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    thanks for these articles , now I see what my ND was saying starting with the endocrine cycle with adrenals and thyroid first to see if improving them would benefit other hormones and low t

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    If testosterone is very low; fixing stress, nutritional deficiency, thyroid, adrenals will bring up testosterone but usually only a small amount. Usually all the hormones have to be treated including using testosterone.

    I don’t think I have seen anyone with low testosterone increase BAT to upper 1/3 range by using methods other than testosterone replacement

    This website seems to be well informed.

    It seems a lot of people including myself have boosted cortisol, thyroid, adrenals and neurotranmitters just on Pregnenelone 150mg-300mg.

    I think most people should start here…. It’s great for boosting



    What exactly is Pregnenelone?



    Good to know about Pregnenolone MAX

    but it says that its a general booster to hormones ( classified as a steroid not an adaptogen) including the Estradol and estrogen, so DIM is recommended



    I have not noticed an increase in e2 since starting Pregnenlone…



    After reading about it, that was also my concern, id be worried about E2 being elevated. I may give it a try tho, how long have you been on it Max?



    2 months



    Cool. Ya other people have experienced benefits of Pregnenlone too, like Chris. He did TRT as well though.

    So I guess if I find that I do have adrenal + some thyroid issues (which I’m sure I do) the plan would be to try shit like Pregnenlone and other adrenal meds, then add in thyroid meds, add in zinc and DIM, and liver cleansing, and if T doesn’t go up by then I guess it’s time for TRT.

    I’ve always wanted to inject testosterone to see what it would feel like a few years back when I was heavy into lifting weights, but was afraid it would give me libido issues. Now I gotta take T injections to improve my libido and get me back in the gym. How fucking ironic.

    Max, when you’re on TRT for life, are you allowed to drink like you used to before problems? Say like drink 3 times a week? Are you allowed to smoke weed? Basically live the life you had before?

    What do you do if you go on vacation or to europe for a month? Bring the T and needles with you? That would like a bit suspicious in baggage no?

    Can you still have kids at any age if you manage TRT and HCG and everything right? or is it better to freeze sperm?

    And Max, are you pretty much recovered? Other then PE, sex drive and boners are like they should be? Can you pretty much have sex and cum everyday?

    I really need these answers.

    Thanks man.




    Yeah drinking and smoking a bit is fine in small amounts…

    i only really only recommend smoking once every few weeks…

    Drinking a glass of red wine daily is healthy, i wouldnt recommend getting very high or drunk, this is not good.


    as long as you have a doctors note / prescription it is fine, But im not 100% sure on this since i never looked into traveling but im sure there plenty of people on TRT that travel quite a bit.,


    Yes as long as you use HCG with testosteroen sperm should remain good… freezing is a good idea for peace of mind though


    I can probably have sex everyday but i’m not able todo right now since i dont have a girlfriend. I have made a lot of progress,, still have to fine tune,

    i need to optimize testosterone yet. starting TRT wiill my last step



    True, then sounds like being on TRT doesn’t really affect quality of life.

    I thought you were on TRT. Why is it your last resort then? Because its something you gotta take for life?



    It’s for life….

    plus there are possible side effects… HairLoss, Fertility, possibly creating further problems such as TT/E2 imbalance…

    It’s a last resort because it’s better to try to rule other imbalances out first in hopes of fixing imbalances will boost testosterone.



    the importance of good testosterone and DHT

    From DR. LIN


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