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    First time today I had small orgasm sensation in my penis, this is the first for years.

    Why, well over the week I’ve been eating 6 raw egg yolks (choline) and drinking a vial of panax ginseng (increases choline in the brain a lot).

    I forgot how important acetylcholine was and how hard it is to increase unlike seretonin and dopamine.

    Dr Lin does not mention acetylcholine as much in his new posts but I was looking through his old posts for it and he talks about it being the parasympthetic action to recharge the body (Yin).

    I’ve found I can increase the dopamine and seretonin rather easily but these seem to do very little in recovery.

    Now you must understand ordinary people who aren’t sexually exhausted are deficient in choline anyway, and dr lins products are not near good enough to synthesis choline from, unlike seretonin and dopamine in which all of you people have felt the effect of (everyones getting horny and erections), but no one can last long, have orgasm, or heal properly. Even if I have a high dose of 5-htp, my mind might be calmer, but I still won’t last very long, I need acetylcholine help too, and its not just the “high” dht receptors in my prostate.

    Raw egg yolk is helping me with my DHEA and sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen are synthesised from the cholestreal, and cholestreal isn’t bad unless oxidised, so forget what the stupid medical industry says, look it up, the eskimos eat the highest amount of cholestreal in the world, and have one of the lowest cases of heart disease.

    I take 6 organic raw egg yolks a day, seperating the egg white and tipping it down the drain (very important as you don’t want you blood ph acidity level to spike), may seem like a waste, but eggs are one of the cheapest foods you can get. I also take the high strength quality ginseng to make full use of the choline. I also have vials with ginseng and ginko biloba I alternate with as well for better circulation and absorbtion.

    I don’t know how much more you want me to go on, but I’ll give you a link to the ginseng I get, top quality and strenght, no additives.

    I think I’ve gone on for a bit, but its the raw egg yolk diet for me, 6 raw egg yolks a day, plus my normal food, don’t think I just live off raw egg yolks, I would never get full.


    One large egg provides 300 micrograms of choline (all in the yolk), and also contains 315 milligrams (yes, milligrams not micrograms) of phosphatidylcholine. Although most sources just report the free choline at 300 micrograms, it is the phosphatidylcholine that is the most common form in which choline is incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids.

    One more thing, choline helps stop and reverse a fatty liver because it acts likes bile and emulsifys fat.

    Off topic{

    By the way if you guys don’t know by now the medical industry is a scam prolonging people on medicine for money rather than giving them a cure, than you sure as hell have no chance in recovering, don’t take their shit, but I won’t go into that.

    Also if you people are still drinking crap that has aspartame or eating shit that has MSG in it, do a google search NOW cause you’ll never recover with this neuro toxins going in your body. Move off all processed additive filled foods and get organic food or fresh produce (it may have pesticides on it, but its better than processed shit). Oh yeah, stop using your microwave, I haven’t for months now, I get my mum (who doesn’t know about my condition) to cook everything for me fresh.


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    YES!!! finally another person who will eat RAW egg yolks, these do amazing things, cooked eggs are pointless and toxic, there quite a large difference between raw goat milk and pasturized milk as well



    bro i would never bother eating anything raw. i don’t care how well or good it sounds.having said that eggs have a really good biological value. i think the’re far better than chicken for that matter. the’re also not as bad as once was thought.

    i have got a table of all the food sources and their choline content. the highest is actually liver. raw eggs come a close second. milk is another good source of choline

    i’m not sure which type it is but i think its the korean ginseng that increases acetylcholine levels in the body.

    anyway glad you found something to work with.



    humans have been eating a 100% raw food diet up until 10000 years ago, im sure they didnt suffer from any diseases we have today



    thats because there foods were clean unlike ours.



    yeah and cooked food taste better too : D



    i will go with cooked liver. in 100g there is a total of 426mg of choline. i can easily eat 200 or so grams. much easier than handling raw eggs.

    the other thing is i would never throw out egg whites. they are a very good source of protein.



    do you think you will need to take ALPHA GPC if say ur eating 5 eggs a day plus milk?



    i think its good if you supplement with alpha GPC and high choline food

    5 large glasses of milk will give 100mg of choline and the amount of choline you get in eggs depends on how you eat them.



    hopefully a lack of acetylcholine is what is wrong with me… i dont know if its my dopemine, sertonin or low test. levels



    well if its low test levels then you do get them checked out



    i cant, my doctor refuses to give me a blood test



    are you serious?



    I don’t know where you heard that from but thats wrong; also if you drink todays milk my friend, you are seriously deluded, do some research on milk that isn’t from properganda, the hormones they add, and pateurisation screws up milk totally.

