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    Hi, my name is Ken, i am a 20 year old male from germany and i think i am a severe case of sexual exhaustion.

    In this post i wanne try to tell you my story and how i found out about sexual exhaustion. I hope you can enjoy it, my english had become pretty good in the last time, i think, because i had to read all those english sites and books ( in Germany, there is NO Information about Sexual Exhaustion, its really a shame…). In the last several years i expirimented with all kind of stuff to help me, some of them worked, some doen’t. I will also tell you about them.

    Ok, i think i started masturbating with 11 years, but i was very interested in sex und genitals long before. (I remember playing with my dick all the time in my childhood ^^). When i got my first porn from a friend one year later it became allready a adiction and i think i was wanking of daily.

    When i was about 14 years old, we had a exchange with a french school. When i was there i got really sick and i awoke one day with this disturbing flickering in my vision field. Allthough i got the eye floaters that night.

    (Years later, after visiting every fucking doctor, i found out over the net, that i wasn’t the only one with this symptoms. They called this syndrom “visual snow” here is a Link:, i think today, that this is just another symptom of sexual exhaustion).

    The wired thing is, that all my other symptoms started much later and this visual snow + the floaters had never changed intensitiy till today.

    So i think, some month later i got my first internet connection and this was the beginning of the end… I started to consume porn everyday and ejaculating several times a day.

    I had times where i was looking for the perfect picture for up to 5 hours, having a errection and stimulating my penis all the time. I think this LONG seasons of masturbation gave my health the rest.

    I think around 16 i developed the first symptoms, which got worse and worse till today. I will just give you a list of my symptoms and how they change when i stop maturbating for a period of 30 days here:

    – visual snow, eye floaters, seeing flashes of light when looking in the light, light sensitivity, bad vision in the dark (the visual snow will get SLIGHTLY better when)

    – dry, iching eyes (they get wet and refreshed again)

    – dry, closed nose, difficult to breath through the nose (gets wet again and lose so i can breath easily again)

    – painful teeth and gum recession, also i feel how my gum gets kind of lose on some spots, really wired ( if i stop doing IT, i can litarilly see how my gum grows back and gets firm again, also i don’t feel pain anymore. I have never read about this symptom in connection with Sexual Exhaustion, but i think its just another wired symptom)

    – acne

    – severe tension and hardening of muscles, expacially on the sides of my neck, buttocks, pelvic floor (i can feel it through rectal examination). (gets better with no ejaculation and massage)

    – After ejaculating, the other day my skin is like very unflexible, when i get out of bed and look in the mirror, i can see the imprint of my bed in my face, its like fucking mud… hard to explain in english. I think i just gets inflexible because of PGE 2.

    – Throat gets tight, i feel my food passing very slowly through my esophagus. Sometimes a cracking when i swallow. (goes away)

    -Pain in my knee

    – tight feeling in my whole torax, abdominal and chest are very tight, its little painful to breath, pain in my chest. My whole abdomen feels bloated and painful. (gets better with time of non-ejaculation, i would feel some kind of grummling in my stomach and will fard very often and then feel kind of relaxation in my stomach.) – This is my worst symptom i would say, it makes me feel SOO uncomfortable, i don’t wanne do anything when it is there.

    – bad heartburn (just when i overdo IT)

    – painful, inelastic tendos in my leg.

    – problems with bowel movement, congestions or stool looseness. My whole anus feel very tensioned and tight. (gets SLOWlY better)

    – Penis is most of the time like shrunken and cold. The tissue is like hard and unelastic. When it is in this condition, an errection feels painful, painful to touch penis. (Penis gets softer, thicker, more elastic, warmer and feels good to touch again)

    – Urinary frequenzy, have to press, pain in the urethra while peeing. (stream gets stronger, little pain)

    – kind of inflammed, sore feeling in the whole pelvic area. (gets just better, if i stick my thumb in my rectum and press the VERY VERY VERY PAINFUL tissue for some days, after not ejaculating for weeks, than i felt REALLY good and alive again like new born, but lately i had sometimes blood on my finger after internal massage, so i doen’t know if i shuld countinue)

    – no morning errection (but i remember, that i had them regulary, just one or 2 years ago) (more and more morning errections after quitting)

    – no spontanious errection (more and more after stopping)

    – just a little orgasmic feeling after ejaculating (but i remember a time, some month ago, after quitting for 2-3 weeks i had a thick, nice errection and high libido, a masturbated without porn and i was BLOWEN AWAY by an super good orgasm, i doen’t know what i have done there different, but i remember that i always had a stronger orgasm, when i was masturbating without porn. But this one orgasm was my only real good in the past 4-5 years i think)

    – Today, if i ejaculate some days in a row, my penis will make wired, uncomfortable pump motions for pressing my sperm out (it is fucking scarring!)

    – Sometimes my testicle pulls inside the body, after ejaculation

    – bad sleep, no refreshing, always tired, no energy

    -ear buzzing

    -sometimes numbness and tingling in my hands and arms. Sometimes a feeling like hot rain or needles on hands.

