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    i usually masturbate once a day. but recently i havnt been just because ive been lazy and havnt felt like it. ive always thought there was something major that was wrong with me but ive never figured it out. until today i googled symptoms of over masturbation. ive always had girlfriends and ive had sex a few times. but i always pre ejaculate really badly when i make out with them, or do anything thing sexual with them. i started masturbating frequently when i was about 12. my symptoms are mainly laziness, im super skinny(140 lbs and im 6 foot 3) i have this weird curvature in my lower back, can never focus in school, shallow breathing, and im very very awkward. i feel like live isnt fun anymore. i have a girlfriend and shes not really down for sex all the time. i dont really have erctile dysfuntional problems, but i dont feel like im as hard or as big as i should be. i get major migraines all the time. and i talk very softly and kind of crackly. i dont really know what im saying here, as im only 16. but i feel like over masturbation and internet porn has caused me these problems. can someone help me or suggest some things for me to do? i really hate this. i just want to be happy and love life again..

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    also i feel like sometimes my right eye is a lazy eye. or theres a weird pressure behind it. my shoulderbaldes stick out kind of but idk if thats becuase im skinny or not. i feel trapped in my own head. help me



    For how long have you been wanking and watching porn?

    Stop both forever and especially porn. Then have a healthy way of living including diet, positive thinking and avoiding toxic exposures as drugs or stressful relationships. You will cure or improve so much if you do so.

    For gods sake, you are only 16. You are lucky that at this age you are looking for answers regarding your health, wish I did the same back then instead of living in fantasies.


    Mine too. Im very skinny like you. I guess its normal when you weight 60 kg



    for about 4 to 5 years i have been. and i know its unhealthy. but i want to get better. the numbness in my fingers and toes are also a worry. i always get dizzy when i stand up. from now on im done with this porn and masturbation shit. im just gonna have sex with my girlfriend when we want to, i wont over do that. but should i not have sex at all for a few months so i can recover? this is an awful thing to deal with at just 16. especially with how everyone is so judgemental these days

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