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    having low Thyroid, Iron, sodium, magnesium etc. will cause serotonin /gaba o drop …

    having low testosterone will decrease dopamine..

    impaired adrenals will increase stres hormones as well.

    all of these will increase Norepinephrine

    so high Norepinephrine is a stress on the body,,, which must be found dealt with;

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Rise and fall. I know what you mean, people say abstain for 4-8 weeks. That is an eternity because so much things chance and time is long sometimes.

    Don’t worry man, I have severe PE, try having that. What exactly you have as a problem? I’ m seeing you are addicted to porn like me, for abstaining, you won’t do it yourself. I mean by that you’d need to tell your friends or a family member to support you and do other stuff or it wont be easy at all.



    Oh well, round 2, no use beating myself up over it. After reading about the dopamine and prolactin, I see more reasons to continue abstaining. I think I should go over this thread from beginning to end every time I get tempted, seeing the hard facts is a sure way to make anyone think twice.

    The problem mostly is that it affects my mood, ability to concentrate, libido and stamina.



    im not exactly sure im definitely convinced abstaining will completely tranform a damaged body into health.

    abstaining i think can offer some benefits, but overall its such a tiny piece in getting back to normal..

    it will only help if the case if very minor…. everyone here is not in a minor case.

    i think ejaculating one time a week is good after a few weeks of abstaining, after a few weeks i think there you will notice any more benefits.

    we need to focus on correcting deficiencies and hormones.




    Its just one factor, there are other factors that play a role as well, but from my own experience abstinence does have a significant effect.

    Trying to correct deficiencies and hormones using supplements is only a temporary topical solution. What you really need is to make major changes to the way you live your life, total makeover that deals with the source of your problem whatever it is.

    When you say correcting deficiencies and hormones, what exactly do you mean? and how do you propose that it be done??



    taking zinc, selenium, iodine, magnesium..

    taking TEstosterone and thyroid medicine…

    its a fact that people with lower testosterone die sooner. males with the highest hormone levels..

    i never found someone who increased testosterone from the low range to high range via natural ways..

    your more than welcome to abstain and to natural ways first it can work; it doesnt work in X amount of time, i would really start considering using hormones…

    yes there are risks in hormones, but i think the benefits outweigh the risks.



    i abstained 2 years ago for 100 day but with having look to porn and masturbating but with no ejaculation

    the feeling was great

    But the mess I did to my self lately In June, after abstaining I have some of the symptoms

    The Improvement I recognize., less pain back and less fatigue

    more self confident from the fact that you can control your self

    Some times abstaining Covers rather than healing…It depends

    But Abstaining is one fact of the healing process…even if it doesn’t show any great results…but at least it helps you not to masturbate again



    i for one do not like to abstain,,,, i need sex at least 3x a week..

    yes its definitely worth trying..

    but im focusing on hormones right now and optimizing them



    Having gone a few days without doing it and then doing it, I now can contrast the effects better. I had trouble sleeping last night, then woke up at 3AM then went to sleep again at 4AM and woke up only at 7:30AM. I had a bit of trouble concentrating last night, but it was not as bad as the last time I did this. Brains not really groggy compared to the last time, my muscles are bit sore. Feeling slightly lethargic and moody. I slept well for the 23 days prior to yesterday – so, it definitely does affect sleep.


    hey guys,

    I came across an awesome site, similar to this one where guys discuss similar issues, reading some of the journals there gave me inspiration to continue this path.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    the journals and success stories…check it out…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Day 6: It’s getting easier because I now have a checkpoint whever I feel like doing it, I think about all the problems I have and I just dont do it. I slept well (from 3 to 1:45) but bad news is that, I lost my paper for my blood test. Gotta get another one next week, I have to do my tests.



    Slept well last night, had an enjoyable road run for about 20mins yesterday evening. Plan to study today. I realized that one of the problems which keeps me from moving on is my perspective on women, I have a very poor opinion of women and think of them as sex objects. I realized if I’m going to make any drastic changes I need to change the way I perceive women, I need to stop thinking of them sexually and appreciate them more.

