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    I been abstaining for a month and a half. After week 2 or 3 I started feeling really good. Head was clearer, more motivation..

    Then on like week 6 (this week) I had a nocturnal emission. Woke up with the hard flaccid. So basically went back to square 1. I was pretty horny last night and jerked off, and surprisingly had a more normal flaccid hang today then yesterday. Then jerked off today again, just to see what would happen, and again my hang is not that bad. It’s still hard flaccid, but less so than it was before I ejaculated :S. Today I feel fine. Maybe not as good as a week ago, but still no fatigue or loss of memory or anything.

    My reasoning for all this: abstaining does have benefits, but it doesn’t solve the hard flaccid. The root of the issue must be addressed to solve the hard flaccid before abstaining. The root is either low Testosterone/ E ratio, or adrenals, or both. People other than me who have had the hard flaccid are: Chris, Akgstone, and Cjohnson. All have had low T in common, so maybe that;s the cause, besides some adrenal issues. I’m getting a lot of tests done through a lab, I’ll have results in a few weeks, and then I’ll start working on T and adrenals as well. My mental and emotional states don’t bother me much anymore, I mean I can easily live in the state I am today, it’s only the hard flaccid and premature ejaculation that bother me. Hopefully I don’t have adrenal issues at all, and only low T, and that can be fixed with DIM or TRT or something.

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