    Yes liver is the best source of choline, but only by a little bit more, and will probably have much less in ratio when cooked.

    Max I use to eat all of raw eggs but that gave me headaches so I excluded the egg whites as much as I could. For anyone who doesn’t know, egg whites are the highest source of usuable protein (98%) than any other food, its because they’re all amino acids ready to build, unlike meat which you have to break down the protein into amino acids before you can use them.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention my erection was the strongest yet, feeling like it was going to burst, this was without taking dr lins supplements, that cholesteral is doing my hormones great.

    I did consider doing alpha GPC but it was expensive, and even thought choline is one of the hardest nutrients to get, I commit myself fully to eating raw egg yolks, and 6 a day will give me more acetylcholine than alpha gpc, and its cheaper!



    yes i told my doctor i wanted a blood test because im sexually exhausted, he told me thats impossible at my age (22 y/o) he told me its my low confidence, he said theres no reason to test my blood



    Eggs are high in phospholipids which aid the brain too.

    You can also get omega 3 rich eggs, which isn’t a scam, but chickens are fed flaxseed (aka linseed), which is the seed highest in omega 3 (40%), hemp is also just less high but has a perfectly balanced ration in essential fatty acids.



    yes but your only suppose to eat the egg yolk raw and cook the whites, i think raw egg whites can make you very deficent in biotin



    muffsalyer, milk is indeed a good source of choline. not as good as liver or eggs but isn’t very hard to consume.i think its a good addition.

    the egg whites story is old news bro.

    omega-3 rich eggs, sounds like a load of crap.

    chickens are a waste in my opinion

    everybody knows that increases in cholestreol levels means more test in the body.



    I have to disagree here my friend, you may be getting confused with human milk which contains large amounts of choline and is a good source, cows milk it self is a bad source of choline.

    Blueshark I recommend you stop drinking milk.

    Theres two types of cholesterol LDL (bad) and HDL (good), eggs will not put any more stress on your body, but infact release more as they are good for reducing homocystine.

    You must understand nearly all things promoted on a mass scale is a fraud, ie. milks good for you, eggs bad for you, salts bad for you (only if refined).

    I got to go to sleep soon, but will answer more questions tommorow, its 4am here, and sleep is good for you .

    Not only have studies shown that eggs do not significantly affect cholesterol levels in most individuals, but the latest research suggests that eating whole eggs may actually result in significant improvement in one’s blood lipids (cholesterol) profile—even in persons whose cholesterol levels rise when eating cholesterol-rich foods.

    In northern Mexico, an area in which the diet contains a high amount of fat because of its reliance on low-cost meat products and tortillas made with hydrogenated oils, coronary artery disease is common. In a study published in the October 2004 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers evaluated the effects of daily consumption of whole eggs on the ratio of LDL (bad) cholesterol to HDL (good) cholesterol, and phenotype (the way an individual’s genetic possibilities are actually expressed) in 54 children (8-12 years old) from this region. A month of eating 2 eggs daily, not only did not worsen the children’s ratio of LDL:HDL, which remained the same, but the size of their LDL cholesterol increased—a very beneficial change since larger LDL is much less atherogenic (likely to promote atherosclerosis) than the smaller LDL subfractions. Among children who originally had the high risk LDL phenotype B, 15% shifted to the low-risk LDL phenotype A after just one month of eating whole eggs.

    In addition to its significant effects on brain function and the nervous system, choline also has an impact on cardiovascular health since it is one of the B vitamins that helps convert homocysteine.



    Bro, ask any bodybuilder and he’ll tell you how good eggs and in particular egg whites are.

    as far as the medical industry, well i think the story has been told already.

    salt won’t increase your blood pressure like doctors say. my father consumes an incredible amount of salt and he’s been doing it for the last 25 years. his blood pressure is just as good as mine.



    “everyones getting horny and erection”

    Objection! not true…

    Anyways though, someone on the yahoo SSRI group recently reported that Twin Lab’s choline cocktail seemed to have helped him.

    And if you want to eat raw egg, it’s not hard at all. All you have to do is put it into a mixer with ice cream and strawberry or banana or something.



    strawberry and raw egg yolk sounds like a fear factor protein shake bro



    the difference is that milk contains gpc, the most effective form of choline. egg contains less effective choline which doesn’t cross easily the brain blood barrier..our purpose is to get the choline to our brain not generally to our body..



    in 100g of fresh raw egg yolk there is:

    1.3mg of free choline

    0.9mg of GPC (Glycerophosphocholine)

    1mg of Phosphocholine

    634.1mg of Phosphatidylcholine

    45.1mg of Sphingomyelin

    total choline content is 682.4mg

    with milk its much lower than that. i might go shopping for organic milk next time and see how that tastes




    Phosphatidylcholine crosses the brain/blood brarrier quite easily, which egg has a lot of, as well as just having choline. Check my first post and the exerpt.