    Thinking about getting a blood test and some supplements.


    thanks for the advice Max, I’m thinking of taking some supplements for zinc, iodine and magnesium. I also want to go for a blood test, what should I ask them to test for?

    I advice against hormone therapy, because you mess around with your body’s natural hormone equilibrium, so, because you are artificially supplementing those hormones, it may cause less of it to be produced naturally – it has a counter effect of the natural production of that particular hormone. If you are taking such medicines, then how long are you planning on taking it for? your whole life?? Have you considered the side effects?…face it, modern medicine takes a snapshot view of things, while you may be dealing with one problem you may be creating others.

    Also if you read one of my previous posts, it highlighted the relationship between prolactin, sex and testosterone. I think you are just not seeing the facts.


    a fact?? are you sure about that, are there any studies that singled out testosterone as the main factor without a doubt? I haven’t found any.

    Well, women have much lower levels of testosterone than men(about 1/40th to 1/60th as much as the average male), but live on average a lot longer. There are many asexual and low testosterone men that live very healthy lives. The ideal testosterone levels differ from person to person, I think the problem is not so much low testosterone, but low testosterone compared to what a persons natural testosterone levels should be, and also very low testosterone levels. Also irregular hormonal levels (ups and downs) put the body through a lot of stress. Too much testosterone is also bad.

    read this…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    also, see this article about the proscons of testosterone therapy”

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    unfortunately you are uncorrect

    when i had issues i got tested at age 18 and testosterone was at a level of 792 ng/dl

    i had other issues back then (EBV, onset of adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid)

    later on during those years i was thinking nah it can’t be my testosterone because it’s high.. but EBV and stress and so forth lowered my test levels to 390, which is half (along with AF and hypothyroid)

    so it all goes hand in hand, one thing can offset the other and definitely if your test levels are 300 something, you are low period

    you need something to get those levels up again

    protection for bones, memory, and of course your wiener which will function better.. if you look there is much benefit to higher test levels




    is someone suppose to wait in hopes of not ejaculating, doing some yoga and popping a zinc pill will magically balance all hormones?

    this is wishful thinking…

    or take action in doing what works, supplying your body with hormones that is badly needs.

    That article is outdated,, we come along way in HRT therapy..

    Yes there are side effects. But who cares, theres going to be side effects whenever you take any type of supplement, even a vitamin C.

    There is nothing wrong with using hormones; i talked to many men who completely saved there lives, cured there ED and depression.

    normal testosterone is around 600-800 ng/dl

    look i made this clear

    try natural ways, eat right, exercise, take correct supplements, abstain

    6-12 months

    if this doesnt work move on , try something else. dont sit around and wait that you’ll naturally heal.

    get on hormones as last resort. dont waste time, life is short.



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    Max, I think your right…

    What I and the others did to our selves is completely awful…



    I do not want to take hormones, its a a pain!

    i did not want togo down this road, but i had no choice..

    its a good choice in my opinion.



    Day 7: Almost did it yesterday but survived. Will go back to doctor next week (thursday). I have to talk him and do my tests soon. I also think I should exercise on a daily basis because i think it could help too.



    did you mean “incorrect”? What was I incorrect about?

    You said you had issues even when your testosterone levels were high, so how do you explain that?

    see my reply below to Max about freebioavailable testosterone that should put a new light on things.

    I think you are the one thats “uncorrect”.




    I made no mention of doing yoga or popping zinc pills, are you reading what I’m writing?


    Actually, the second article is from April 2008, the other from 2003…how is that outdated?? *facepalm*. Show me the new studies then, you don’t sound very convincing at the moment.

    Anyway, this thread is not about low testosterone levels, so lets move on.


    From what I’ve read, its not the total testosterone levels that you should be checking but rather the freebioavailable testosterone levels. Its free testosterone that affects libido.


