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    so i want to abstain for good amount of time. i want to take it a week at a time. id love to see where im at in 6 weeks then 3 months. ill post here everyday for encouragement and record. ill right what improvements im seeing. its hard when i have a gf cause i slip and have sex. we both still enjoy it with a weak erection. my problem is i dont have sex 1-2 times a week, which might be safe. sometimes ill do it twice a day, after saying no sex today. i wana give me body a boost at first by resting it and see where it is after a good diet and vitamins. also i need to control my sexual urges. maybe even return from sensitivity from damaged nerves. there are many benifits from abstaining. well here it goes.

    DAY 1

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    urinalysis for uti and chlamydia came back clean.



    Best of luck. I’m back on the wagon myself.



    Good Luck

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