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    Ok F*ck it I will make a new thread to avoid the possibility of people dont checking the some tests of sargonnas because the new posts can be more whining.

    I will post this in other forums soon. Too lazy and depressed for doing it though awwwhhhff.

    TAKEN THE 24 OF JUNE OF 2011

    TRANSFERRIN 235 mg/dl Reference range 200-400

    FERRITIN 80 ng/dl Reference range 20 – 300

    LH SERUM 4.86 UI/I Reference range 2-12

    FSH SERUM 3.51 UI/I Reference range 1-8

    TOTAL TESTOSTERONE SERUM 9 ng/ml Reference range 2-11

    FREE TESTOSTERONE 3.50 pg/ml Reference range 9 – 47


    TSH 0.68 mcUI/ml Reference range: 0.47-4.64

    LH SERUM 4.07 UI/I Reference range: 2-12

    FSH SERUM 2.96 UI/I

    PROLACTIN SERUM 31.30 ng/ml Reference range: 3 – 25

    FREE TESTOSTERONE 30.40 pg/ml Reference range 9-47

    PROGESTERONE SERUM 0.53 ng/ml Reference range 0.2-3.37

    DHEA-S SERUM 131 mcg/dl Reference range 80-560

    Estradiol 17-Beta (sensitive) 44 pg/ml Reference ranges <62


    INSULIN SERUM- <2.00 hUi/ml (the “h” is reversed but I cant type it )

    (6-27 hUi/ml )

    TOTAL CHOLESTEROL- 143,30 md/dl (140-220)

    FSH SERUM- 3.93 mUI/mL (1.40-13.6)

    PROLACTIN SERUM- 5.13 ng/ml (2.60-18.1)

    LH SERUM 5.45 mUI/ml (1.80-8.20)

    DHEA-S SERUM- 2.98 hg/mL (reverse h again) (2.38-5.39)

    ANDROSTEDIONE SERUM- 3.50 ng/mL (0.5-3)

    T4 TOTAL SERUM-8.01 hg/dL (4.5-12.5)

    FREE T4 SERUM- 1.40 ng/dL (0.80-dL)

    TOTAL T3 SERUM- 1.42 ng/mL (0.70-1.70 ng/mL)

    FREE T3 SERUM- 3.91 pg/mL (1.8-4.2)

    DHT SERUM- 0.56 ng/mL (0.25-1 ng/mL)

    PROGESTERONE- 0.19 ng/mL (0.28-1.22 ng/mL)

    TOTAL TESTOSTERONE- 6.28 ng/mL (1.56-8.77ng/mL)

    FREE TESTOSTERONE- 12 pg/mL (8.9-42.5 pg/mL)

    SHBG- 36nmol/L (10-57)

    ESTRADIOL SENSITIVE- 53 pg/mL (11-44 pg/mL)

    CORTISOL AM SERUM (taken at 10 AM)- 12.3 hg/dL (5-25


    (The “h” is inverted in all the ranges)



