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    This Thread will be dedicated for Neurotransmitters and its Metabolites.

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    Inhibitory Neurotransmitters

    SEROTONIN is an inhibitory neurotransmitter – which means that it does not stimulate the brain. Adequate amounts of serotonin are necessary for a stable mood and to balance any excessive excitatory (stimulating) neurotransmitter firing in the brain. If you use stimulant medications or caffeine in your daily regimen – it can cause a depletion of serotonin over time. Serotonin also regulates many other processes such as carbohydrate cravings, sleep cycle, pain control and appropriate digestion. Low serotonin levels are also associated with decreased immune system function.

    GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is often referred to as “nature’s VALIUM-like substance”. When GABA is out of range (high or low excretion values), it is likely that an excitatory neurotransmitter is firing too often in the brain. GABA will be sent out to attempt to balance this stimulating over-firing.

    DOPAMINE is a special neurotransmitter because it is considered to be both excitatory and inhibitory. Dopamine helps with depression as well as focus, which you will read about in the excitatory section.




    Excitatory Neurotransmitters

    DOPAMINE is our main focus neurotransmitter. When dopamine is either elevated or low – we can have focus issues such as not remembering where we put our keys, forgetting what a paragraph said when we just finished reading it or simply daydreaming and not being able to stay on task. Dopamine is also responsible for our drive or desire to get things done – or motivation. Stimulants such as medications for ADD/ADHD and caffeine cause dopamine to be pushed into the synapse so that focus is improved. Unfortunately, stimulating dopamine consistently can cause a depletion of dopamine over time.

    NOREPINEPHRINE is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is responsible for stimulatory processes in the body. Norepinephrine helps to make epinephrine as well. This neurotransmitter can cause ANXIETY at elevated excretion levels as well as some “MOOD DAMPENING” effects. Low levels of norepinephrine are associated with LOW ENERGY, DECREASED FOCUS ability and sleep cycle problems.

    EPINEPHRINE is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is reflective of stress. This neurotransmitter will often be elevated when ADHD like symptoms are present. Long term STRESS or INSOMNIA can cause epinephrine levels to be depleted (low). Epinephrine also regulates HEART RATE and BLOOD PRESSURE.







    Yes,pick the one you need lol.Mine is dopamine.Dopamine is in a relationship with addictions.Cocaine users permanently damage the dopamine receptors even long after they quit the drug,they develop anhedonia and guess no pleasure = no strong erections…

    The only mind drug I took was SSRI for 3.5 years,quit it in 2011 april and I still have the symptoms of a cocaine user.Anhedonia,ED etc.

    This is a good theory.Dopamine responds IMMEDIATELY to addictions.Infact,the drop in dopamine goes much lower for us than for normal people and prolactin shoots up much higher THAT IS THE REASON LOT OF US GET POIS,NOT BECAUSE OF ALLERGIC REACTION BULLSHIT.

    So I guess if we want to fix POIS we need to normalize the dopamine levels by (as HANS said) fixing the mental/psychological aspects of our lives.

    Quitting the addictions are the best.

    This is what happens to normal people during mtb. and after ejaculation:

    normal guy masturbates > dopamine elevates > normal guy ejaculates > dopamine lowers,then after a while goes back to normal levels,prolactin elevates for a while then goes back to normal levels

    This is what happens to us,(mostly) pois and ill people during mtb. and after ejaculation:

    we masturbate > dopamine goes from way too low to dangerously high > we ejaculate > dopamine drops TOO low and prolactin shoots TOO HIGH and the end result is POIS (brain fog,Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s shaking,chronic fatigue,anhedonia,blood sugar drop)

    For a normal person their neuros stabilize in a short while and they don’t experience pois,while our prolactin stays high for DAYS and our dopamine levels stabilize to LOW LEVELS ONLY.For our brain the “normal” level is low.

    Thanks to for the link

    So the two bad guys are dopamine and prolactin.You would immediately want to try some dopamine elevating drug but you might aswell try cocaine.These stuff are dangerous and I don’t recommend them!

    If there was pleasure in your life before the chances that you quit all your addictions,get a job and stop abusing things like having fun 24/7 and watching tv and doing nothing will make you stabilize the dopamine to normal levels are high.

    In my case the dopamine is so low because I’m a spoiled brat and that’s a fact I don’t deny.Great eye opener.



    Steve, you make a good point of dopamine.

    I was just reading an article which explained that during sexual intercourse where you climax it leads to a rapid rise dopamine levels, then dopamine levels fall sharply.

    The article also provides a chart that shows the consequences of excess and deficient dopamine levels.

    Another neurotransmitter that it affects is prolactin. After an erection there is a rise in levels in prolactin, which cause low libido, headache, decreased testosterone levels, weight gain, etc.

    All the information can be found at the following website:

    So maybe some of the symptoms that you guys are experiencing is because of excessive masturbation. Excessive masturbation leads to imbalanced hormone levels.



    As an NEI practioner I have ability to do this testing for people with in the USA which may be covered to a degree by their insurance. i have been using neuroscience for 6 years with great results once you understand how to properly intrepet the results after doing it for many years. It is not easy and extremely challenging in many cases.




    Yeah prolactin is another neurotransmitter…



    Willy only read the first post

    I’ve found this thanks to your link.Perfectionist > acethylcholine-deficiency

    Finally we are getting somewhere. Wow you are the MAN! The page even includes how to boost specific neuros.

    But the thing I don’t like is that for most imbalance they are recommending SSRIs.LOL I would beat the living shit out of these people seriously.

    It seems I have stupidly low dopamine too.Shit,not good…

    Serotonine same.

    Norepinephrine too high.

    Seems like acethylcholine could be a HUGE cure,like at least 50% of our symptoms?




    Its undoubtely part of the picture. Remember that JS reported a noticeable improvement in erections with ALCAR. Also, Dr Lin always stress it, and that chinky knows the stuff pretty well. I have experienced some improvements in the mental area with ALCAR myself, I cant assure it helped with erections.

    In any case, IMO neurotransmitters are the end of the road. Its the last thing to be regulated, in part because when you have fixed everything else may they recover normal ranges, harmony by theirselves.

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