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    Of course, if you don’t sleep for a 2 days you become tired and you have to sleep. But I have noticed that when the body does not recharge properly ( there are many causes of the body to not work 100% ) you just feel wasted or depressed throughout your days no matter how much you sleep.

    So don’t make the mistake to believe that excessive sleeping will recharge your energy. There are people who have been tired/low energy 10-30 years, simple sleeping have not helped them.

    If you feel depressed or can not see the benefits of your approaches, it is a clear sign that body does not recharge. I think that if you worry about your sleeping too much, then you are in some kind of vicious circle ( body or mind is stressed ).

    Someone with severe deficiency, will find that his energy can not sustain normal bodily functions for 24 hours so his health greatly changes according to the time. On my best days, I can easily stay awake the whole night and listen loud music and drink cold beer. On my bad days, I don’t even want to drink beer or stay awake. This will greatly hinder the healing, because the healing energy is all gone before night where important functions should also happen.

    When your energy is above a certain par, and you know how to relax your mind and body you can stop thinking about sleeping altogether. You basically sleep when you feel tired but you need not to worry about it any longer, it will not make your health any worse. I speak from my own observations and experiences.

    I have also noticed few funny things:

    – when the body does not work/low energy girls don’t look at all attractive. I have looked the same picture every day and on my best days she looks very attractive. It’s the same as when people drink couple of beers all the women start looking attractive in the bar.

    – on my bad days, people avoid me

    – on my good days, people come talking to me. Even if I´m as open every day. Somehow we immediately sense the other persons energy/problems when we are contact with them. Thats why you avoid some persons and like some persons even if you have not talked to them.

    -music sounds better when there is lots of warm energy in the body and no blockages

    There are many reasons to try to increase your health and energy, they make your life more better.

    I have lately researched more closely what happens in the body when you become anti-social. In my meditation sessions, I have observed what happens when you turn yourself inwards compared to turning yourself outwards ( trusting people ). It seems, that anti-social people create blockages to their bodies with their minds. Tao Te Ching speaks a lot about being open, “the master’s mind is as open as the sky” or “the master has no resistances in his body” ( especially no resistances in the heart, it should flow smoothly ). Concentrate on the heart if you have anti-social issues.

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    When I was younger and woke up in the morning, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

    However I trained to force myself back asleep after I woke up naturally in the morning, and now its a habit. Its harder to get up when I wake up naturally then it was to go back asleep. I’m talking about waking up naturally not prematurely woken up by an alarm clock.

    And I’ll tell you now it is a bloody curse. I thought all this extra sleep would help me feel energized, but instead it makes you feel worn out and tired throughout the day. You also dream more or less continuously.

    When I read this ebook it pretty much explained everything I need to know about the perfect sleep.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Now all I need is to get into a routine.

    Hope this helps you all.



    I did not read the whole pdf. This sentence is exactly how I think, I’ve even written posts like this.

    “The Popular Myth about Sleeping

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not need 8 hours of sleep to function properly

    during the day. There’s a crazy media hype out recently telling people that America

    is sleep deprived, and that we should all get 8 hours of sleep, blah blah blah. This is

    absolute non-sense, and any sleep expert would agree.

    There are many people in the world today that perform extraordinary physically and

    mentally demanding tasks and sleep for only 4 to 6 hours per night. Are these people

    living zombies? Or did they somehow, consciously, or un-consciously tap into a

    hidden fountain of energy, a system that lets them perform this way?

    A good example of a person like this is someone in a trans-atlantic yacht racing crew.

    The crew takes shifts being at the helm and on deck, and has to fight vigorous

    weather, poor eating conditions, continuous motion, and drastic temperature

    changes, for up to 3 months! At this time each crew member sleeps about 4-5 hours

    per shift, and has no trouble performing the highly mentally and physically

    demanding tasks of sailing a yacht, fighting 30 foot waves, adjusting sails, and

    concentrating on keeping the boat on course.

    There are also many other individuals in the world who don’t sail yachts or perform

    outrageously physically demanding tasks, yet they also sleep very little. Regardless

    of their ”sleep deprivation”, they’re always up beat, energetic, and full of life. Were

    these people just born with this ability, or is it something they’re doing on a conscious

    / subconscious level?”



    i feel best with 8-10 hours of sleep.

    heck babies sleep like 12 hours.

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