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    Since i can remember, whenver i have gone through abstinence sprees of over 2 weeks to 2 months, i noticed that once i get right back into masturbating again it puts me into an even worse state once i continue masturbating again.

    anyone else notice the same trend? or is it just me..

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    yes I have noticed something similar. Although Im not sure if the symptoms coming back are worse or just the same, but since you were clear of the symptoms for a bit, when they come back, you feel that they are worse.

    basically the one thing I have learned is that the way to “recover” is to actually change your life. you cant masturbate anymore as much as you did PERIOD. you just cant.

    i consider myself 60% recovered but my old life was

    -jerk off whenever i wanted to

    -get horny all the time and jerk off relentlessy

    -indulge in hardcore porn all the time and enjoy it like crazy

    -have tons of sex and make it as hardcore as possible

    -sleep weird hours, eat whack foods, wake up and spank my monkey whenver i wanted to

    and after getting smacked in the face with the SE symptoms, my current and future life is

    -dont jerk off PERIOD

    -have sex once a week AFTER feeling fully healed and all symptons are gone

    -no porn PERIOD

    -no more impure thoughts of hardcore sex and doing nasty things to girls like in porns

    -sleep and eat properly (which means no more partying basically)

    so in essence, I have been forced to change my life drastically, but it is for the better, so i cant really bitch about it.

    sure theres nothing more i would love to do than to fire up bustnow.com and watch rocco pound a hot czech girl in her ass and then get her to suck his hard fat cock, but i wont do it, cuz its gona F*ck me up.



    Same here, but i noticed that the deeper i go into masturbation (lets say 1X a week for 1 month or 2) shall develop a new weird symptoms and some of the old symptoms disappear.

    In my opinion the overall organs starring on glands in first , and the digestive system in the second aren’t capable of getting the levels back to the normal …thus it take us more time to feel normal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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