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    I just read that 27 days can really help you out and obviously many people on the forum advocate abstinence. The longest I’ve gone is like two and a half weeks and in retrospect, have noticed incredible results both times. Now I’m going to give the full month a shot to see if it’s the real deal. Anyone who’s accomplished this challenge before please fill me in on what it did for you. Any other suggestions that would make this time more well spent or effective would also be very appreciated.

    Contract to myself and fellow sufferers on this forum:

    I, Alex _____, hereby subject myself to 28 days of abstinence from all voluntary sexual activity. I shall not masturbate, look at porn, purposely look at erotic images, or consciously fantasize about anything sex-related. Start date: September 28th, 2010. Expiration date: October 11th, 2010.



    Wish me luck

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    good luck….its actually not that hard once you get going. For me the key is not getting sexualy frustrated by seeing all the hot girls on campus.



    Make sure you integrate some type of meditation or prayer if you have a god in your life. Its hard doing this on will power only.

    Need to clear the mind one way or another before the urge arises. For instance in the morning before the day starts.



    Two weeks did it for me. Normal sex, masturbation to the minimum and my sex drive including energy has gone through the roof. Love it.

    I am about to give it another two weeks just to give my body more recovery. For me the two weeks were doable, but at 14 days I could not stand the sexual frustration anymore. Due to being around too many woman and everything on tv, internet, billboards, music is sex related – or it seems.



    I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m so beyond my sexual urges at this point that I’m really not worried about having trouble not masturbation. If anything a chick’s gonna do it. All I care about is getting my dick back to normal so I can stop worrying about all this bullshit and make some love. This is the only viable option I have at this point so I gotta go for it.

    I’m still down for the meditation or prayer or whatever though, enacker. What did you do?

    Js, trust me I know. The girls here are soo fucking hot, it drives me nuts. I see perfect pieces of ass everywhere I go. If anything that just gives me more motivation to abstain so I can actually get some instead of masturbating by myself.

    Thanks for the support guys



    Man I prayed allot for a sane sex life. I also had some friends who i talked to about urges. Furthermore, the determination got me there. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.



    This is great, but how exactly does one benefit from this? You can’t even look at images? Wow this is gonna’ be tough.




    our stiuation is a mess

    we need to try and be patient

    nothing is hard




    our stiuation is a mess

    we need to try and be patient

    nothing is hard



    turtle……..the watching porn issue is very personal…..it really depends on the person, their sexual history and experience, and mental aproach.

    for example……this is my case……over the summer when i still had gf i didnt watch porn or masterbate once for 3 months……then when she dumped me at the beggingin of this school year i felt like shittttttt. So i slowly started to masterbate and watch porn again. I obviously dont beast on it maybe once or twice a week. However iv come to realize that there alot of negative efects of porn at least for me…i feel like it makes me lazy in pursuing girls because i always have these fake computer women available if i get rejected, i feel like it fucks with my self esteem, it totally dosnt capture what real sex is like and makes you think women want toalyl diffrent things, and the list goes on. Not to mention it really is an addiction and the sooner you deal with it the sooner youll be a happy person.

    So for me I dont wanna watch porn…..however if you feel that those problems i mention dont concern you then by all means go ahead and watch porn. if it never affected you negatively then F*ck it man . just everyone is diffrent.

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