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    I can run and dance, and did so the whole evening. This was the last meeting of the spiritual course and everyone brought food. I was standing there watching them with no desire for eating. Quite odd. Social eating at its best, but with supportive people so it wasnt a bad time. Now I am dizzy and achy, the second day of the fast I felt like an alteration in conciousness. Its like being drugged, a bit. Everyone its sooo surprised to see how I observe them masticating etc but there is not so much merit as they think. For desperate times, desperate measures! I will do it til day 7 at least. My belly its quickly becoming like it was in the hysterical times of an almost anorexic body.

    Its funny how this spiritual cycle works. We damage, destroy or lose things that in that moment seem granted or even unpleasant, only to broke in tears and despair some time later. And we will chase down what we already had. In my case I have learned how “little pleasures” like kissing a girl with a healthy penis, orgasming, or walking around painfree are indeed GIFTS. I never understood that life was a gift, I hated that theme from people, I always saw life like a hell. And finally I brought the hell on myself and know I am getting out. Borning with autistic features and an altered neurology didnt help either.

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    Just found and read through this web site about water fasting, and thought you might like to have a read for extra motivation and knowledge. Don’t forget to read the comments too.



    I agree to do a 90 day water fast you have to a big person in the first place. I would think that being on a water fast after awhile your metabolism would slow down to conserve energy, etc. I think that staying on a water fast for a long period time could actually hurt you because your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs through diet.

    Someone told me not too long ago that you can cause brain damage by going on a low carb diet. Your body needs at least 50-60 (grams?) of carbs per day.

    My point is, I hope you thought this through and you haven’t taken extreme measures to cure something that may cause more harm than good.

    You said 3 people posted positive results during their water fasts. What else where they doing during this time period? Were they also exercising? how much water were they drinking per day? did they change any other part of their lifestyle while putting themselves through this water fast?



    Lee, where is the linky-link? hehe

    Thundercat, they were drinking 2 liters of water as I do. Nothing more its required, you can go to work or act normally until you feel too weak, but that only happens when you are deep into fasting, around week 2. Water fasting isnt as people think, dangerous and stupid, its an ancient way to spiritual exploration and body healing. Three are the persons that benefitted specifically in their penises (hehe) but dozens are the people that did long or very long fasts with only good effects.

    Today I slept 10 hours without waking up since 12 PM for first time in years.

    Penis discomfort its not gone…



    Hehe sorry about that.





    Day 9, buddies! Its the second time in years that I sleep 9 hours straight without waking up and that I fall asleep in 30 minutes. In general sleep its much better during the fast. Hard flaccid discomfort still there but its much lighter. I believe this can cure me, but I will need to do it for a long time, minimum 14 days. Also, im feeling I need to NOT sit much during the fast, it worsens hard flaccid.



    Are you doing enema’s or colon cleanses during the fast??

    Quite a few people in the link i posted where doing them at the same time. According to them a lot of the toxins will remain in the colon because it’s not in use.



    Not doing enemas, maybe I will consider doing one of water. I stopped feeling toxic the day 4 or so, before I was achy, feverish etc

    Today masturbated, not a great idea, but this is what I noticed: I actually “shooted” the ejaculation, which I usually do in a lamer fashion, sensation was definetely better and my semen was very yellowish, which I tend to link with being healthy as when I was a teenager with raging libido it was like that.

    Its being very hard to hold on with this I want to stuff myself with traditional spanish potato crisps with olive oil (555 calories per 100 gram!!! Pure gold for gaining weight) and things like creamy soups that I have gathered recipes for in these days lol



    After masturbating, strangely any discomfort dissapeared until now that its 3:20 AM. All HF sufferers say masturbating worsens it but this time it helped a lot. I have some insomnia as you can guess.

    Been spitting lots of blood, my gums are more swollen than ever with fasting. I think a batch of detox feelings are coming.

    I have gathered 30 Word pages of recipes and I will cook them all when I break the fast.

    Good news, my penis seems to be SLOWLY becoming softer and also the tip its not cold anymore…



    Day 10, no pain or discomfort whatsoever, penis feels softer at times. Slept very bad, from 4 am with multiple wakings. Libido was high yesterday, it isnt true in my case that water fasting makes impossible getting an erection, im also getting nocturnal ones. Still up and kicking! Hard flaccid its the target, no, healthy sexuality again its the target, the salt of life, something that slowly creeped in my back and took over.



    Sargonas , still waiting for your update. I want to beef up my weight to 75kg ( 5kg) and do 2 week fast with fruits only.

    Are you taking just water ?



    Yeah, just water, distilled would be best.

    Well, I will update later, keep in mind benefits appear after some days of refeeding, so far it seems like a good move to improve health and go deep within yourself. Hard flaccid isnt cured, but it doesnt hurts either. Today was the day of deep depression.



    And nausea its really creeping in, very hard to finish this fast in 14 days as I want to.



    I broke the fast before reaching day 12, with soup and then and apple and then oatmeal. I advise anyone who breaks a long fast to not take anything solid or semi-solid the first day of breaking the fast. Already knew it but I was desperately wanting food. I only had slight discomforts but the heaviness lasted for hours. Best are soups, veggie juices, some fruit juices like cantaloupe,creams, kefir, yogurt, maybe pureés…



    Idk how a lack of nutrition and just water is going to help you. Its pretty widely accepted that almost all americans are lacking in complete nutrition. [/url]



    Dude its about hard flaccid. I have this muscle condition together with the “holistic” or organic one. You have never had this condition so you dont know how it feels. Desperate its an appropiate adjective for how it would make you act. So if water fasting cured someone of it, I had to try it. Let me be clear, I would never do water fasting to try to cure fatigue, low libido, insomnia or any other of the “SE” symptoms, and I knew this would more likely slow down my progress on getting weight, building strength again,bodybuilding and starting to socialize again. I did it only because my penis hurts a lot of days, I have no orgasms, ED and uncomfortable erections caused by a pelvic muscle problem.

    Update, bad news. I started eating normal healthy foods and got intestinal inflammation. This state has lasted with every solid food since breaking the fast two days ago. Now its almost gone thanks to probiotic yogurts, kefir and soups. It seems water fasting exacerbated my leaky gut somehow, its that type of feeling. If you have any digestive problem, be very careful with water fasting and stick to a liquid diet two days before breaking the fast. I didnt and got this.

    My penis its still doing quite good, completely normal flaccid when sitting and lying down its the benefit I got, and less discomfort, it seems, I have almost nothing. I still get hard flaccid the rest of the time and my erections are pleasure mixed with discomfort, the usual story. Head seems to fill completely, im not sure. The fast didnt lasted enough and I broke it badly. At least now I can dip my sorrow in FOOD again.

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