    – hotness in my face, but rarely

    – my penis is bended to the right side and up. (I really wanne correct this. But i think i have to heal sexual exhaustion first, right?)

    Ok, this fucking long list was my phisical symptomlist, now the psychological ones. You have to know, that i always was and i am again after stopping for some weeks A very confident, funny, outgoing, extroverted individuel, but when i masturbate i am like another person, really, i think different, i behave different, i make other disicions, i am just full of pain, anxiety, panic and sadness.

    – social anxiety, doen’t want contact to friends and family, because i know i can’t behave normal

    – no humor

    – i am fucking anxious and afraid about illnesses, i am sure that NOBODY likes me, etc. just unbelievible bad thoughts and there is no way i can stop them, when i am in pain.

    – bad concentration, problems to articulate, nervousness

    – no confidence (it is so depressing, because thats feels so not me, i hate it)

    – no emotions (after stopping for some weeks i often feel a kind of emotional flood: bad sadness and sometimes i have to cry for some time, i remember good times with friends and family and feel SOOO sick, because i am this liveless, irritated, angry, strange guy most of the time and i feel sooo sad again, the more i get better i get the strong urge to connect and spend time with family and friends ( i am crying right now).)

    So this is a fucking long list and i am sure its not even all, i am sure i ve forgotten something. I am so sick of it, this sexual exhaustion had destroyed and controlled my life my whole youth. I am soo full of hate, anger and sadness, i can’t express it. I just wanne LIVE! I just wanne enjoy a normal life, F*ck it. But i don’t wanne get to emotional, i am sure, everybody here is full of anger.

    Ok, when my first symptoms started, i visited every doctor i could think of : urologist, neurologist, internist, TCM, everything. Nothing helped.

    Then i stubled over some day and first thought about a connection of masturbation ( i knew i was kind of addicted) and my problems, but my symptoms had to get really worse for me to be strong enough to quit this DISTRUCTIVE HABBIT. I was really not strong enough, porn took over my mind and was everything i could think of.

    There was a time in my youth, my pain i my knees was so bad i couldn’t run, the bloating pain in my stomach so strong, every breath was painful.

    I decided to begin a new healthy life.

    I started to read everything about health and developed a really health lifestyle. Things i found to be very benefical in dealing with my problems are:

    – vigorous exercise everyday: push ups, pull ups, squats etc.

    – running everyday

    – healthy diet, the ,more natural, good quality and raw the better. ( in europe we have a couple of onlineshops where you can order all kind of HIGH QUALITY RAW Fruits, vegtables, seafood and flesh, etc from the best, most natural, best quality sources around the world, but its very expensive and i am a student. But as soon as i have enough money, i wanne adopt a 100% raw diet with animal organs, seafood, eggs, etc. in best quality. I think going raw is one of the best things we can do, because its the only way to give the body really everything what he needs in the right and natural consistence, supplements aren’t the same.)

    – deep breathing in the stomach, as often as possible.

    – going to the sauna

    – hot/cold showers

    – massaging myself, exspecially massaging “triggerpoints”, tender, painful spots, that refer pain to other parts of the body, exspecially internal massage (even if it sounds very ugly), i found very tender, sore points everywhere inside my rectum

    – listening to relaxation music, trying to relax my body, etc. I think deep relaxation can help us a big time, i wanne study relaxation throughly in the next years: meditation, progressive relaxation, yoga nidra, self hypnosis, etc I will report you

    – going out and forgetting about my problems and just having fun, i don’t know why, but if i manage to forget about my problems they get better

    – quitting mastubation and watching porn: This is by far the most important one, without this, everything else is useless i found. Today, i am really AFRAID of masturbation an what it can do to my mental and physical health, but i think this is good, because its not hard at all now to NOT do it. I haven’t masturbated since 1.1.07, before i had a severe fallback and was watching porn and masturbating everyday for about a week. That made it all even worse than before.

    I think first thing is to stop watching porn at all, because it makes you a fucking, worseless junkie. The next thing is i think you have to stop masturbation forever. Then i think you have to found a nice girl and have intercourse in a frequenz, which don’t exhaust you.

    I think i will go 3 month without ejaculation now, then i take myself a sexy girlfriend and start having sex once a week.

    But i think i will really never start masturbation again. Never, it destroyes your life.

    Other thinks i wanne research and try in the next time to beat this fucking monster:

    – i wanne start Qi Gong, Inner Alchemy and Sexual Kung Fu, in Hamburg, where i am from, a student of mantak chia teaches taoistic practices and i wanne start learning from there.

    – i will research and try all kind of relaxation stuff

    – I wanne start exercising again and try a training routine called: Blutwellübung and Helmel Atemgymnastik, from a german doctor, who discribes many of my symptoms in his books and his exercise routine is designed to increasing bloodflow dramatically in the whole body and increasing oxigen supply in the whole body. Sounds intresting.

