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    I started on TMG 8 days ago and have lost a lot of bloat or water. Plus I was doing one Indolplex/DIM when I started on TMG now my E2 went to low I had to stop taking the Indolplex/DIM for the last 2 days. I started back on it today and am taking one half a pill I am also cutting the TMG in half. Strange that adding TMG did this. What is 4-OHE.

    Here is a cut & paste of what Dr. John said about taking DIM.


    > We should remember that DIM also increases the level of the

    dangerous 4-OHE as well as improving 2-OHE/16-alpha-OHE. Thus it

    should not be taken without DMG, or preferably TMG, to wash the 4-OHE

    downstream in its metabolic pathway. Folic acid helps as well.

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    some work without tmg others take it

    what dr john says is probably correct and if you don’t mind shilling out some more cash for tmg i dont see why you would not take it

    i take dim only

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