    2 hg/L

    4hg/24 h

    Range: 0,5 – 20 hg/24 h


    16 hg/L

    35 hg/24 h

    Range: 15 – 80 hg/24 h


    70 hg/L

    154 hg/24 h

    Range: 65 – 400 hg/24 h


    8:45 AM 3.41 nmol/L Reference range 8h-9h: 5.3-61.8 nmol/L

    1:10 PM 4.94 nmol/L

    6:20 PM 3.40 nmol/L Reference range 18h-20h: 1.2 – 12.3 nmol/L

    0:30 AM 1.72 nmol/L

    PLASMA HISTAMINE 4.16 nmol/L Reference range <9


    57 mg/dL Reference: 80 – 150 mg/dL

    1254 mg/24 hours Reference: 800 – 2000


    <5 hmol/g Creat Reference: <120 hmol/g Creat

    <0.51 mg/g Creat Reference: <12 mg/g Creat


    ASPARTIC ACID 3.46 mg/L Reference range: 1.5 – 4.5

    GLUTAMIC ACID 6.33 mg/L Reference range: 7.0 – 19.5

    ALANINE 21 mg/L Reference range: 10.5 – 46.5

    ARGININE 9 mg/L Reference range: 8.7 – 33

    ASPARRAGINE 5 mg/L Reference range: 3 – 27

    CISTINE 1.6 mg/L Reference range: 1.7 – 21

    CITRULINE 3.15 mg/L Reference range: 2.8 – 13.1

    FENILANANINE 8.09 mg/L Reference range: 5.08 – 15

    GLYCINE 10.96 mg/L Reference range: 3.5 – 29

    GLUTAMINE 58 mg/L Reference range: 49 – 145

    HIDROXILISINE-1 <0.81 mg/L Reference range: <6

    HIDROXIPROLINE <0.66 MG/L Reference range: <4.5

    HISTIDINE 19 mg/L Reference range: 7 – 16.5

    ISOLEUCINE 7 mg/L Reference range: 3 – 11

    LEUCINE 13.51 mg/L Reference range: 6 – 23

    LISINE 10.53 mg/L Reference range: 8 – 30

    METHIONINE 2.24 mg/L Reference range: 1 – 8

    3-METHILHISTIDINE <0.85 mg/L Reference range <1.7

    ORNITINE 2.27 mg/L Reference range: < 13.5

    PROLINE 11.63 mg/L Reference range: 5 – 34.5

    SERINE 9.46 mg/L Reference range: 4.5 – 23

    TAURINE 7 mg/L Reference range: 10-27

    TYROSINE 7.07 mg/L Reference range: 1.5 – 16.5

    TREONINE 9.65 mg/L Reference range: 3.5 – 28

    TRIPTOPHAN 8.77 mg/L Reference range: 7 – 23.5

    VALINE 24.85 mg/L Reference range: 11.5 – 35.1

    SEROTONIN SERUM 146 mg/L Reference range: 40 – 400

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    Nitric oxide imbalances is sticking out, CBS pathways is non existant which means gluthione is low. Detoxification pathways are compromised as well as immune system. GI is most likely altered as it is in 99 % of cases I have dealt with. why is cortisol out of balance is the next question I be asking




    Thanks for answering to my results.

    Could you elaborate your answer more, in simplified way? Explain it further? What is the GI, the CBS? What can I do to fix the things you have seen that are imbalanced? Specific diet, supplements etc?

    I know why I have low cortisol all day. I have adrenal fatigue. Why? Well that is another question I cannot answer. For now, what I want is a treatment.



    Hardas, thanks to Shell, I have some info about treatment of toxins in the body.

    Could the oral administration of this product that contains Inositol-6-phosphate

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    along with Yaeyama Chlorella

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    be a succesful supp treatment for detox?

    Would this product [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] be a much better choice for chlorella?



    Those supplement will help about 5%, your issue is much deeper. I will not provide step by step suggestion unless i know the person past history and other issue they are dealing with because making recommendations with out proper history and under standing of there case could make matters worse. You need to heal gi tract and liver which heals the brain. It is an Individualized approach which most drs can not do properly and takes upto 6 months or longer to do. There are no short cuts or magic supplement to it.



    Fucking GREAT.

    Hardas if you dont want to have in your karmic curriculum my suicide youd better give me a better advice.

    What are you saying?? I need to travel to where you and the doctor you work with is to have any hope to recover, and that will take at least half a year?? Cant you for Christ Sake give some advice of what I CAN do in my situation? I live in SPAIN, my family is not rich, the crysis is getting worse. My options are supplements and MAYBE meeting a good doctor in this almost second world country. Can you reccomend me ANY supplement or doctor here or near??

    Also, hardas, I have updated the aminoacid section, I forgot to write three aminoacids. Also, I am gonna post here all my results, in order that we can get a better view of the whole picture of my body chemistry. I hope this give you further information.



    HANS gives the same reply to everyone.. don’t take it to heart.

    “FREE TESTOSTERONE 3.50 pg/ml Reference range 9 – 47 ”

    what does this mean?? the range is 9-47 and your result is 3.5? some mistake?



    Yeah its obvious that I shouldnt get nervous for him, taking into account that he got banned from other forum and the general behaviour he have so far, but I got, because he really looks like he knows something.

    I think anybody shouldnt be fucking around with people like me, im desperate. He cant write like he is the expert but later say that I have no hope unless I got treated by him or his doctor. You have a fucking responsability when you go and give a fucking opinion to someone so screwed.

    I mean WHAT THE F*ck that advice is more than fucking useless it is dangerous.


