How to Start Dating After Your Sexual Reboot – The Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Sebastian Harris

You finally made it.

You overcame your porn addiction, you stopped wasting hours every day staring at your laptop and your sleeping problems that were caused by your addiction are also gone.

You are finally free and motivated for the future. You are ready to get back into the dating game and to make up for all the lost time and the amazing experiences with gorgeous women that you missed out on.

The only problem is that you spent the last months or even years looking at naked girls on a screen, without ever talking to real women. Heck, when I think back to the days where I was hooked on pornography, I wasn’t even able to look a woman into the eyes without feeling ashamed.

However, just because you are out of the dating game for a long time doesn’t mean that you can’t get back. About three years ago I talked myself into believing that I don’t have to approach women as long as I have the dirty videos on my laptop and today I have my own dating website where I teach men how to get good with women.

It is possible to get back into the dating game. You can become a man who is able to attract amazing women into his life and you can even find the love of your life.

It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it and I am convinced that the following four steps will help you to achieve your goals.


Step 1: Decide to Make Use of Your Freedom  

The worst thing you can possibly do after your reboot is to do nothing.

I know that you haven’t talked to women for a long time and I also know that you are scared of what happens when you stare at a girl who is not just a picture on your laptop screen.

I already told you that it won’t be easy. It is never easy to change your life, but if you are one of the guys who have the motivation, determination and the courage to do whatever it takes to improve their lives, you will be one of the few guys who will eventually live the life of their dreams.

I am 100% sure that you have the power to do whatever it takes to have success with women.

How do I know that?

You had the willpower to quit pornography, so you also have the willpower to improve your dating life. Make a decision, set goals and promise yourself to work as hard as you can until you have reached your goals.  


Step 2: Become the Interesting Man You Always Wanted to Be

Women are attracted to interesting men and there are a few things that an interesting man doesn’t do. Whenever a guy who watches TV all day and porn all night asks me why no woman wants him, I have to shake my head in astonishment.

No amazing and interesting woman will ever be attracted to you, unless you live a lifestyle that is also amazing and interesting. According to the law of attraction you can only attract the people who are similar to you.

If you want to date amazing women, you have to become amazing.

The big advantage that you have after your reboot is that you are like a blank piece of paper. Not so long ago watching porn was your main hobby, but now you have all this time that you can use for so many different things.

You can join a gym, you can read inspiring books, you can travel to foreign countries, you can take yoga and meditation classes and you can learn a new language.

There are thousands of interesting things you can do. Once you are a man with an interesting lifestyle, women will instinctively be drawn towards you.


Step 3: Do One Scary Thing Every Day

Now that you have an interesting lifestyle you are more than ready to approach and date amazing women. The only problem is that the idea of approaching a beautiful girl on the street might scare you.

When I think back to the time where I finally overcame my porn addiction I remember that I was motivated to become an approaching machine, but too afraid to approach one single girl. I was terrified and for a short moment I even thought about going back to porn.

Today I am glad that I chose another path.

I decided to overcome my fears and I hope that you make the same decision. Unfortunately, a lot of men are looking for a quick fix or a magical product that helps them to get rid of their fears without ever facing them.

I know that it sounds nice, but it is not possible. In order to overcome your fears, you have to face them. The most effective way to do that is by doing one scary thing every single day.

If you are scared of talking to women, you can start to ask random guys for the time or for directions. This helps you to get used to social interactions. After a little while you can start to ask beautiful women for the time and for directions. Once you are confident with that you can start to approach women with a compliment.


Step 4: Accept that Rejection is Inevitable

Probably the most important advice that I can give you is to not focus on perfection. Don’t think that an interesting lifestyle and your fearlessness are your tickets to a dating life in which rejection doesn’t exist.

There are a lot of guys who try to sell you the lie that you can get EVERY woman by using a certain opener or technique. The truth is that some women are in a happy relationship and others are simply not into you, no matter what you do.

Accept that rejection is inevitable on the road to success. Please don’t give up and go back to porn movies, just because one or two women rejected you. Embrace every rejection as an opportunity to learn and you will soon experience unforgettable dates with gorgeous women.

You can start right now. Change your belief system and program yourself for success with women.


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