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    Addiction is defined as an unhealthy attachment, habituation or dependency. There is also a positive use of the word addiction, meaning devotion. Sometimes there is a fine line between the two. Let us examine some principles involved in addiction.


    Anything that causes a temporary ‘high’ or feeling of well-being, followed by a ‘low’, will tend to be addictive. As the effect wears off, another dose or ‘fix’ is needed to regain the temporary high. A negative addictive substance or habit is one that weakens the body or mind. It stimulates, rather than nourishes. When the ‘high’ wears off, one feels even worse than before. One is attracted back to the substance or person to feel good once again. This is the basic principle of all addiction.

    Something that causes well-being by nourishing the body is not usually considered addictive, although one could become devoted to it in a positive sense. The feeling of being nourished is usually different. Instead of a temporary high, there is a gentle, lasting effect from nourishing substances or habits.

    It is also possible that a drug, food substance, habit or a personal relationship is in part nourishing or nurturing, and in part addictive or co-dependent. For example, coffee contains nutrients, but is also stimulating and irritating. Cigarettes encourage deeper breathing, but contain cadmium, nicotine and other poisons. Alcohol can be used as a fuel, but depletes zinc and magnesium and damages the liver.


    A simple mechanism of addiction is that many addictive substances stimulate the adrenal glands. Hormones secreted by the adrenal glands provide a ‘high’ or euphoric feeling. If you doubt this, ask someone who is taking high-dose cortisone. They feel no pain. Ever wonder how football players smash into one another at full speed, and often jump up again smiling? It is not just due to knee and shoulder pads. Many professional athletes receive cortisone shots for their injuries. Also, the excitement of the game revs up their adrenal glands and they feel less pain.

    In part, the adrenal high is due to raising the blood sugar level and increasing the metabolic rate. Most people with addictions have weak adrenal glands. They crave the euphoric feeling that goes with more active adrenals. They gravitate to substances or situations that stimulate the adrenals. These can range from caffeine and sugar, to cocaine, anger, fear or even job or marital drama. Any stimulant eventually weakens the adrenals, causing a deepening of the addiction.


    Supporting the adrenal glands is an excellent way nutrition can be used to end the cycle of addiction. Nourishing the adrenal glands to enhance their activity will provide some of the same euphoric feelings without the harmful effects of stimulants. Adrenal activity is related to the level of tissue potassium and especially sodium. Substances that raise sodium can enhance adrenal activity. Nutrients that raise sodium include vitamins B, C and E, manganese, chromium and molybdenum, and eating protein with each meal. High-dose intravenous vitamin C has been used to help alcohol and heroin addicts reduce withdrawal reactions.

    Understanding how substances, habits and even emotions affect the adrenal glands can be a key to understanding their addictive power.


    Normalizing blood sugar is another way to use nutrition to help overcome addictions. Recently, a teenager consulted me who admitted he was addicted to Coca Cola. He had spent time in a local mental institution for severe depression. During his stay, he was allowed all the Coca Cola he wanted. No one understood why he made poor progress. When his nutrition was corrected, his depression lifted.

    Have you ever noticed how much coffee with sugar is consumed at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? Weak adrenals often result in hypoglycemia since adrenal hormones raise blood sugar. This condition is very common. When the blood sugar level drops, cravings can be very strong for sugar, soda pop, a cigarette or another adrenal stimulant. Alcohol craving can also be caused by low blood sugar.

    One can normalize blood sugar by adding protein or fat to the diet, and with supplements including zinc, manganese, chromium, L-glycine and others.


    Soda pop is an interesting addictive substance. Not only does it contain caffeine and up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per can, but it also contains phosphoric acid. This chemical cuts the sweetness. It also binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the intestines and removes them from the body. This may temporarily increases the metabolic rate, making one feel better for a while. Of course, it can lead to mineral deficiencies and other imbalances.

    Sorry, but diet soda is little if any better. The other chemicals are still in the drink, and the sweetness can mislead the body into thinking it has consumed a sugar-laden beverage. Diet soda also perpetuates the sweet craving, which may be linked to old emotional responses or trauma.

