60 days 60g of Fish Oil – Megadosing lets see what happens

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    I’ve tried to megadose fish oil in the past, but it caused me crack skin in my nose which became really painful.

    Well I have 20 vials of 180 caps of good quality fish oil which I bought awhile ago. Enough for 60g a day, for 60 days.

    It will be interesting to expriment with megadosing, and it’s effect on peyronie’s disease, as well as other effects. I know PGE 1 from GLA is most useful for the penis and peyronie’s, but I’ve got all this fish oil, and fish oil some reason helps people lose fat as well, why stafflower oil has shown is doesn’t. Fish oil also helps lower collagen deposits and reduce TGF 1, which I think relate to creating new scar tissue in peyronie’s disease. Only thing I’m not sure about is if it will remove scare, though there was a study done on an inflammatory disease which causes scars, and how omega 3 helped reduce them. Also there was another study that showed 60g of fish oil increase DHA by 900% and EPA by 200%. Another person on a forum said warts he had for years dropped off his feet, and i do have 1 wart/veroca I can’t get rid off my my foot, so it will be interesting to see if that will go. These are all from the top of my head I’ve been searching today but I will have to collaborate them sometime.

    Today was my first dose of 60g of fish oil.

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    It seems like peyronie’s scars aren’t really scars, so that women who cured her keloid scars with fish oil, won’t work the same for peyronie’s disease.




    This seems to condradict the previous post, which puts new hope in the subjective report by that women in the yahoo group. If fish oil did help get rid of her keloid scar, which is mainly made of type 1 & 3 collagen fibers, then it should do the same for peyronie’s disease.





    Healing of acne scars are a good thing to look for, because a lot of people use fish oil to help with acne. So if we can see healing of scars with fish oil, maybe the same applies to peyronie’s, assuming the scars in the penis are like keloid scars and acne scars.








    Not promising:





    Here’s the study that was done on that inflammatory scar disease I was talking about. But I was wrong, all I can see it how it inhibited new formations, not reduced current formations.


    Inhibitory Activities of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Traditional African Remedies on Keloid Fibroblasts




    I think that’s enough on research. Tbh it’s ambiguous, only 1 person has said is removed a scar, and 1 said it removed a wart, everything else suggests fish oil is inhibitory, as in it prevents scars, not removes them.

    However we’ll find out in 60 days, because I’ll be you’re guinea pig. I also have a keloid scar on my knee which I’ve had for 10 years, so if that disappears, we know we hit jackpot. As if the wart on my foot goes, and the peyronie’s heals. But with all these supplements, most of the time they sound too good to be true, and usually are, so we’ll see.



    At least, that will have a good impact on inflammation. Its a lot of fish oil.

    What do you think if we make a Peyronie´s thread and move there all ithe important info and reports?

    For example, I have started to sleep with my back against the bed, and it seems I am waking up less sore and with more erections. This avoids unnecesary microtraumas and more freedom for erections. I know I developed back in the time a testicular torsion because of sleeping with my genitals against the bed, cuz I move a lot while sleeping people told me.



    ive read somewere that too much fish oil causes swelling on the brain. be careful

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