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    I see adrenal fatigue can wreck havoc to your body .but my question why is the recovery success so low in many AF cases. And can some members vouch for recovery success. Just want to see if AF wrecked sex hormes so much it caused genital shrinkage in flaccid form.

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    for me , adrenal fatigue cruched the hormones, the shrinkage is not that big, but it happened.

    Low hormones, causes high inflammation and more stress hormones constricts the veins and this is one of the main causes of the shrinkage, muscle tension and cramps

    the other thing is that DHEA, progesterone are part of testosterone production, being low in them will effect the general production of T

    not to mention that Adrenal fatigue > means other HPTA problems.

    for me the main goal to combat adrenal fatigue

    1- No carbs

    2- good sleep

    3- stress avoidance, and stress releasing thru tolerable exercises.

    4- good supportive supplements

    it takes time, because its interconnected with other parts like liver, thyroid, immune, ability to control stress cycle etc.



    You isolate the possible underlying pathology by examining past history, lifestyles, labs, nutrition and supplementation. You want to reduce the pro inflammatory cytokines response which will cause increase inflammation which will eventually drain the adrenals. You do this by focusing on the gut and neurotransmitter which will help regulate proper sleep patterns in order for the body to recharge it self over time. Proper sleep will reset the HPTA, immune system correcting the adrenal related issues. You can not correct cortisol tell you correct your sleep hygiene as well as your life styles. If a person is not willing to commit to lifestyle changes I will not even more forward in the process. I do not want to waste my time or theirs. There are too many people wanting put forth the effort



    People like HANS would be our best option, but we are not there, nor we have money to get there and be treated. So take my advice or dont cjonhson, but I will tell you something.

    I was googling pelvic pain, CPPS, free testosterone, estradiol, and found an old thread of yours in the stupid forum of .Saw your tests. You have low androgens and high estrogens man. Low testosterone and high estradiol are to blame of some of your problems, although bear in mind these are just part of the picture as Shawn would say. And yes, adrenal fatigue is also just part of the picture. But I say, why the F*ck not try something strong to lower estrogens and boost testosterone? It will surely help.

    My suggestion after much research for myself (I will try boosting my free test and lower estradiol to see how that affects hard flaccid/CPPS soon) would be: Either DIM (has to be enzymathic therapy brand or wont work) or [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] for estradiol and for testosterone any of the other products there would work.

    BTW you need 24h cortisol and preg,prog and DHEA in blood to know your adrenal status and for thyroid 24 h urine is unsurpassed.

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