If you’re currently going through your Sexual Reboot, quitting porn and rewiring your brain, or if you’ve already completed this, then it’s important to spend time around real women so that you can have real sex and lead a far more healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Contrary to what you might think, how you look and how much money you have doesn’t matter. What matters is understanding what it is that sparks attraction.

Below you can watch a free webinar from Jason Capital, “America’s Honest Dating Coach”. He can come across as a bit of an asshole but there’s no denying he knows what he’s talking about. Watch until the end of some great advice.



Disclosure: If you decide to signup to Jason’s program we may receive commission for referring you. This does not have any effect on the price that you pay or influence my decision to promote it here. To be honest there are thousands of “dating programs” out there, but after reviewing the most popular and looking through the materials, Jason’s was judged to not only be the most effective but from the statistics I’ve seen it also has the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
If you decide to take part I would be interested to hear back from you on what you think of Jason’s dating program.