after a month of supplements i'mn nearly healed

Sexual Reboot Forum after a month of supplements i'mn nearly healed

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    i’d say I am at about 85% healed.

    what I took


    alpha gpc

    l tyrosine

    l arginine

    acteyl l carnitine

    ZMA fuel

    Huperzine A

    I also run about 10 miles per day.

    I’d say my erections are almost back to normal.

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    well all i can say is congratulations



    more than good news!

    well done man



    How bad were you? A list of symptoms would be great.

    Did you have eye floaters, groin pain, small penis, hair loss, etc.



    weak erection; trouble maintaining erection

    eye floaters

    loss of a lot of sensation




    it seems the l-tyrosine, acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha GPC did their jobs quite well



    Hi I’m just wondering a few thing.

    1. Can you orgasm?

    2. Can you last long or ejaculate really quickly?



    Now you will be much closer to fully healed if you just replace the SSRI with 5-HTP



    you are wrong machine, I’m not going to replace the SSRI. It helps with anxiety and makes me feel better. yes I can orgasm and yes I can have an erection during sex.



    how do you know machine is wronge?



    tiger could you have sex before you began healing?

    how long did you go without sexual activitiy /ejaculation?



    erection was not strong enough before…I ejaculated about 4 times a week for about 5 weeks and I really was helped with the supplements. You gotta have confidence you can heal. If you have the performance anxiety this could last longer than it should.



    just don’t take the SSRI for too long



    , 5-HTP will help anxiety too. It increases serotonin which preserves dopamine and result in less dopamine conversion into adrenaline which is the reason for anxiety. SSRI does not increase serotonin, rather it prevents it from being reuptaked. In the long term your natural neurotransmitter producing process will be disturbed, your dopamine level weakened, your liver weakened and prolactin levels will increase. Then you will be having more sexual dysfunction problems. It’s your choice.



    tiger-how long were u exhausted for?

    weeks/months or ears?



    I’m with . The Ssri can help but after a while can make matters worse to, it’s your choice but you’ve been warned

    You can use taurine and gaba to relieve anxiety to.



    l-theanine is a good one too



    Plain GABA does nothing. Take L-Theanine and picamilon for anxiety.

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