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    Ok I dont wanna come out and say that this specifically cured me, but I will say that while I was taking this, within a couple weeks my state improved dramatically and since then i feel almost back to 85, 90% which is amazing considering 6 months ago I was in a world of hurt, after seemingly trying eVERYTHINg to heal.

    it could just be that over time, while doing the right things, (and not doing the Bad things) my body has just simply gone back to as normal as it can be.

    but it could also be that this product helped me alot.

    so, what I started doing (at the advice of my father) was to drink GREEN CLAY.

    you basically mix some into some water, and let it sit the night, and drink it the next morning.

    I read up on it and its some really old old treatment used to like heal the internal body or something like that.

    I believe that it helped me in that my stomach/pelvic area was all messed up from ripping and tearing shit up from all the ejaculations and masturbation. also the excessive scarring that probably took place down there, perhaps the clay treated that as well.

    anyways like I said after a few weeks I was just simply feeling better every day. I was shocked that all of a sudden I wasnt being painfully awoken to a horrible sensation of having to empty my bladder.

    for those desperate souls like I was, try it. got nothing to lose

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    Thats pretty awesome sounds like something easy to add to my Protocol.



    Thanks for reminding me about clay. I bought two bottles of ready hydrated Bentonite clay around a year ago but never got round to using it. Im going to start taking 2x 1 Tbsp per day and drink lots of extra water. If i notice anything good happening i’ll buy calcium bentonite powder and make my own. I might even do a few face packs with it lol.

    Sargonnas, as you currently using a sauna you would benefit from using bentonite clay yourself because externally it pulls all the toxins to the surface of your skin, internally it attracts toxins/heavymetals and so they are expelled with your waste.




    Yes it will be nice to have something at hand if the detox hits hard… not the first time I am told to take Bentonite Clay, because it seems my bowel its pretty toxic.

    Even though I appreciate the kelp, seaweed and mineral content of green clay, the high content of Iron in the Oxide form and Aluminum in the Green Clay or any other type of clay makes me paranoid. I have plenty of Aluminum already and Iron its one of my very poor elimination patterns, and very inflammatory in the oxide form.



    Anyway http://curezone.com/cleanse/bowel/bentonite.html maybe its worth it.

    I know silica and aluminum have an antagonistic bound when they find each other, so maybe the aluminosilicate complexes in clay are not harmful.

    This is what Dr Wilson has to say in the subject (haha):




    Thats interesting… Never considered it could be high in metals before.

    I don’t know what to make of that. People on curezone seem to love the stuff. Maybe it’s still good externally though. I think i’ll finish this bottle still, to see if it helps in any way.

    Worth reading






    Charlie, sorry for being such an asshole, your thread was very good and informative, apologies.



    Whats up with green clay



    Intestinal cleanses, you should try one. Im gonna do it when my ca$h allows me to.

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