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    So heres the deal. Tests in my country are damn expensive so i cant do all of them, neither are they covered in insurance. SO i wanted to ask you guys which tests are absolutely necessary to check the following:

    1) liver-whether it is giving rise to inflammation due to it being clogged and general working.

    methyonine and e2 sensitive are the ones right?

    2) adrenal functioning:


    is only the morning test enough as if it is good i am pretty much out of adrenal fatigue right?

    3) thyroid- these tests are very expensive. so are T3 REVERSE AND total

    T3 OK?

    i had done t4 some time back and frenchi told me it was ok, so i will leave it.

    4) total testosterone- wont be able to do free T. just to check if T is very low.

    5) any tests for checking inflammation…

    i wont do neuros coz i knw they have to be low.


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    if neuotransmitter are low you probably inflammed mainly GI tract. It simple as that



    ok then please tell me the things i need to do, as in stepwise if it is as simple as that.




    I think you have done an old test. 2 months ago

    I would say, that based on these results you have mildly adrenal fatigue with high insulin resistance

    if you can stick into the supplementation that was suggested back then in your log and give it a try for 3 months + a diet that is around 120g of carbs or even lower…. to lower your glucose levels

    as for your question, i would see that testing a whole adrenal profile in the same day can draw a clearer picture,

    here is my test suggestion, that concentrate on adrenals

    Cortisol am&pm




    Glucose Fasting

    Total Lipid profile




    That’s bullshit. That’s only 1 possible reason. Chris had low neuros.. he’s never done a GI detox.. just fixed his testosterone then the rest of hormones and ALL his symptoms are gone now. JS had low neuros and he fixed up his hormones and his symptoms are gone now. Basically I noticed everyone who got SE from over masturbating have low neuros in common.. so I’d say over masturbating/over fatiguing your system is a much more likely cause of low neuros than inflammed GI tract.




    yea your thyroid results from 12 months ago look not bad. Just your low TSH is already good. T3 should be higher to the top of the range ideally though. So I’d say if you can afford to run a T3 free, total, reverse then go for it. If no its not urgent. Try to get thyroid tests done at a local clinic free if you can.

    liver – yea E2 and methionine should be enough.. but how are you gonna test methionine if you’re not doing a neuro/amino acid test?

    adrenals – only morning test is not enough. AM and PM should be minimum. Try to get a 24 test though (tests it 4 times through the day). Testing DHEA would also be good.

    testosterone – your total from November is pretty low. you don’t need another test. Test SHBG if you can. If SHBG is high and your E2 is high then we know your Free T is low. Also try to test DHT if you can.

    neuros – I’d still recommend the Watershed Vitamin Mineral Amino Acid test because if certain vitamins like selenium and iodine are depleted it’ll help indicate if your thyroid is low. Methionine is important. Serotonin is imporant, but its safe to assume its low. But yea this test is the least important for now so if you can’t afford it dont worry.




    Amen to that.



    One.feeds the other since they occupy same.receptors. Chicken or egg deal.with.both is.proper protocol. Funny Alex.had.low.neuro.and.other Dr suspected gi.issues which i.noted.over a year prior.

    Lower.neurotransmitters leads.to.weaken.immune system and.greater chances of.pathogenic bacteria.

    Just about any functional.medicine Dr.would.agree.with what.i.have been.saying.



    yea thanx guys



    thanx. any way to try and get total T up to around 700 ? can it increase when other hormones get better.



    yea absolutely. Every step along the process should raise T automatically. Fixing thyroid should raise it a bit. Fixing DHEA will raise it. Lowering E2 and SHBG should have the biggest impact. You can easily expect T to go over 700. But for our age T should be like 800-1000 or at least that’s what we want. So if after correcting other hormones T is still not where you want it to be you can always take supplements to boost it later.. Primordial Performance supplements like Sustain Alpha. But thats one of the last steps.

    Also remember that free T is what matters more because its the T that the body actually uses. Even if your total T stays around 600 and your free T skyrockets when you fix hormones you’ll already much better and have your sex drive back. Going from 600 T to 850 T should just boost your sex drive more and speed up muscle recovery and such..

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