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    I havent ejaculated in about 2 and a half months. I want to have sex, but dont have the desire to have sex and expecially masterbate. I’m just worried that I’m doing more harm than good with this. Is that true…or am I ok? I plan on not masterbating, and only ejaculating during sex so this is why I havent ejaculated yet.

    Oh and also I’ve been taking supplements for 2+ months now and I’m noticing some stomach pains now. I dont know if its coincidence or if I’ve been taking supps for too long. Is stomach pains a symptom of taking too many supps or takin them for too long?

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    what supplements are you taking?

    you should start having sex and ejaculating 1x-weekly



    2 1/2 months wow!! Im lucky if I make it a whole week. Have you had your hormone levels checked? Desire and erections are good indicators when to ejaculate.



    i’m not so sure abstaining is the best, with myself when i first stopping i use to get wetdreams, now i dont get them as often, its true your seminal vessicles wont produce as much semen, and it could lower T levels.



    Max Right now I’m taking…


    Fish Oil(4g a day)

    Borage Oil(3g a day)

    Panax Ginseng

    American Ginseng

    Siberian Ginseng

    Ginkgo Biloba w/ Gotu Kola

    Hope its not too much for someone my age

    Yeah I’m gonna start having sex. Remember what manny said about the seminal stones and having a yellowish color to his semen when abstaining too long? Should I be worrying about this? Oh and I should do 1x/week rather than 1x/2 weeks?

    No, havent had my hormone levels checked. I do know that my desire is lower than lets say a month ago and I havent been getting morning or spontaneous erections the past few weeks either.

    Max I’ve never had a wetdream, but I did used to get morning erections. This has stopped tho. When your seminal vessicles production lowers, thisis your testicular function slowing down right? Can this go back to normal, if so how?



    you should listen to your own body and make the best choices you can, im afraid of most of the stuff im telling you is probably not even accurate, since i switch my ideas on healing often since im confused to.

    but guessing, your testicular function would kick back into gear.

    those supplements are fine, but go easy on the herbs and take breaks like 3 weeks on 1 week off or something



    hey how is horny goat weed before sex? I’m having oppertunities for sex, but am afraid that I would get an erection(like every other time)…so while I’m healing, I wanna have sex. Would horny goat weed help me temporarily? Horny goat weed isnt like tribulus or viagra is it?



    it may help a little, but its not worth the money, your much better off eating a pound of raw beef or 15 raw eggs.



    i wouldn’t get anywhere near raw beef. how can you eat that Max

    i say stick with the eggs



    anxiety may mess you up, so best thing is to be with the girl but dont even try have sex..talk and have fun till you are used to her. the erection will come on it’s own…better still if you have your own pad, sleep in the same bed as the girl without initiating sex (cuddle or whatever)…tell her you’re tired or whatever…just talk and hang out. believe u me with the body contact and pheromones u will be erect in no time. If not then there are those morning erections especially when you wak up next to the girl

    key is don’t sweat it



    just cook it slightly on each side and let it raw in the middle, alot of people enjoy it like that.



    ahh yes now I got what you mean- medium as they call it



    But I dont even have the desire anymore. It’s like I dont want to have sex or anything and its like whatever. I know if I watched porn, I could masterbate tho.



    Raven, your problem is all mental.



    those extended spells of not feeling horny come and go. even for those who are sexually healthy.

    dr lin’s dopafibra made me feel horny. it has horny goat weed, tribulus and mucuna. since people say his products don’t do anything for them so maybe taking these independently will make you horny. but agin maybe it’s you anxiety..massage, warm baths, steam baths and saunas may help



    No Max, he is definitely being annoying with asking too many questions and keep on insisting on watching porn but no, no libido is by no means a “mental” or “all in your head” problem. Something is physiologically wrong. It could be low testosterone, low dopamine, low DHT, high prolactin, low acetylcholine etc. etc. I too also have no libido.

    Raven, I would say that you stay away from porn more and take more supplements as recommended on another thread I replied to you. And during this two month and a half that you did not ejaculate, did you by any chance look at pictures of sexy women or anything?



    Ok well I’m not trying to me annoying, its just that there is not cut and dry way to heal each and ever symptom…obviously. So when I see someone who has certains symptoms I’m having, then someone else who has different symptoms that I’m having and then someone recommends something for me, I’m gonna ask questions.

    Quote:I’m trying to stay away from “arrousing images” as much as possible. I havent watched actual porn in a long time. I’m also trying to stay off the computer as much as possible. I just didnt wanna take so many different supplements because everyone was saying how I could heal naturally because I’m young and I didnt want to F*ck with my body and make it worse in some other way. But if thats whats needed, I’ll try.



    Max max how often do you wake up with erections and get spontaneous erections?



    morning erection every day, i think i have gotten a morning erection everyday for the past 2 months, maybe like 1-2x i didnt get one, sometimes i’ll wake up like 5am just “feel” an ereciton, but then wake back up a few hours later and not have one.

    i only get a spontaneous ones once in a great awhile, it seems if im sitting in school or sitting in a car i get one, i think it’s because im just sitting there thinking about stuff(sex), which causes one.

    i think im going to try to have sex soon, but since i been thinking about all this recovering and what not it’ll make me really nervous before sex which could mess me up. (a beer should fix that thougH)



    Max You think I waited too long to ejaculate or even not long enough? Should I have not masterbated and just waited to have sex? I remember about a month ago I had morning erections everyday for a week, then after that week it stopped. I dont know if I was supposed to ejaculate then or something but I didnt. I was horny back then too, but since then I wasnt. Thats why I think my testicular function slowed down.



    well id suggest getting a full hormonal test.

    all i know is a spontaneous erection is a meter of sexual power, and how often you can ejaculate.

    i mean its alot, your body is so use to pumping out testosterone and other hormones and semen, so it can keep up with you ejacuatling everything, when u stop all this, your body is confused. just give it time to things to settle.



    Max So I should continue ejaculating and not worry about it?



    Do you guys think once I experience sex my body will be like “wow this is much better than masterbating to porn” and I’ll get turned on to it? My theory is that since I’ve never had sex before and only masterbated to sex, my body(well my brain) associates porn and masterbating to pleasure. Since sex feels better( i think), once I experience that i’ll want more of that and get hard whenever I see a girl?

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