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    whats the best treatment for this?

    does the medical world know about this or are we on our own

    what do you guys suggest? ive looked up and down google with no cure,no joy!

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    if you suspect adrenal fatigue, then the first thing u should test for is DHEA and/or cortisol. DHEA is produced directly by those glands. This is a good plcae to start



    be down the docs asap about that!



    the doctor might refuse to do the test for you though. but give it a try and c.



    if the doctor refuses the blood tests then get a saliva test done.



    I think you will waste your time with 99.9% of conventional MD’s. They don’t recognize Adrenal Fatigue. They only recognize Addisons Disease, where your adrenals are completely shot, or Cushing’s Syndrome, where your adrenal glands are producing too much cortisol continuously (usually from a tumor on your adrenals).

    I actually had some blood work done by an MD first and it shown my adrenal glands were fine. Then I went to a Naturopathic Doctor, who introduced me to the saliva test. Apparently, the saliva test is better because it measures hormone levels available at the tissue level, and not just circulating around in your blood. Anyway, the saliva test came back showing my cortisol levels and DHEA were super high.

    Although there are many different types of Naturopathic Doctors, they are all familiar with Adrenal Fatigue and they will likely suggest an adrenal extract supplement, such as

    and likely a Homeopathic remedy for adrenal support.

    Over the last 18 months, I have been able to improve my adrenal glands, since my saliva test is getting better and better. However, I have only recently started to learn about & address my nervous system and neurotransmitter problems.



    where did u look for a Naturopathic Doctor



    Well the first one I went to I found in the yellow pages under Naturopathic Doctor. Just like MD’s, they all specialize in certain types of treatments and that tends to make them prefer those treatments.

    The first one I went to thought I had only Adrenal Fatigue. He started me on adrenal support products. He was the one that got me onto ZRT labs and their saliva tests. I was feeling a little better, but many of my symptoms were still there.

    Then I found this lady, who is in California (Theresa Dale).

    She uses Homeopathic Remedies to rejuvenate hormones and heal other glands. She also uses a saliva test and phone consultation to determine which remedies to give you.

    Check out the Indications for “Testos for Men”, they are “For the temporary relief of the following complaints; pain in spermatic cord, testicular, liver, and prostate.”

    She also has Homeopathic remedies for Thyroid/Adrenal . I also took her homeopathic remedy for Testes/Pituitary. She now has a remedy for balancing neuro-transmitter (more on that later)

    Two weeks after starting these remedies, I felt fantastic!!. Physically I went from 20% to 90% and my libido went from 0% to ~40%. The pain in my groin stopped . I thought for sure I was recovering. I was having hard spontaneous erections, my testicles felt fuller, my skin was better than it had been in a long time. My memory was better than it had been for years. I felt way better than from Dr. Lin products. But after 4 months, my groin started to burn, then my legs got weak again and my libido started to slip away again.

    Then….. I went a local Homeopathy who is very good (Let’s call her Debbie). I found her in the yellow pages as well. She said the remedies from Thersa Dale are way too strong and should only have been taken for 2-3 weeks. I took them for 8 months. She said they might have pushed my organs too hard.

    Debbie is familiar with neurotransmitter problems, adrenal problems and she is a Homeopath. I just started go to her last week and she is going to start me on more gentle homeopathic remedies. I’ll let you guys know how I make out

    Try to find a good Homeopath (in yellow pages under Homeopathy).

    The BEST thing about going to a Homeopath or Naturopathic Doctor is that the appointments are like 2-hrs and they are SO open-minded. And unlike going to a conventional MD, they will listen to you when you talk about over-masturbating. Take in a bunch of information from Dr. Lin in with you and leave it with them so they can review what he is saying.



    and then you figured out that you might have had neurotransmitter deficiencies



    Yes. I think the adrenal problems are secondary, at least in my case. I picked up a copy of the Edge Effect.

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