    So the problem is not total testosterone levels which is usually whats measured, the important thing to look out for is the free testosterone levels. You guys should do more research before you talk. You can have high total testosterone and still have low free testosterone levels.



    Rise & Fall its not a matter of Right & Wrong

    How Bad did you hurt your self?

    What are the difference procedure Members in here already took?

    Max already feels well With hormones

    While Pimp tries to seek a natural way, and it helped him to fix his situation

    Both cases may be right, because both of them have different height, body mass, and many different functions

    May be you would find a better way to heal..rather than Pimp & Max way.

    There are many ways to heal…yet the goal remains the same





    all the risks can be prevented if your under the care of a good doc when using hormones only great benefits.

    see my youtube video above.

    i wasn’t necessarily referring to you, but to the people who want to stick to natural remedies; which i am all for, but dont just dont waste to much time going down this path if your not seeing results. IF see you results then continue; this is what we want; We all want results no matter how we get them is each to there own

    i recommend total testosterone above 600 and Free and BAT in upper 1/3 range..

    you can also test TEstostereone and SHBG to use a chart to figure out your Free Testosterone.

    total is completley fine to test and make corrections on

    you need togo by symptoms to. theres are some guys that are alpha males that have testosteroen of 500 but feel good,, and then theres guys that feel terrible and have testosteroen of 500..

    there are some males that are naturally low testosteroen symptoms with no symptoms ..

    but i do think most men need testosterone near top range… the higher the better.


    this is true, we all have different problems to some extent..



    Day 8: something happened last night that shocked me I think that is gonna help me to abstain for a few more weeks.



    Do go on…



    What happened , do tell



    did you mean “incorrect”? What was I incorrect about?

    You said you had issues even when your testosterone levels were high, so how do you explain that?

    see my reply below to Max about freebioavailable testosterone that should put a new light on things.

    I think you are the one thats “uncorrect”.

    im not gonna get into a debate who is correct on incorrect or even uncorrect

    i stated that your remark about advice against hormone therapy is incorrect.. when you have exhausted all natural means to restore your health you will have to go to hormones

    i tried all sorts of OTC BS that didn’t work and am now on hormones and vitamins as well to heal myself

    the fact that i had high test but did have ED can be explained by my adrenal fatigue.. high norepinephrine and high stress states kills erection even if you have high test.. i also have low thyroid which isn’t good either for ED

    therefore it is necessary to do all testing you can for adrenals, thyroid, vitamins etc..

    good luck mate




    Do go on…

    Haha not a sexual intercourse or something of this kind. There was a fight in the family and it proved me how much i wasnt taking things seriously when i was younger. Now i will try to improve so it helped me to motivate to not do i it again (masturbation).



    i forgot to mention that during day 4 i think i slept and had erotic dream/thoughts and when i woke up i didnt ejaculate but i had like a bit of sperms on my underwears. I think it’s not a good thing but still, my abstinence keeps going on.



    i havent gone 90 days..

    but when i do a lot of running / heavy weights and go about 4-7 days without ejaculating then i ejaculate, my orgasms are very intense and my loads shoot everywhere..



    Just want to share this interesting article with all of you:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    some more:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    good finds.. very true..

    we do live in a over excitement world, this is why i recommend avoiding R-rated movies, TV, and most internet sites because there sexually overcharged…

    one thing i dont know is… are these things lowering Dopamine and therefore lowering testosterone? OR does it lower testosterone then lower dopamine, or do they contrast one another….

    I know hormones and neurotransmitters go hand and hand..

    like increasing thyroid hormone will increase Serotonin, increasing testosterone will increase dopamine.



    heres a good one

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Day 9: Getting easier but i do have some pauses where i find it hard. When i will acheive the 180 days I will start masturbating slowly because what that un-motivate me is that Abstainance wont cure PE. Im taking zinc, vit c and low dose vit b (because its poor) and 2 caplets of omega 3-6-9 daily. Im rly considereding weight lifhting because it apparently could increase testtosterone

    one thing i forgot to mention, if i do the sperms test, i will need to masturbate to provide the sample.