    No, the results are that way. I usually have high estradiol and low free test.That was the first test I did, when all THIS WÑKJFAJLBFFAKÑGH begun; it was the free testosterone what triggered my worries back in the day… Notice that in 13 of December my free test dropped again to 12 when I stopped nettle root and I suspect his normal state now is even lower (3.5 maybe? When taken that first bloodtest I wasnt in this forum, nor in any supplementing)



    Ok seems your thyroid is fine. which is some good news. TSH is low which is good.. free T3 and T4 are mid-top range which is fine. This is from November tho hopefully it stayed that way.

    Your Free T for October is:

    FREE TESTOSTERONE 30.40 pg/ml Reference range 9-47

    and November is:

    FREE TESTOSTERONE- 12 pg/mL (8.9-42.5 pg/mL)

    I don’t get that.. one of those results is wrong… so which test is more accurate the october or november? its important.

    Your total T seems fine.

    Your Estradiol (E2) is really high like mine. Because of that your DHEA is really low. Those two things are whats giving you hard flaccid primarily (together with inflammation which is created cuz of this). Your liver is also kinda clogged like HANS said.. you can see it with:

    METHIONINE 2.24 mg/L Reference range: 1 – 8

    Methionine is responsible for liver detox. Your methionine is completely depleted, like mine, cuz of the Estradiol built up in the liver.

    “CORTISOL SALIVA (yesss YESSSSSS hahaha)

    8:45 AM 3.41 nmol/L Reference range 8h-9h: 5.3-61.8 nmol/L ”

    is your morning cortisol below bottom range?? what the F*ck? Is this even right?

    On November 22 your cortisol was “CORTISOL AM SERUM (taken at 10 AM)- 12.3 hg/dL (5-25 ”

    and on December its already at bottom of range? That doesn’t make any sense. Which test is more correct?

    “6:20 PM 3.40 nmol/L Reference range 18h-20h: 1.2 – 12.3 nmol/L ”

    a bit low but still ok. whats the range for the 1:10 pm and 0:30 am cortisol?? important..

    Either way looks like your cortisol needs work. And your progesterone is low in every test which indicates bad adrenals too.

    Your SHBG is ok. It might get worse over time. Its still Ok cuz your T is ok but its slightly elevated cuz of the high estradiol.

    “INSULIN SERUM- <2.00 hUi/ml (the “h” is reversed but I cant type it )

    (6-27 hUi/ml ) ”

    what the F*ck is this? your insulin is below bottom range? :S

    make sure to type everything correct. If it actually is that low then I donno what it means but it can’t be good.

    All your amino acids are low like serotonin, tyrosine (dopamine).. which is typical in SE. Don’t focus on that now, they should improve once hormones are fixed.

    Its good that your got amino acids checked out cuz the methyonine is important.

    “HIDROXILISINE-1 <0.81 mg/L Reference range: <6

    HIDROXIPROLINE <0.66 MG/L Reference range: <4.5 ”

    I dont know what those mean but check it out online. Doesn’t seem good.

    So in short, if I were you this is what I;d do:

    – see if you can get a REVERSE T3 test. That’ll indicate if yuor thyroid is actually fine or not. If you cant get it tested its ok. We’ll assume your thyroid is fine. So step 2 which is fixing thyroid is complete.

    – step 1 is adrenals. Start out with high dose Vit C, B100, rhoriola rosea and such.. then you have 3 options pregnenolone, Isocort or Cortef. Pregnenolone seemed to work for most people, but is not good for people with low DHT. Your DHT is “DHT SERUM- 0.56 ng/mL (0.25-1 ng/mL) ” so its risky. Cuz your DHT is low it may make hard flaccid worse temporarily. But if it ends up taking the right pathway, then it wont affect hard flaccid and should help your adrenals very quickly. If I were you I WOULDNT take Preg cuz of your pretty low DHT. I’d try basic supps for a month first, retest, if a lot of improvement keep going, if little improvement then try Cortef or Isocort. I haven’t read much on Isocort so I cant comment on that. If you decide to go with Cortef. Just take minimum dose (5 mg) in the morning (when your cortisol is worse). and Vit C and b100 for the rest of the day and that should fix your adrenals. After a 1year or so you can stop taking Cortef completely.

    I was gonna go the Cortef route but seems my adrenals improved a lot since adding in just the Vic C and B100 so I decided not to take it.

    You shouldn’t take other meds like E2 meds before your fix adrenals completely. So this step might take some time. Natural supps, retest, cortef/pregnenolone, retest..

