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    Ive just finished my second year at uni, and have been drinking excessively for the last 3 years to the point where ive been drunk probably 4 nights a week… i blamed this for the erection problems at 1st and cut right down, hardly drinking for the last 3 months but nothing has really improved. im pretty much confident that the overmasturbation that i totally overlooked when looking for a cause is the reason, but what effect will my drinking have had on it? what should i do about drinking from now on? ive ordered alpha gpc, fish oil and still waiting for a delivery from dr. lin (sceptical)…. think this will be ok? problems i am having are weak erection, seminal leakage and lower back pain.. how long will it take do you think n how sure are you that alpha gpc will help me regain a 2-12 o clock erection? this is my biggest worry…

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    achohol is bad for the liver. you need a healthy liver for the production of enzymes,hormones,neurotransmitters etc.

    for you to get a 2, 1, 12 o clock erection, it will depend on how strong your paraysysmatic nervous system is. you need a lot of acetycholine and suffcient dhea and androstedione for this to happen.



    is it possible to get back to the 2, 1 or 12 oclock erection i had before my symptoms started? is this achievable through use of alpha gpc or do i need anything else? much appreciated…



    u should also get your testosterone levels checked and you should quite drinking. even though your parasympathetic nervous system is weak u messed up your liver with alcohol. u might need some liver detoxification supplements.



    Yes, I was just about to recommend doing a liver detox. Also, alcohol lowers testosterone levels significantly, so I would get your levels checked as soon as possible.

    Raising testosterone may be your simple solution, but you never know. As for supplements for testosterone, I will suggest to you what I’m about to order, and I’m about 95% sure it’s what members here need to be taking to raise both their free and total testosterone. I suggest taking ActivaTe by Designer Supplements for free testosterone, as well as the new Rebound Reloaded for total testosterone (when it is released). I am also going to take 6-OXO with that to produce more LH. I’ve done reasearch for about a month on this stack, and believe me, it’s unreal. I can guarantee it will work. =)



    Rebound Reloaded sounds like it’s going to be good, it should not have the libido dampening effects of the ATD based supplements!



    Exactly. =)



    No intake off caffeine wheter it’s tea or coffee will help tol



    what would it help with?



    I just found that you get a more increased sex drive without caffeine and in some extreme cases caffeine can actually be a cause off depression to.



    caffine is very good for bodybuilding. but i think pple just take too much of it.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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