    – I will allthough explore some emotional stuff, because i have read the books by Dr. Sarno , an american doctor who states, that many kind of chronic diseases are produced by repressed emotions. In this forum:, some guys with Sexual Exhaustion symptoms stated that they was healed by becoming aware of there repressed emotions. (but i don’t really think this is the right direction, because, Sarno can’t explain, why there is a positie corallation between symptoms and ejaculation frequenzy).

    – Most importent, i am finially willed to try some supplements. And i can’t express my thankfulness about finding this forum, i knew there must be something like this in the net and i was searching since years. Finally i found you, guys! Its so glad to see that my problems are real. I mean Dr. Lins cases could be just fake, i was never quit sure.

    Short before i found the forum i decided to give Dr.Lins Products a try, but know after reading this forum i think his products are to expensive and not really helpful. So what do you guys think i should take?

    I think fish /cod liver oil and borage oil is a good foundation to start with?!

    The next thing i am not sure about is ADAM NOW multi-vitamine mentioned in some older posts. Do you recommend it still?

    Next thing i was thinking about is organ/gland extracts, after i read about the formula here:

    I think the products from this Dr. Ron are good for this purpose.

    What about L-Arginine and all the other things…? I really don’t know how to start. Is there any regime that has successfully jump started some sufferers?

    I am just really so glad that i found you, gentlemen, please give me some advise based on your expierience and expertise how i can start to heal myself.

    I am sure, that i am strong enough now to stop masturbation and porn forever, but i am healing so slowly and after reading on actionlove i had the impression, that i need some supplements to replenish my body with the depleted substances. Plz advise my what i should by and where, because i must order it to germany.

    Is there anythings else i can do to speed my healing?

    Would i be a severe or a mild case of sexual exhaustion?

    I hope you could enjoy reading my article. My english will get better with time, i promise that. I just know, that i will become a active member of this forum because the search for perfect health has become the main focus in my life and its like a dream, that i have finally found some guys who understand what i am going through!

    – Alpha

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    hallo ALpha

    welcome to the forum first.

    your case is quite severe from all those symtpoms you’ve listed. you adrenals are pretty much blown out and your digestive system is also out of tune and you have a curved penis too.

    I would try to get your cortisol and thyorid tested. the things you listed that helped you with your symtpoms (massage, sauna, hot/cold shower etc…….) do continue to do them but just be careful with too much exercise.

    I would definitely add in the oil source, preferably cod liver oil or fish oil.



    Now man,

    Your symptoms are mostly result of this destructive practice and all of them are very typical se symptoms.

    You HAVE TO stop now masturbating/ejaculating, maybe once every two months is good for you. You said you feel better when not masturbating, this is good and means there is still healing energy. Just stop, practice healthy lifestyle, do not exercise too much, read the forum.



    Thx for the reply, i really need some help right now… i am so scared about my body.





    Welcome Alpha.

    You’re case is quite severe…about the same as mine. Try to control your anger. I know it’s hard. But anger will only make it worse.

    A couple of books that you may want to get are “Adrenal Fatigue: 21stentury Syndrom” and “The Cortisol Connection”



    Hey, this time a am really serious, i haven’t looked at porn as long as never before and have no urge to start masturbating again. I will start ejaculating again only with a woman. Here is a question: I ve read in the forum and on actionlove, that having sex with a woman is not such a big exhaustion like masturbating. Is that just without a condome or can i also benefit from female sexual energy with protection?

    Yingyang, you engage in taoist healing practises, i am very intrested in taoistic qi gong and general healing system, can you give me some tipps how to get started? Which books are good for a understanding of the subject and maybe good for learning some basic techniques?

    @.: Thx you , i am so glad i found you, really, its like a dream. All this years with actionlove as the only source of information and always not trusting in its validility, just motivated through the fact, that masturbation really made things worse and actionlove was the only site discussing all my problems. Now i finally found same people fighting the same problem as me. It feels good to have at least some people from the other side of the ocean, which can understand my problems…

    I will order the books, i ve seen you suggesting them before, but what are they exactly about? They doesn’t seem to deal with sexual exhaustion and i am sure thats my problem, because problems increase with higher ejaculation frequenzy and decrease with longer periodes of abstinence.

    Are you making progress in healing?




    It is more healing having sex without condom than with ( edit. mistake ). ( but there is also a good reason why condom is the preferred conception method ). Taoists say, the male ( yang ) essence and other precious life supporting energies and substances are stored in its semen, and also the male penis will absorb the female ( yin ) essence in the regular intercourse to balance the energies for healing. I have no personal experience of these techniques but they do make sense. In ancient times, emperors and other people with many wives did have sex with tens of different women but did not ejaculate and this way tried to get the female energies to themselves without any loss of their own vital energy.

    Also, you have to limit your ejaculation frequency still even you would engage in sex with a woman. You are just very exhausted.

    I really like it, when you said you can notice the good effects of abstinence. It shouldn’t take you long to get much better if you can hold it this time. Take the couple of months break now and see what happens.

    I recommend starting with basic tan tien breathing meditation, six healing sounds and inner smile practices ( to help keeping the negative emotions away, and to avoid consciously making the situation any worse by feeding anger, hate etc. ). I send you private message about these books.

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