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    Hi. I haven’t been on these forums in a while, and I’d say since I’ve last been on I haven’t gotten any worse, and have even gotten a tad better, however I still am feeling the effects of SE. In November I had taken a 3 month break from masturbating and I easily had a 3 o’clock erection every day, I then relapsed around the beginning of december and lost the progress I had made in those three months. I have been masturbating on and off for the past few months, and I have a bad habbit of “edging.” Lastly I’m 22 and feeling fairly confident I can get past this the upcoming years.

    I am beginning an intense exercise routine, and I’d like to get onto some supplements, however I have no idea what to take.

    I get morning wood most mornings, and have a problem with minor precum leakage. I haven’t had hard flacid in 2 years, and can maintain an erection without touching it for awhile. If I masturbate it’s usually a few minutes before I ejaculate, so I’m aiming to last longer. I havent masturbated in a month, and am going to abstain for the entire summer.

    What I want to know, is where do I start? I know exercizing helps, and I’m a pretty intense mountain biker and kayaker. I’m in overall great shape, however I definitely could improve. I smoke and drink a few times a week, and I know I could definitely better myself without that, but for the time being It helps me relax a little. Perhaps that’s an illusion? I have begun meditating as well and thats helped a lot with my overall mental health. (I’m a manic depressant)

    Anyways what I’m getting at is, howabouts do I find how injured I am? (How messed up are my hormones) I remember before people suggested taking a blood test or something? I never did do that, and I imagine that’s a good first step, but I have no idea how to even approach asking my doctor for one. I really want to commit to the road to recovery, and I am feeling very confident I can succeed.

    SOOO how can I tell; how bad of shape I’m in, how long it would take to recover, what steps should I go through to attain my goals, and lastly how to set up my recovery schedule??

    I understand there’s a lot to be learned from reading various forum posts on here, but for the most part I don’t really understand what anybodys talking about yet. (Terminology etc.)

    Any replies at all would be most appreciated. Thanks Bros!

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