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    I am currently taking ADAM twice a day and the Brazil Live Coral 3 times a day. I am also weight training alot. I have been getting erections every morning but I am a bit worried about maintaining it when it comes to being with a girl. I have given up masturbation compeletely. One thing I would like to know is what is classed as a “weak erection”. Mine is full length and obviously hard enough for penetration so I guess that’s ok. I would like to know if there are any additional supplements I can take in order to aid my recovery? Also I am going on holiday in a month an will probably get roped into having a few beers. How much damage is this going to do me? I am only talking 3-4 a day max so will this really be so bad? Cheers to whoever spends time answering this!

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    2 things:

    See the thread I opened “what to buy?”

    And drom what I know, alchohol fucks up your liver which can result in alot of bad symptoms.

    BTW, who were you in herballove’s forum?



    I had my testosterone checked a while ago and I was told it was normal but from what I hear there is a massive range of “normal”. I was thinking about ordering all the supplements etc from I have noticed that ADAM already contains 55mg of ZMA so would I not end up taking too much if I took additonal ZMA? Also I usually get the stuff from is there anywhere cheaper (bear in mind I live in the UK)? Thanks for all the help.



    Hey. Alright, first off, ADAM Multivitamin’s ZMA wouldn’t be the exact proportion that works the best . I suggest you take the Multivitamin in the morning, and buy some good quality ZMA to take before you go to sleep. And as for buying supplements, I find I can get good prices off eBay, as well as

    Anything else, just ask!

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