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    Dear All,

    I would like from you guys to give me your opinion in the following

    1- The change that will happen in the forum appearance.

    2-What sections would you like me to open besides the current sections.

    3- What will make our forum more active.

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    Added a shoutbox

    Changed the forum style.

    Iam open to hear any other suggestions.



    Maybe you could add an ‘Talk about anything’ section. Sometimes i come across things that i’d like to share or talk about with you guys but without going off topic on an already existing thread about se/hf i can’t.

    It might not get used much but can come in handy every now and then. It will also prevent us from going off topic and talking about music in a thread about premature ejaculation lol.

    Just an idea



    I will do

    But what shall i name it?

    “General Talk”?



    You could call it ‘Off Topic’ maybe, and underneath explain that this is a place to talk about anything you want i.e music, movies, family problems etc



    Did we just change the forum appearance or is there something else that is different? is this suppose to prevent people from spamming our forum?

    I agree with Lee. A general talk about anything is a good idea. If someone opens a thread we don’t want them getting off topic because that would defeat the purpose of the thread and accomplish nothing.

    I like the style of the new forum, but I didn’t mind the old style either.



    Ok i will add the Off topic section..thats the second suggestion


    I dont think so,the spammers will come from time to time …. adding Captucka as Lee suggested weeks ago is not possible in this forum

    But i started to block some email extensions….this will limit some of them



    I deleted the shout box, it seems that it made the last HTML problems that occurred frequently in this week.

    Nevertheless, no one was shouting over there except me

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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