    – at the same time as adressing adrenals or even before address liver built-up. You need to supplement with Folate (not folic-acid) and vit B12 for a few weeks. I forgot the doses this is all off the top of my head.. but those two supps should unclog liver and help it start methylating properly. That in turn should help the E2, inflammation, a bunch of other things and maybe even cortisol. So do this first actually. and you can start supplementing for adrenals at same time.

    – Once liver and adrenals and thyroid are taken care of, address everything else. DIM Indoplex for Estradiol. DHEA cream/pills for DHEA. You dont need TRT or anything. After most thing sare fixed Testosterone should become optimal. If your free T is in fact low and still doesnt improve after E2 and DHEA are fixed.. there are supplements to raise T but thats one of the last steps. Once liver, adrenals, thyroid, E2, Dhea are fixed.. hard flaccid should be mostly gone, inflammation reduced, DHT should go up, a lot of amino acids should normalize, prolactin should reduce..

    Thats just a general outline. You got a lot of work ahead.. so do I and everyone else..

    Then after all homrones are fixed you focus on amino acids/neuros.. most should normalize, dopamine should normalize, serotonin will probably remain low so you can supplement with tryptophan in the end.. that should help PE too.

    I dont know what HIDROXILISINE, HIDROXIPROLINE, and insulin mean.. look it up.. could be important.

    Also last thing I wanna say, very important, try not to stress at all.. dont think about this 24/7.. tajke your mind off with other activities. If you stress all the time it’ll only make these numbers worse over time. I’m pretty sure thats what happened to me. My thyroid was not bad in the beginning, then 6 months later I retest and its a lot worse. Anxiety will drain your cortisol too and some neuros. Its great that you got these tests already. Its already enough info to work with. Now its all up from here.. stay patient and start popping some supplements



    Thanks frenchi I knew I could count with you


    Well sadly I really think both are correct, indeed I also think the first one (3.5) is correct. What give credibility to this theory? I had three tests. In two of them the free test is low. I was taking one gram every day of nettle root which is said to boost free test when I had the test in which the free testosterone was high. Beside that, I have SEVERE erectile dysfunction, and that can be related to the results of low free test.

    This give me two insights:

    1) I need to retest my free test one more time without any supplement.

    2) In any way, if my theory is correct, I can fix free test with Nettle Root.


    I have no idea, but I can assure you I feal AWFUL in the morning and I mean it, so with that and knowing that most of the people here relies in saliva for cortisol I think we have the answer…


    Yeah F*ck it, I will stick to what you adrenal veterans say, I will order just tomorrow Vitamin C from Dr Best, B-complx from Thorne research with extra Pantothenic Acid and Rhodiola from Eclectic Institute which seems incredibly good.


    I know, this is almost the only thing I think about and I spend an average of 5-6 hours with the computer with the so called “obsession”. I need to chill out. F*ck I need videogames!!



    This was my “plan” for fighting SE for a month, until I saw that I need all that vitamins.

    I would like to you guys to take a look to my choices and say what in the list is dispensable and what is not, because it is already a lot of money and I need to remove at least 5 things from the list.



    The idea of shot gunning supplements is just asking for disaster since one does not know the true pathology and complete medical history of the person. Learn form mistakes of drawing for straws and grabbing in desperation. From sitting on both side of the fence you can see my logic. If a person is suicidal then you need to seek proper psychological evaluation (which all of this stuff stems from is emotional or psychological stress in the first place, as usually people will usually deny this and try to look for some magical pills to justify the truth rather then dealing with the root cause of the issue). I have seen many of the guys here in person and trust me what you are told here and hear in person is 2 seperate things. Some are drastic enough to change course of treatment significantly.

    You claim you are poor but are going to shell out a mess load of money for supplements which can compromise your current health.. I do not see the logic in that. I understand people have it tough at times as I did, but what I know now I would not be taken a lot of supplements without some kind of logical reasoning, “just because I have these symptoms” is playing with pure fire.




    B-Complex (Bio available, better absorbtion)

    Pantothenic Acid

    Mag Citrate

    Omega 3

    Melatonin (sometimes)


    Vit D3

    Coconut Oil

    Vit E

    Borage Oil

    Beta Carotene


    Zinc Picolinate (sometimes)


    L Theanine


    Mag Oil

    Epsom salt

    Citrulline Malate

    Zyflamend ( on its way)

    Vit C (3 gram)

    Cialis (5mg)



    Methyl B12 (With Folate)

    SHIT lol. That’s everything i’m taking right now. There all for adrenals, inflammation, erections and general health to give my body the best chance to heal naturally. I did’nt realise how many different supps i was taking, but when you take them at different times through the day it’s not to burdensome. I can’t comment on any of the supps your looking at because i’ve never tried them, but i can tell you that these i’m using are good quality and i recommend them.

