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    Hello, I am new to this community but am very glad to have found it, as I believe I may be suffering from SE. Here is my story:

    My ED problems started to get bad around the new year, at which point I stopped having spontaneous erections, and my erections became weak all the time including during masturbation. Prior to that I had some issues for about six months when trying to have sex with a condom on, etc. Currently I can’t usually get a satisfying erection without the PD5s, levitra or cialis. When I first started using these about two months ago I would get very strong erections but recently I have had problems even on 20 MGs of either of these drugs… Based on this I am pretty convinced something is continuing to worsen in my condition. However, occasionally I am able to get an erection without the drugs although its never quite as strong as in the past. Also I don’t have very many nocturnal erections (and they’re weak too) and I can’t get erections without physical stimulation. None of this was happening a year ago when I had a very healthy libido and could get an erection just by thinking about sex.

    Two months ago I got a bunch of bloodwork done and discovered that my testosterone was 320. Based on a lot of stuff I read (and Dr. Lin’s advice among others) I became convinced that this is low and got a urologist to put me on clomid (with agreement from an endocrinologist). When I got my test checked again a month later it was up to 720, although I don’t feel different other than more aggressive sometimes.

    I am also depressed, although I am unclear on whether this is primarily a cause or effect of my sexual symptoms; I am very distressed by my ED, but I also had several major setbacks in my life over the course of about 4 months right before my ED became severe. Based on the failure of hormonal improvements to affect my ED, and my general mood, several doctors want to put me on antidepressents now. I’m considering going on wellbutrin because of its reputation for helping with depression without hurting ED (its a dopamine reuptake inhibitor). That being said, I feel like my ED is primarily physical, not psychological, based on my loss of spontaneous daytime and nocturnal erections, etc. I have been a one or more times a day masturbator since puberty. In the year proceeding the onset of my problems I was also having sex with many women, usually several times a week in addition to my daily masturbation, which I have almost always done using pornography (sometimes for hours at a time).

    As far as supplements go, I have been taking Dr. Lin’s Viapal-P mix, which is DopaFibra, MoodMax and ViaGrowth, as well as his ArgiNOx supp. I also use his ginseng liquid. I don’t think these are helping much but I continue to use them because they have so many ingredients I have read about in other places. I have been on these for 6 weeks now. Previously I have tried tongkat ali, pycnogenol, l-arginine, grape seed extract, fo-ti, cordyceps and mumio (and probably some other ones I’m forgetting). I also regularly take fish oil and various anti-oxidents.

    Also, about two months ago while having sex I noticed a painful swollen node on my left testicle. Researching that I discovered stuff about vericoceles online. I had my urologist do an ultrasound and he confirmed that I do have a “slight vericocele” on my left testicle although he insists nothing should be done about it. In general I’m pretty frustrated with doctors because they have not suggested any more tests and don’t seem to have any interest in diagnosing whether my ED is primarily vascular, hormonal, psychological or neurological.

    A couple more things: I had a major concussion last may and in July sometime is when I had my very first ED. Since then its gotten gradually worse to the point I’m at now. This led me to suspect I might have some kind of brain or nerve damage. But all I know so far on the neurological front is that I’m not diabetic, due to my blood work showing normal glucose levels.

    I have had four sessions of acupuncture but stopped about a month ago. During the sessions the acupuncturist took my pulse and said I had very low ‘chi’ and claimed it was because of my kidneys. Based on this I thought I might have adrenal fatigue, but my endocrinologist has since told me that I have normal levels of cortisol. The acupuncture did seem to help with my mood (it was quite relaxing) but I don’t think it did anything for my ED, and it cost a lot, so I stopped.

    Finally, several times after having sex my penis has shrunk and gotten very red and dry. This happened in a dramatic way recently after having sex using levitra: for several days I could barely get even a slight erection and my penis was very red, dry and irritated (I don’t have an STD, I was checked for all that also).

    Based on what I have read on this site, I have many of the symptoms of SE, such as chronic fatigue (I used to work out 3+ times a week now I never do, although this is due in part to Dr. Lin telling me to stop heavy weight lifting), nervousness and depression, poor sleep, occasional whistling in my ears, and of course ED.

    I would appreciate any advice from members of this group on my situation and would be happy to provide any further details, including anything useful from my labs.



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    John R

    Hey Shaun,

    I have had all the symptoms you say above and I can promise you it gets better just with time away from porn and jerking it. What’s really strange is that our stories are almost exactly a like. In may of 2012 I had a major concussion and that’s around when my ED started. I can assure you that this is not a neurological problem because my first incident of ED actually happened the day before I got the injury. As well I had worsening problems from my concussion and went to the neurologist many times, still he says nothing is wrong. It has been a long ass journey but I have improved so much. Just stick it out with out masturbating for as long as you can and you should see improvements. Best of luck buddy. You can email me at milanchz@yahoo.com if you have any questions or just need some friendly advice.


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