:

Forum Subject:

Chronically over-masturbating at least 18 times a week since age 13 has resulted in frequent urination, fatigue and headaches for a sexually exhausted 18 year-old.

Forum Answer:

Yes, your symptoms are due to over-masturbation. And if you continue your current over-masturbation practices, you can expect many more symptoms of sexual exhaustion in the future. The first thing you need to do is come to terms with why you masturbate so much. You are obviously using masturbation like a drug in an effort to avoid dealing with life’s problems. And just like drugs, over-masturbation can result in serious damage to your mind and body.

To understand what causes sexual dysfunction, you need to understand how the body operates during normal sexual activity. The adrenal glands and sex organs produce androgen hormones which stimulate sexual function in men and are the precursor to the female hormone estrogen. The hypothalamus releases the neuro-hormone dopamine which results in sexual arousal. When you feel sexually aroused, the brain releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into the bloodstream in the sex organs. Then acetylcholine causes the endothelium in the blood vessels and in the spongy penis chambers to produce an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase that helps to produce the gas nitric oxide. This is derived most commonly from the amino acid arginine or, alternatively, from nitrogen compounds in foods. Nitric oxide then triggers the release of yet another enzyme-induced neurotransmitter, cGMP. At the command of cGMP, the blood vessels relax, permitting increased blood inflow to the penis. As the chambers of the penis engorge, the sudden surge of blood into those chambers exerts pressure on the veins. Now inflow is greater than outflow, and the penis remains erect so long as there is a continuous production of cGMP mediated by nitric oxide. A very similar sequence is involved in lubrication and vaginal and clitoral engorgement in women. As sexual activity intensifies, the neurotransmitter GABA is released, increasing dopamine levels and ultimately igniting a euphoric feeling and increasing sensations during orgasm.

At the end of sexual activity, cGMP is disabled by the enzyme PDE5, and nitric oxide production decreases, causing the penis to return to its flaccid state or female sex organs to return to normal. The anti-inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-1 is released to relax tissue and muscle fiber and calm the body after sex. The pituitary gland releases the hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin to induce a sense of sexual satisfaction after sex or orgasm. The pituitary gland also releases the hormone prolactin to repress the effect of dopamine, thus reducing sexual arousal by decreasing the levels of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. The brain also releases the neurotransmitter serotonin to modulate sexual desire.

All of these processes, however, break down when you engage in excessive masturbation. Excessive masturbation leads to overproduction of androgen hormones, causing adrenal and sex organ fatigue, and excess release of dopamine to maintain prolonged sexual arousal. Since dopamine is the precursor to the stress hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), excess dopamine results in the adrenal glands overproducing epinephrine and putting the body in a prolonged state of fight-or-flight stress. At the same time, norepinephrine is synthesized from dopamine and released from the adrenal medulla into the blood as a hormone, along with the stress hormone cortisol. Epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol fuel the fight-or-flight response, directly increasing heart rate, triggering the release of glucose from energy stores, and increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle. All of this has a severely taxing effect on the body.

The hormone prostaglandin E-2, which serves an important function in sexual arousal, is also overproduced and has an inflammatory effect on the body, damaging tissues, nerves and joints, weakening immunity, causing muscular and nervous pain, and promoting infection, inflammation, and even cancer. Chronic elevation of epinephrine and prostaglandin E2 results in severe damage to brain cells and parasympathetic nerves in the liver, lungs, adrenal glands, heart, blood vessels, digestive system, pancreas, gallbladder, ovaries, uterus, cervix, testicles and prostate. As a result, you can experience a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, bodily pains, persistent sexual arousal and sexual dysfunction such as impotence and premature ejaculation in men and a lack of sexual stimulation in women.

All of this over-activity and stress causes the pituitary gland and testicles (ovaries in women) to become disabled for a few days or even months, leading to a long refraction time or a long-term sexual exhaustion and inflammation. First, you may feel your muscles and joints become very tight and rigid upon ejaculation. An extremely exhausted adrenal function can cause an extreme low level of DHEA and cortisol, resulting in fatigue and pains throughout the body, including the back. The pain becomes severe at about 2-4 hours after ejaculating due to the sudden drop of DHEA, testosterone and DHT. You may experience pains for a couple of days until your prolactin and cortisol levels are returned to their normal ranges.

In order to reverse the ill-effects of excessive masturbation, stop sexual activity for a few weeks. Let your body rest and replenish. Then you can come back to it with a lower frequency.

Fish oil (1000 mg each meal) will help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3, Oxytocin and Nitric Oxide production for erection and orgasm. American ginseng and maca help to rejuvenate your entire body. Horny goat weed and yohimbe will help increase flood flow and nutrient absorption for a harder erection and better ejaculation control. Damiana and saw palmetto will heal your prostate, which is responsible for producing and releasing semen and which is most likely overworked with your excessive sexual activity or masturbation.



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