    Actually i can comment on jarrow ashwaganda. My advice with that is not to bother and save your money. I think it may have helped me sleep a little the first night i used it (2 Tabs) but then after that i got absolutely nothing from it. I wo’nt be bothering with it again, put it that way. Maybe you’ll react differently though, you never know.

    Along with the supps, i have a near perfect diet IMO that consists of mixed veg (mostly cruciferous) Lean meat (chicken, tuna),sweet potatoes various nuts, seeds ect.

    Also light excercise consisting of a 1 hour walk and some light weights on shoulders, arms in a seated position to avoid aggravating pelvic floor (hard flaccid).

    I’m gonna keep this up for a bit longer and then i’ll have enough saved for my labs including 4x saliva cortisol. After ive taken that test, if my cortisol rhythm is optimal or almost, then i’ll move on to the next step.

    Will this work, will this be enough, only time will tell.

    I’d also like to point you back to the adrenal fatigue thread, which has alot of good advice on the supps to use for healing adrenal issues naturally. My post on that thread is from Jack Kruse’s website who’s a well respected neurosurgeon, he knows his shit. Notice all the different supps he recommends. I don’t think the shot gun approach applys when you know that your addressing adrenals, your not taking supps willy nilly.



    Oh cmon hardas you are looking now like some weird form of troll.

    I wouldnt doubt in banning you from here because you ranges from the useless to the offensive in your comments.

    Im not poor, but I am not rich, obviously spending 160 dollars per month is not the same than spending like 3000 in travelling to America and trying to get help from some miracolous doctor.

    Im not gonna go to the psychologist, nor to the psichiatrist, to see stupid people pretending they know something I dont (the SECRET of happines: having erections and feeling just fine LOL) or even worse to get reciped some fucking med that will lead me directly to a mental residence, before worsening my symptoms and finally destroying what was left of the entity called Antonio Jesús.

    So hardas please say something valuable and RESPECTFUL or F*ck THE SHUT UP PLEASE .

    You havent answered to my fucking question about zinc in that thread BTW. No, you havent because that could be of some value lol




    Haha! Coconut Oil, Pycnogenol… I have read about them! I knew I was on the right track in my supp research! Definetely considering adding them to my regime. F*ck man, I was freaking out with the “sensoril” Ashwagandha. There is one more possibilty though, maybe Jarrow Products are not that good. The Alpha GPC of them didnt improve me, but who the F*ck knows, by that time my erections etc were way better than now. Obviously I have depleted further my adrenals etc with blindly supplementing, stress all day about this etc

    Thanks for taking time for showing me whats helping you lee. I have already changed three things in my list for yours much cheaper! Wow those are 21 supps right, holy shit. I have checked every link and it is obviously a good list, with low prices also (important). I guess I should go to more affordable brands, like NOW and Jarrow etc when planning such a huge supplementation.

    Hey and did you feel a big effect from Cordyceops, which is adviced by Jobe27? I have some feedback about Cordyceps myself, bought some grams to Hyperion Herbs. It made me feel like I could run for ever, basically the improvement was astounding but only in the pulmonar area.

    PD: An as a side note, did you notice that you cant rely completely in the reviews on iHerb right? I tried to post some times negative feedback and the first time they let me do it, with that fucking poisonous Yohimbe, but now it is like I am banned or something lol nothing appears



    damn, Lee you’re taking a lot of good supps. And your diet sounds solid too.

    Do you feel any effect of L’theanine? Does if affect your sleep? hard flaccid? I been wanting to start taking it for a long time.

    and coconut oil you’re taking cuz its high in HDL (good) cholesterol right?

    Feel any different since you started taking it?

    I mostly consume olive oil.




    frenchi, how much vitamin c do you recommend when u say high dosage is good? is taking 1.5 gram there a way to know if it is being absorbed? and b vitamins with vitamin c, is it gud enugh fr adrnals?

    and have u any news on hcpornaddict? hwo he doing with mariano/



    Hey guys this forum is awesome but knowing that I have complex issues I want to post my results in others as well. Where to go? Im checking but it doesnt seem like there they discuss testing.