    Teach your children that advertisements for soda pop and other junk foods are total lies. Drinking Pepsi won’t make you slim, beautiful or popular, even drinking gallons a day.


    Deranged body chemistry, especially combined with sugar consumption, often leads to chronic intestinal candidiasis. Deficiencies of zinc and other minerals weaken the normal immune responses. Weakened adrenals cause copper to become biounavailable. Copper is the body’s natural yeast killer. Also, eating sugar feeds the yeast which encourages its growth.

    Candida produces alcohol and acetaldehyde, both toxic substances. The alcohol can produce its own addiction, even though a person hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol! Both substances further weaken the body, affecting the will power and mental clarity. Repeated antibiotic therapy, birth control pills and steroid therapy may be additional addiction factors as they contribute to yeast overgrowth and weaken body chemistry.


    Strengthening the adrenal glands can improve a person’s resolve or willpower. The adrenals are called the fight-or-flight glands. Our ability to secrete adrenal hormones in large part determines our ability to handle stress. Adrenal glands weakened by sugar consumption, stress or anything else may reduce one’s ability to resist the temptations of other drugs.

    In other words, our ability to cope with our reality depends in part upon a balanced body chemistry. The use of any item or habit that weakens or unbalances the chemistry reduces the ability to handle stress. The temptation to go into denial then increases, and with it the temptation to utilize drugs or other habits to deny reality. It is possible to overcome a weak will through faith, concentration or a support group. However, fixing your body chemistry can also be a great help!


    Emotions can be addictive. Watching violent movies, x-rated movies or horror movies, listening to loud music or the ghastly headlines on the nightly news are other ways to temporarily stimulate the adrenals. Arguing with your mate, hating anyone or anything, or holding prejudices and resentments are other methods. You probably know someone who needs to be upset about something or someone in order to feel “well”.

    Fear can also produce paralysis, feelings of helplessness and a victim mentality. Paralysis shuts down the adrenal glands, which are designed for action (either fighting or running). Some people respond by turning inward and becoming depressed.

    We tend to project outside of ourselves everything we don’t like. Then we can blame our problems on others or on society. It is no wonder violence, racism, and domestic abuse are hard to get rid of. We like them! They will only go away when we stop projecting and make the choice to take full responsibility for everything in our lives.


    As some people know, before real healing can occur one often has to feel the pain, exhaustion and depletion of the body. Alcoholics Anonymous calls this ‘bottoming out’. It leads to a shift in attitude. One no longer seeks the temporary high, but rather seeks the truth about what one has become. This rests the adrenals. Without rest, little rebuilding can take place.

    Practicing the old virtues of forgiving, loving, allowing, accepting and non judgement rests the body. One gives up fighting and running, so that true rebuilding can occur.

    Along with an attitude shift, depleted glands and deranged body chemistry can be supported and balanced through scientific diet modification and nutritional supplements. Hair analysis is an excellent way to assess nutritional needs. Other natural therapies can support these changes. Once the emotional and the physical aspects of addiction are understood, one is on the road to a solid basis for health.”

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    We should also point out, that the more you benefit from your lifestyle/approach, the more you have energy to use in your daily activities.

    Using energy is not harmful, it is when you use more than you gain. Or of course, if the body for some other reason is messed up/blocked so it will not produce any new energy at least in reasonable amounts.

    If you can have sex / masturbate 5 times a day without any problems, then it is not a problem. But if you force erection and watch porn 5 times a day ( like I used to do ) there are very few fellows who produce energy in those amounts even if they are monks living in mountains. Forcing something is harmful.

    If you can eat junk food and drink beer every day, and your body is able to assimilate and process those foods with ease, then eating them will not produce any symptoms and you will get away with it.

    It all comes to our current health status and energy reserves, the more you produce energy and the smoother it flows in your system, the healthier you become and the more easier it is for you to stay healthy.

    When we are messed up / weak, our lives become very restricted. Every little annoying thing can have a setback on our well-being ( extreme case ).

    Industrial chemicals are one evil, since they can destroy our health no matter how good is our health, their mechanism is other than depleting energy. They brake our organs chemically.

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