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    “I went to a Board Certified Family Practice MD on Wednesday who fully recognizes adrenal fatigue. She said she has seen it in patients, their test results and in improvements with treatment and that she fully understands the fact that many MD and Endos, only recognize the most severe type of adrenal dysfunction; Addison’s Disease.

    She does believe treatment for adrenal fatigue should follow testing of the hormone levels, preferably saliva tests, taken at several different times, during a 24 hour period.

    She gave me treatment recommendations that she hands out on a sheet, so that patients can execute the treatment via the supplements, since they are non-prescription.

    She pointed out that all of these are vitamins & minerals, plus a few herbals and that the two supplements she tells all patients to use with caution, are DHEA and Licorice Root, plus lists a few other precautions noted below.

    She prefers the lowest recommended dose of these two (see printed info on the containers), unless test results show severe adrenal fatigue and then patients can take the higher mfg-recommended doses, under Dr. supervision.

    She recommends patients take only pharmaceutical grade products, that have dosage consistency.

    1. As much uninterrupted sleep as possible.

    2. Eat complex carbohydrates, proteins & essential fatty acids to prevent hypoglycemic events.

    3. Avoid caffiene, sodas, chocolate & refined sugars.

    4. Drink lots of water, green tea, vegetable juices & small amounts of fruit juices and milk (if tolerant). Add small amounts of salt, if blood pressure is low.

    5. Consider “ELISA testing” for food allergies, which also deplete cortisol levels.

    6. Take the following supplements if adrenal fatigue is determined:

    Vit C (absorbic acid) with bioflavinoids in 2:1 ratio (2,000 to 4,000 mg absoric acid per day).

    Vit E complex high in beta-tocopherols (up to 800 IU per day, with meals).

    Panthothenic Acid (up to 1,500 mg/day).

    Niacin (25 to 50 mg/day).

    Vit B-6 (50 to 100mg/day).

    Vit B-complex: B-6,B-3 & B-12 (50-100mg/125mg/200-400mcg of each).

    Magnesium “citrate”(up to 400mg at night with acid tomato or apple juice).

    Calcium citrate or lactate (750 to 1000 mg/day, with supper).

    Trace minerals (zinc,maganese selenium, molybdenum, chromium,copper).


    Licorice Root (if not hypertensive & at lowest mfg-recommended dose).

    Ginger root.

    Ashwaganda Root & Leaf in small amounts.

    Siberian Ginseng (not Korean ginseng).

    Gingko Leaf (anti-oxidant, increases blood flow to brain).

    7. Adrenal Supplements: DHEA smallest mfg-recommended amounts (do not exceed highest recommended dose in more severe cases), Progesterone Natural cream (20 to 30mg/day on skin, excluded in hormone-intolerant conditions), Pregnenolone (10 to 40 mg/day orally, excluded in hormone-intolerant conditions).

    Please make note of the mentions above, that this Doc, as others, recommends testing first, to determine if adrenal fatigue is present.

    You thyroid patients also make note that “calcium” can hinder thyroid med absorption, if not taken 4 hours apart from your dose. Also bear in mind that some herbals (the last five items under # 6.), are not always good for autoimmune thyroid patients to take and I hope LuLu will come along and point any of these out that might be in this list.

    I personally will leave out and not take the licorice root or the other four herbals.

    I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the supplements recommended for adrenal fatigue, not just by this Doc but other sources out there, that agree with these.

    I want to add that anything a patient already being treated for other conditions, including thyroid might add to their regemin, should be cleared by their attending physician! This is to prevent any adverse interactions between natural supplements and any treatment you may already be on, regardless of the fact that non of these require prescription.”

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    I fully agree with her and her treatment recommendations.

    Wish I knew all that ages ago.



    CLearly, adrenal fatigue is a part of the sexual exhaustion.

    Clearly disbalance between DHEA/Cortisol is very bad for the body.

    But if adrenal fatigue may cause a low dopamine/noradrenaline level during a long time (“dopamine depression”, 3/4 months) and not a short problem like sexual exhaustion (dopamine down for 3/4 days only). I don’t understand the link.

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