    Jarrow i would say are one of the better brands and give good value for money, it’s just that Ashwaganda is a herb and as with many (most but not all) herbs they lose there effect to quickly.

    Yeah the list of supps i use is mostly Now, Jarrow and a few Healthy Origins. As far as vits are concerned i don’t think you can go far wrong with these brands and there cost effective which is very important for me too.

    ”Hey and did you feel a big effect from Cordyceps?”

    Only been using it for around 14 days. I wouldn’t say i felt a big difference no. I have felt something but it’s quite subtle and has built up over the 14 days i’ve been using it. I feel a little calmer and have less brain fog and feel a little sharper and more on the ball. I think it may have improved my refractory period aswell because since using it iv’e only been abstaining for 4-7 days and had less negative sides after ejaculating. Although this could be a coincidence but i def feel calmer since using it.

    I do take the reviews on iherb into account, but i usually know what i’m after before i go to iherb anyway so the reviews there are of little importance to me.

    ”Where to go? Im checking”

    If your looking for the Musclechat that people refer to on this site then that’s the wrong one buddy.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] <<<Right One


    Is that a typo or a clever way of making fun out of Hans poor grammatical skills. lol


    ”damn, Lee you’re taking a lot of good supps. And your diet sounds solid too.”

    lol yeah, i didn’t realise how many i was using. I actually forgot to add Digestive Enzymes and probiotics too. Not that it matters about them though because they’ve done nothing for me. I was doubtfull they would anyway because all my digestive issues are due to inflammation and probably high E2(bloating) too.

    ”Do you feel any effect of L’theanine? Does if affect your sleep? hard flaccid? I been wanting to start taking it for a long time.”

    L’ theanine is great stuff. I actually got the idea from you, when you was talking about green tea and those others (ti kwan or something). As the ingredient thats supposed to be mostly responsible for the effects is l’theanine so i just cut out the middleman and went straight for the pure powder.

    I use around 1-1.5 grams about 1 hour before bed and from the first night i took it i felt the effects. My eyes felt heavy, i felt calm and relaxed and it def helps with sleep quality too.

    As for hard flaccid i’d say it possibly does help a little but nothing major. Not for me anyway.

    ”and coconut oil you’re taking cuz its high in HDL (good) cholesterol right?

    Feel any different since you started taking it?

    I mostly consume olive oil.”

    Exactly yes, i have a low fat (from food) diet so i feel its important to make sure im getting enough good cholesterol. Otherwise i don’t think someone should be suprised if there pregnenolone/cortisol production line is fucked IMO.

    I do use olive oil aswell but just for food like rubbing it on my sweet potatoes, i should probably use more of that actually.

    But for coconut oil, i store it in the cupboard (fridge in summer) and it’s in a hardened state so i just dig a spoon into it and eat it that way.



    Yes I already have my thread there, but I think it is not “catchy” enough, the title I mean. I should have titled it “20 years old high E2 low DHEA Severe impotence” Anyway I think I should have some response soon.


    Haha nope it just shows my own poor gramatical skills in written English lol

    I have read that many times and thought it was right. Anyway, I would like to avoid any rude words, it is just he was going too far with that behaviour of saying briefly things in a excessively technical way and dont offering any option to treat them.

    “You. need. to stabilize your hippocratic RTH via. electromagnetic hydrolytes using a pleiadian approach. But only I. and Dr John. and a few more.can. help you”

    lol Just joking hardas you have a lot to contribute but you have to write in a more explained and understandable way.

    Yeah you are right NOW and Jarrow are reliable when it comes to vitamins etc.

    Weird that the ashwagandha stopped working in the second day though



    Progesterone is being converted to cortisol due to there is probably some kind of immune system response or inflammation you are dealing with

    Low cholesterol tells me you are not processing fats properly they are getting clogged up in your liver due to possible thicken bile.

    With out proper adrenal function which is coming from some immune imbalance or other hidden stressors (psychogically possibile driven), the thyroid will not work properly.

