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    after getting my amino acids / nutrient/ neurotransmitter test back all my neurotransmitter seem to be in the right range except for the dopamine / serotonin ratio. my dopamine is high and serotonin is super low.

    so with my other supplementation my doctor prescribe I have been taking 5htp. my mood is hella relax, im not tired all the time and have somewhat motivation. but I notice im starting to have lucid dreams every damn night. they cool and all but sometimes they are nightmares and that it be trippy to have.

    my mood is so good I could care less about SE even though im still having testicle shrinkage or what not.

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    same here

    i used to get wired dreams , with crystal clear events …but then i limited it to 50 mg a day at night , just to avoid the sense of drowsiness i get.

    tips that may help you Cj, take the 5-htp with some B6



    my dopamine is also normal and serotonin very low. Seems a lot of things match with us.. liver undermethylation.. high E2.. this.. that combination of imbalances is probably whats causing shrinkage for both of us. I knew it was hormonal.

    and lucid dreams – just enjoy them man. what can i say… nightmare or not its still fun waking up in your bed after seeing something bizzare or funny. try to take control of your lucid dreams. The second you REALIZE that you’re in a dream, or spot something unrealistic and realize you’re dreaming, try to take control of the dream right away by moving around or trying to fly or something.. and once your in control its truly one of the most fun/amusing things.. you can just fly around, have sex..




    Lol my dreams are nothing like that. Its like i’m following a play script in my dreams. i do things i don’t wanna do in my dreams.



    yea i know how to control lucid dreams, I used to do it all the time before SE occurred. its not shrinkage of penis im experiencing now. it slike my penis isnt shrinking anymore its my testicles/scrotum its like they are retracting inside of me more and more like, if that makes sense.




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