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    I started using bulk ALCAR powder 2 weeks ago.

    5g (1 teaspoon) in the morning, and only did this for the first week (stopped because of bad routine).

    Now I don’t seem to suffer from precum as much, or at all after my erections subside, even after week of not taking the stuff.

    It must raise acetycholine in the brain and all over the body is my only guess, but I’m pretty sure it was down to ALCAR as I wasn’t taking other supplements at the time.

    Also my vision of the world around mean became much sharper. But I also got annoyed/angry by stupid opinions of others, and slight depression (negative talk), but these can be controlled. These are just signs it’s having effect on your acetycholine.

    It’s dirt cheap in bulk. If you guys suffer from precum, I recommend you try it for 1 week guys, I really think this makes a difference. Take it in high dose 5g like I did though, so you’ll need to get it in powder form.

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    be careful though, alcar can have a negative effect on thyroid as well look it up (especially in high doses)

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