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    hey guys, just wondering if these forum applies to me.

    heres the deal. 22 years old, have never been able to hold an erection long enough to take me from foreplay to sex before losing it. I can get an erection most of the time. While technically I have had sex, it doesnt really count, as in I never came from sex. When ever i/partner stops stimulating my penis, it goes flacid within 5 seconds. This happens alone or with partner.

    I find this pretty messed up and its cost me many sexual expereinces. Failed every time I have tried, maybe 25-30? I guess I’ve been jerking it since 11 very consistently (avg over my “decade of jerking” is 2-3 times a day easy) and watching tons of porn as well (alot over the years, hardcore raw stuff in the later years)

    recently went off porn and no longer masturbate. Have a gf who I try to have sex with, always fail so we just pretty much just pleasure each other in other ways

    Also, I have had very little contact with women over the yrs, the porn was my woman. This is my first real gf, which is how I finally realized I have a problem and am not normal. I feel I may have desensitized myself from the porn and from my hand.

    tried all ED drugs (viagra, cialis) and they help nothing with the holding erection part I still lose erection when not stimulated. This is also messed up to me that these dont work.

    I’d like to think this isnt mental because the same thing happens when Im alone or with a girl, dont feel nervous at all when getting ready to have sex, I know this because I used to get very nervous. Id get that feeling in my stomach/throat, heart would beat 200 times a sec ect, doesnt happen anymore tho, just keep losing erection

    I’ve been feeling very tired all the time recently, even tho get 8-10 hrs sleep every night. Apart from that I find no other symptoms with my case and others. maybe some pre cum here and there.

    Have been fit since 20 yrs old. I used to train 14 hrs a week. Now its just 5 or so. Quit smoking 2 yrs ago, Drink very moderately now, 4 times since new years.

    My diet is amazing, 5 fruit/veg per day min, 6 meals a day covers all food groups.

    Is this site helpful to my case?

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    I am happy to help. Good luck to you.

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