Better Lifestyle Choices When Recovering from Porn Addiction and Over-Masturbation

Diet Obviously a balanced diet is a going to help you feel great and function at optimum levels. Eliminate: Processed carbohydrates, High fructose corn syrup Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Other unnatural chemicals Avoid hydrogenated oils, food with soybeans or vegetable oil. Olive oil is good. Fish oil is also good. Watch out for fish that are […]

What is Sexual Exhaustion?

The term “Sexual Exhaustion” doesn’t really exist in the medical world, and that is because the term is so vague that diagnosing someone with Sexual Exhaustion could be a gross over-simplification of what the person is experiencing. Sexual Exhaustion is an ambiguous term to cover any instance of someone suffering physically, be it with Erectile […]

Recommended Testing For Severe Cases

After you have treated porn addiction, stopped masturbating (90 days being the average amount of time required for the body’s normal sexual function and use of dopamine to return), changed your lifestyle and diet, and taken supplements to help restore your hormone, nutrition and neurotransmitter levels, the vast majority of Sexual Exhaustion sufferers are cured […]