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    We all know that SE really screwed up our levels of dopamine & neurotransmitters.

    My question is: (imagine you have cured yourself from SE and now) Can eating candy a lot,enjoying playing on computer,being lazy all the time,driving your rare sports car everyday (while you used to do it only Sunday) JUST enjoying whatever you do and do it often… Can it **** up your dopamine level?

    Like there’s a hard working man who doesn’t go to parties all his life just working and working and working while another person is doing nothing useful just being lazy and going to parties,eating junk food etc.Time is relative.And I know the side effect of laziness is time speeds up like crazy but can it **** up dopamine so much to feel like us,SE guys do? (sorry for my english )

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    Dopamine is linked to our problem but fixing it wont give us a massive change….indeed those who are high in prolactin can benefit from it , or those who are extremely low can notice difference when the pump it up, but in the end you wont know what your body needs unless you get the right and proper tests.



    first of all not everyone on this board has low dopamine. There is only 1 way to find you if yours is low or not and thats to take a neurotransmitter/amino acid test that tests dopamine/tyrosine. Mine was surprisingly not low despite most of my hormones and other amino acids were depleted. Maybe its because I still do the ‘fun’ activities that you mentioned or maybe its because SE doesn’t necessarily deplete dopamine for everyone, I don’t know.

    To your question – I don’t think a person that’s ‘lazy but fun’ can mess up their dopamine to a level as bad as a SE sufferers.

    I’ve read in many sources that dopamine is directly related to testosterone. So low testosterone lowers dopamine. That’s why many people here with low testosterone have low dopamine. My total testosterone wasn’t very low, it was mid range so maybe that’s why my dopamine wasn’t that bad either.

    So while some people may deplete their dopamine temporarily from doing the activities you mentioned, I don’t think their dopamine can ever drop to as low as SE guys, because for SE guys it stays that low because of low testosterone. And once testosterone is fixed, dopamine will be fixed too. If you try to raise dopamine with l’tyrosine for example before fixing testosterone, then the effects won’t last and you’ll be wasting your time. But if you fix testosterone first, and then add in l’tyrosine (if still needed) then it may help and bring dopamine to ideal levels.

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