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    I’d like to share something with you guys, I just remembered I got the precum-PE problem after a very tiring masturbation session (3 times in a row). I suddenly felt a specific strong pain like something was damaged instantly down there and ejaculated immediately. After that night, I had a massive production in precum every time stimulated and PE.

    So, I assume that the pain I felt was a damage induced either on the nerves connected to the cowper’s glands (responsible for precum) or the PC muscle itself (which I’m not sure that plays an important role on this). Damaged nerves can take up to 3-12 months to heal, depending on how much you use/irritate them. That’s why abstaining from masturbation for months has highly beneficial results (as yinyang also told me once about precum). In advance, if the damage is caused on the PC muscle, there are exercises that can strengthen the PC muscle and they can as well be beneficial for this specific case.

    So, for all precum sufferers, I believe that abstaining from masturbation for some months can be a heal on its own, even without any use of supplements. Supplements will surely help you recover a bit quicker though. You could try some PC muscle exercises for about a month and if you see any difference in the precum production continue exercising. Otherwise it is a nerve damage and it takes its time to heal…

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    if its the nerval damage than it would be closer to the the 12 months number I guess. then again the fish oil is supposed to sooth these nerves.

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