    Goodstuff, keep up the good work.




    I am pretty sure that sedentary lifestyle in decadent parts of the world (First World Countries) combined with lack of primal competition amongst men in these decadent countries is largely to blame for these low testosterone levels.

    Yes, low dopamine leads to increased levels of prolactin, increased levels of prolactin decrease testosterone. The way our hormones work is very interesting to study.

    Thanks for that other article, it was very interesting.

    So, things like weight lifting and participating in competitive sports is a good idea for people living otherwise sedentary lives.


    this is from the article you linked.




    its a combination.. chemicals in our air, water, food. lack of exercise, very poor diet, all leading to stress and mineral defiences.

    I read an article that said circumcision is a reason boys masturbate to much and start to young, that skin is there to protect there penis, when you cut that off you expose the nerves and children discover this very early.



    do you have some more studies on competetive sports in relation to testosterone?

    i find it stimulates me more and like i have higher test but i’m not sure




    I think if the foreskin was left intact PE would not be as much of a problem and we could last longer as well.



    that dopamine thing is scary

    how do we balance our over-stimulated Dopamines without going on roller-coasters? that article does not say that.



    no, but I’ll post if I find any. Martial Arts like maui thai or kick boxing are also very competitive and intense.

    that dopamine thing is scary

    how do we balance our over-stimulated Dopamines without going on roller-coasters? that article does not say that.

    The higher the dopamine spikehigh the longer the period it takes to return to normal levels, as the holstege study shows it can take up to 2 weeks and even more. Even then it probably undershoots for a while before it returns to optimal levels. A good way to keep it balanced would be to live a somewhat ascetic life, try it for about 3 months…avoid stimulants (caffeine); avoid direct sugar, sweets, chocolate; opiates; avoid alcohol; sex; mastrubation; porn etc.

    Avoid any sort of superstimulation, which is easier said than done in this day and age.



    day 10: will see doctor tommorow , im afraid to be announced bad results or schoking results soon (especially for the testicles.




    Visual stimulation I believe drains Acetylcholine. I read that when trying to increase this neurotransmitter you are to avoid action, horror and porn. I will try and find where I got this info from because I could be wrong.



    the fact that you’ve abstained for 10 days will probably have an effect on your results, you should have taken a test before you started abstaining, your T levels might be slightly higher than it was then.



    the fact that you’ve abstained for 10 days will probably have an effect on your results, you should have taken a test before you started abstaining, your T levels might be slightly higher than it was then.

    I just masturbated but to porn which is bad and stuff. If i wanna improve PE, I will sure as hell need to masturbate to something else then porn. Whatever, im gonna need to provide a sperms sample soon. My erection wasnt that good im pretty surprised but meh.



    did you notice any improvements over the 10 day period especially after the 7th8th day?. Abstinence won’t really help for PE, I think it will definitely help for erection problems, for me at least. You will need a lot more than 10 days though.




    that doesn’t make any sense, circumcision is suppose to desensitize the penis. Part of the reason circumcision was practiced in many cultures was to curb masturbation. Read up on circumcision and masturbation.




    This is obviously not true and didnt work, look at all of us? everyone is circumcised and masturbated to extreme.



    did you notice any improvements over the 10 day period especially after the 7th8th day?. Abstinence won’t really help for PE, I think it will definitely help for erection problems, for me at least. You will need a lot more than 10 days though.

    My erection wasnt that bad. What i find weird is that my sperm is slightly solid, im not kidding. when i touch it its like glue but most of it is liquid.







    This is obviously not true and didnt work, look at all of us? everyone is circumcised and masturbated to extreme.

    I am not circumcised, the glans of the penis is the most sensitive part, without the foreskin to protect it, it is supposed to become less sensitive than those of uncircumcised men…in theory anyway.



    historical views on masturbation

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    and a more recent interesting article on continence, worth checking out, enjoy.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

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