    I’ve started taking raw egg yolks. =)



    how did you consume them



    Thats great to hear! If u take 4-6 raw eggs and mix it with milk, banana, and strawberrys, and split it up daily, will you get the same effect? Example….2 eggs w/strawberry and milk in morning…….evening……etc?

    With that, my supplements, I think this will GREATLY improve time



    raw whole eggs don’t conatin Phosphatidylcholine as much as raw egg yolks. you should consume the raw egg yolks if you’re gonna eat the eggs raw.

    the amount of Phosphatidylcholine in raw whole eggs is less than that in fried whole eggs and slightly more than that in bioled whole eggs.



    do you eat the white and the yellow?



    Raw egg yolks have been my most successful part of my recovery yet.

    Yes seperate most of the egg white from the yolk and consume only the yolk, it doesn’t matter if you consume some of the egg white because you can’t seperate 100%, because these anyway will build your neurotransmitters for you, but consuming a lot of the egg white will give you a deficeincy in biotin, this is due to the high amount of avidin in egg white which stops the absorbtion of biotin.

    Its all here:

    If a box appears asking for an e-mail address, I put, that always works.

    To seperate the egg yolk and egg white, just crack the egg normally without seperating the shell and let most of the egg white drip out, then after most of the egg white has dripped out, open the shell normally to get the yolk, above a glass would be wise .



    ,instead of using raw egg yolks should i use lecithin..? i think that egg yolk mainly contains lecithin..

    after the recovery process..if a man has a diet full in raw egg yolks he may have a sexual activity more intense than the usual without consequences..? it would be an elixirium..!



    hello guys,

    just recently reached this site and have been reading your posts.

    been suffering 10 years now. not very much

    always had a healthy diet, playing hard sports(football) a lot, severe acne, testicles shrinkage, a little depressed, drinking a lot, stressed, (overmasturbating-porn addiction from young age)

    Recently turned 30 and i think some biological clock just started ringing.

    i suffered from prostatitis, relaxed by antibiotics

    extreme fatigue, very poor sleep, very depressed, i play a football match and i am aching for 2 weeks, cannot recover, sex is very fast and tiring.

    Also been suffering from constipation, hard stools, weak-blocked urnination, decreased semen volume, thin inflamed skin

    I started eating raw egg yolks first thing, 4 daily. after first week I have never had a srtonger erection ever. sex lasts longer, better skin-looking healthy, feel natural most of the time.

    main problem is constipation and very hard stools.

    Do you guys have constipation by eating raw eggs ?

    Also have headache at the back of my head, more when playing sports, what do you think of that ?

    Have started also Ginseng(aids in recovery), 5-htp(a lot of dreaming)



    i’ve been eating them for a few weeks now and i think im noticing a difference. i have a terrible re-charging problem. im taking a break from supplements right now but when i felt like i was making progress i would literally waste all of my energy in 1-2 days without masturbating.

    even just getting horny too many times, laughing or getting excited too much, or hell, even enjoying music too much would cause a setback.

    acetylcholine will fix that, right?




    add in some fibre to your diet or just do a basic flush and the constipation should improve.



    i had to stop temprarily raw egg yolks as my constipation has worsen. overall i have problems with constipation and skin(verve dermatitis – diagnosed by an excellent doctor some time ago-temporarily a lot better with some anti-anxiety medication-1 month, stopped that) due to stress and nerve damage. Dermatitis healing with raw egg yolk though.

    Al solgar products :

    I tried choline/inositol with Ginseng but not the good effect taken from egg yolk.

    I tried Acetyl-L-Carnitine 250mg and 3gr Soy Lecithin and this 2 seem very good.I think my main problem is depleted phosphatidyl choline as i feel it.

    5-htp makes me very drowsy but relaxes me and sleep a lot better, feel better about my health and myself. Also been suffering from depression and especially that i believe constantly that I have a disease somewhere moving around my body parts(??), this is definitely serotonin deficiency, and seems to improve with 25mg of 5-htp.



    but the huge pills of solgar lecithin 1300 mg give about 10-20% of phosphatidylcholine i think so i am searching for a stronger product

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