    Testosterone – good

    thyroid – good

    Just like all the other lab rats chasing hormone levels on certain forums you need to look at the most obvious before diving into a shit load of useless supplements

    GET E2 DOWN – It could be resulting in bile thicken which is causing low cholesterol production potentially gall stones. Liver pathways especially bile conjugation are crucial to proper bile flow and detoxification of guess what !! ESTROGEN…

    YOU ARE INFLAMMED ..reduce the inflammation ..start by reducing the e2 which can trigger specific immune responses

    If I get to indept and scientific I appologize. When talking to people with PH.D, MD’S and other medical degrees for several hours a day it kind of becomes a part of you and hard to tone it down.




    dude sargonnas is telling u to tell him something……y dont u ? BRING DOWN E2, what is that, if saying it wud do it then he wud say

    bring this down that up and wham he is healed..





    quick Google,hopefully useful:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Have a blast !!!

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    I must have posted about this a few hundred times


    1. Reduce allergenic foods and total body inflammation

    2. zinc picolate 50 mgs before bed, 50 mgs P5P, 400 mgs Mag glycinate

    3. Lose some weight

    4. Sweat – clear lymphatic system

    5. open up methylation pathways and other liver pathways to remove estrogen metabolites

    6. Diet – eat more cuciferous vegetables

    7. balance GI tract

    8. Reduce alcohol consumption

    9. Be more humble – got anger issues need to control them…

    Give positive energy off not such negativity makes body more acid and invites more disease.

    Deal with your psychological issues…

    Reason I got kicked off of the board which I started LOL I was changing people’s way of thinking about things and mentality on a board. If people want to chase hormones labs around for 3-4 years let them. While they are doing that I will be moving forward into spreading integrative or functional medicine mentality to medical professionals.



    -hardasnails1973 –

    First I want to ask you about this site [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    It has been posted in the forum but haven’t seen your response to it.

    Is this good to get E2 back on track?

    It basically eliminates EVERYTHING MAN MADE,sugar,yeast etc.

    Second,you said take zinc before going to sleep but should you take magnesium before bedtime too?

    Tried zinc before bedtime with several times before and it makes the sleeping nearly impossible or wake up with bad fatigue in the morning.Sargonnas had the SAME reaction to it.Is that a normal side effect?

    Third,what do you think about vitamin supplements containing soy? Is it a no?

    I wish you a succesful recovery my friend!



    Thanks, it was “hard” (lol) but you finally made some good points.

    Im already getting advices in musclechat. “Get a job, that free testosterone test is useless” etc Good shit, I will be lurking when I fee like it, there has to be a lot of info in there.

    Man,how I hate this whole sub-world of desperate people swarming around hormones boards. And you can say I am one of the worst.

    Its oficial, I hate my life . I didnt choose to be a lab rat hardas, dont forget that. I know,I know, there is no magic pill. That means at least one or two years more completely fucked, but wtf is the truth.




    “frenchi, how much vitamin c do you recommend when u say high dosage is good? is taking 1.5 gram there a way to know if it is being absorbed? and b vitamins with vitamin c, is it gud enugh fr adrnals?

    and have u any news on hcpornaddict? hwo he doing with mariano/”

    – right now I’m getting my 100% daily dose of Vit C from food from eating orange, tomato, onion, etc… and take 1 gram vit C on top of that. I think 2 grams vit C a day would be ideal. But since you can’t overdose on vit C (up to like 10 grams) I’d say the more you take the better. 1.5 grams is good. I donno if theres a way to know how well its absorbed.. I guess the only way is to go by how you feel. If you dont feel any difference then maybe try switching brands of the supplement and try getting plenty of Vit C from food thats obviously important too.

    Last year I kept getting throat and ear infections, was sick at least 3 times in 2010. Since I added in the Vit C and B100 I haven’t been bedsick once this year. The Vit C is gotta be helping immune system. I also started eating healthier so maybe thats helped.

    Ya the key vitamins that heal adrenals are Vit C, B5, and a few others. So I think taking 1-2 grams vit C and vit B50 or B100 is a good start..

    I donno where HCporn addict is..


    cool. I’ve eaten coconut oil with a spoon before its delicious




    If zinc is disrupting your sleep then take a lower dose or don’t take it at all. I’ve heard other people say that too on other forums.. and some guy commented that a lot of people don’t need/can’t handle high dose of zinc.. (plus over 20 micrograms is not neccesary anyways, and you’ve getting half that from food). So just keep the dose low and tolerable and you’ll be good.

    I donno about vitamins containing soy, its probably just a trance amount, but I hear food with soy is a no no. Especially with our high E2.




    with Sargonnas’s high E2 level (at the top of the range), and mine too, do you predict that DIM Indoplex will be able to drop it to a decent level? Or you think our E2 is so bad that DIM won’t be enough and we’ll need Arimidex (or other AI)?



