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    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I’m open to anything. This whole thing has been so damn weird I now realize that anything is possible.

    Right now I mainly want to ensure with doctors that:

    – tissue damage isn’t occurring, and won’t.

    – nerve damage isn’t present. the action that would normally keep urine from dribbling has seemed to fail. i’m not full on peeing my pants, but i’m dripping now and then. that worries me. i also can’t move my BC muscles any more. my mind is telling them to move, but they just don’t. it’s a scary feeling.

    – communication between brain and penis isn’t destroyed. i am concerned that if this feeling of “disconnection” persists long enough that it will rewire it to be permanent.

    At this point I’m not sure if I’ve got a physical injury or an emotional one, or a combo of both. I have a hard time believing I injured my dick by masturbating twice in one day. I remember when I was in high school I could do it 5 times a day. It just seems like the pinnacle of a long period of emotional and physical stress – probably made worse by medication and supplements. The fact that it’s happened to many others under similar circumstances is telling, and should make it easier to figure out and deal with. I am not keen on taking drugs or hormones but if that’s the only way to balance things then I am willing.

    I want to ask again: Has anyone with hard flaccid taken Levaquin? If so, did you have a reaction to it?

    My “brain fog” all started when I took Levaquin 2 months ago. Lately I am in that same state of panic and fog. Anyway, I would like to rule out Levaquin as a possible cause of hard flaccid as well. It does have CNS and tissue side effects, but hard flaccid is pretty damn specific so unless we ALL took it then I’d rule it out pretty quickly. Just curious.

    PS: I think it’s important that you publish your findings and get your video out! I will be putting together a website for hard-flaccid for the same purposes. I am hoping with the help of some doctors (neurologists and psychologists included) we can pinpoint it and give it a name.

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    There is nothing hormonal about pelvic floor tension, it’s a purely habitual phenomenon that simply needs to be unlearned. This is done with simple body-awareness. Yoga provides postures and breathing exercises to aid the process of opening the pelvis. Your breathing, posture & pelvic movements are interlinked. The prostate is supposed to receive internal stimulation from the breathing movement of diaphragm, this will awaken healthy, natural sexual feelings. Just like you were a kid. If your pelvis is constricted, your prostate will not get this internal stimulation and your sexuality will suffer.



    I’m all for yoga and meditation, don’t get me wrong. But the fact is I went to bed with my normal penis and woke up with someone else’s. Even with all of my pelvic tension issues, something major happened very quickly.



    Even if it seems quick, diseases develop for years under the surface before manifesting like that. Don’t wait the reversal to be quick. It’s the same logic. You need to heal “under the surface” for a long time until it is health’s turn to be manifested.

Viewing 4 posts - 151 through 154 (of 154 total)

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