    There is nothing wrong with chasing lab numbers btw. It’s worked for people for at this forum and musclechat and it’ll keep working for more people. Addressing allergens and GI tract is one way to go, chasing lab values is another, apparently even pelvic stretches can treat hard flaccid.

    There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat..

    I choose to chase lab values cuz its worked for my buddy chris, its the most straightforward way, and once you’ve brought all lab values to optimal you’ll feel healthier than you have as a kid.



    DIM can work, but methylation of liver has to be in check in order to work properly other works if can back fire.

    Hormones are just expressions of genes and other biological reactions.

    Since focusing heavy on GI tract, liver immune system, other hormonal systems as well as addressing peoples lifestyle. People are getting off HRT, thyroid, and cortef which was not needed in the first place. I prefer to work with open minded medical professionals who are in the same mindset of getting at the root cause rather then just addressing symptoms. i



    As a curious side note, the other day I ate on a chinese and tried some pork in sweet soy sauce, also took a lot of processed shit and refined sugar food. That day I had hurting hard flaccid. My theory is that I boosted E2 that day or something similar.

    Frenchi, notice that DIM indoplex didnt work well for pimp… we could try it nonetheless. One fo the things I have learned this year of Internet is that everyone is different and you have to try everything.

    Im still waiting for falcor, pimp etc on this thread also.

    It looks like I didnt get the urine neurotranmitters at the end. She didnt know what was that, so she ordered aminoacids,catecholamines etc. I knew it this is not the best country for treating SE.



    Nothing e2 lol

    you had an immune.system.response

    I.just had some.on who.had good.hormones thyroid ect drive

    2 weeks.into.healing his gut from.previous years of.antibiotic destroying natural flora damaged his neurotransmitter function.he now has uncontrollable libido almost to.point it is annoying. factor which is.always over.looked and is health



    Thanks for the words on DIM. I’ve heard it before that liver needs to be working properly first in order for the DIM to be effective so ya I’m gonna address liver before DIM. Hopefully it’ll do the trick.

    I don’t doubt that some people have gut issues, but I think in my case it’s pretty clear its inflammation (coming from liver or something) cuz when I take tylenol my hard flaccid disappears as well as all other symptoms. If probiotics do that for someone else then take probiotics.. but I know my E2 is high, I know my hormones are messed up, my joints pop and hurt, hard flaccid goes away when I take tylenol or curcumin, so its gotta be inflammation cuz of the messed up hormones. If anyone else experiences the same after tylenol then its gotta be the same condition and it’ll be treated by simply balancing hormones as Chris, Js, and Akgstone with his TRT have already done.




    is js completely done dude?




    Do you believe somebody with high E2 and adrenal insufficiency/low cortisol should deal with the high E2 first then, is that what your saying?

    Not to be disrespectful, but please could you give me your full answer and not only half of it. And if you could talk in a language that’s easy to understand i would very much appreciate that.





    Haha ok my theories are not always that good. How did you that? Did he took something specific? Changed his diet in some SPECIFIC way

    that you can now explain in some depth,please??

    So, we have reached something interesting with the liver. In your opinion, hardas, will the vitamin 12 and folate be a succesful treatment for fixing methylation? How should be the dose and how much time taking it? Whats your opinion of natural treatment of it with an herbal product with Milk Thistle,Turmeric,Dandelion,Artichoke,Goldenseal and Beet?

    And finally, what Lee is asking is really important. In this imbalances chain WHAT do you advice to first address? In my case and Frenchi´s, liver?




    Going GI route while supporting other systems till it heals is the perfect way to go. Healing GI tract heals liver and neurotransmitters can fasicilate hormonal cascade from cholesterol. I have been using this methodology from people who are on current HRT and finally getting resolution to their symptoms which no matter what manipulation has failed.

    Simple put

    Hormones are just an expression of alterations of enzymatic pathways. Plug the hole in the bucket. Don’t keep adding water..Hormones are just 1/3 if that of the equation

    I have several documented cases through Dr’s even guys who have discontinued HRT because of GI issues corrected.

    Once you understand the integration of the systems it is easily seen.

    I have dealt with numerous guys on ATM, but they were told not to post because of professional courtesy which can back to bite me in the ass. Actually being kicked off there was the best thing that happened. It gave drive and motivation to do what I intended to do..Work with more medical professionals across the world.

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