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    Hi guys…..have been fighting SE for 2 years now. Though i could not get my bloodwork because the doc says its impossible for such a “healthy” boy to have hormonal problems……i did give him a piece of my mind and then things got ugly…………anyways just noticed something in the past few days.I AM GETTING MORNING WOOD AND WHENEVER I GET UP IN THE NIGHT I HAVE A SOLID ERECTION……LIKE REALLY HARD. IT DOES GO AWAY AFTER I GET UP THOUGH……..ARE THESE SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT COZ I NEVER HAD THESE ERECTIONS BEFORE…….

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    literally all that means is that your Testosterone and E2 have found a good balance.

    i started getting erections like that anytime my T was above 500 and my E2 was 15-30.

    So……its good that your T is not that bad but it dosnt mean your “healing”

    healing is a very controversial term for the kind of conditions we have. I would not think like that.

    I would think more along the lines and dicover whats causing this and correct it. But I would not apply the term healing. It just makes SE this mystical affliction with energy powers in our body.



    keep abstaining and improve your sleeping patternsfood and hopefully the growth hormone from sleep and good sunlight may get you recovered in a 6 to 1 year or maybe less.

    the best sign after night erection is to get an erection thru the day and you can hold it for more than 5-10 minutes without porn or touching.



    jesus christ….you wont heal…..morning erection is really not that big a deal.

    fu*** abstainin again

    go ahead abstain for a year then meet a girl and start having s** 5 times a week. what happens then?

    shell the resident virgin giving advice on how to heal



    I love it how everyone has there own healing formula with no proof of success he will heal in 6 months to a year abstaining and sleeping right? camone bro i know your trying to help thats kool and all but for most people to heal they will need to be on some sort of HRT this is the only proven method PERIOD.



    these are definitely good signs that show your on the right track. i don’t know how bad your condition was initially but it is definitely possible for people to recover a great deal naturally, so keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let js and akiravp’s pessimistic comments sway u.



    sometimes i feel pity, he claimed that he has improved

    the question is how a 15 year old improved in 2-3 weeks?

    did he manipulated his E2 , and became a backdoor man ?

    or started to inject himself with T?



    In my opinion even HRT/TRT won’t help if the nervous system has shifted to a stressed state and is not coming back to the parasympathetic mode. The ANS controls the Endocrine system so low androgens are only a symptom and not a cause.



    jesus christ….you wont heal…..morning erection is really not that big a deal.

    fu*** abstainin again

    go ahead abstain for a year then meet a girl and start having s** 5 times a week. what happens then?

    shell the resident virgin giving advice on how to heal

    js try to relax…….no need to explode dude.anyways thanx fr replying



    Now i know why no one ever heals on this forum people are to dam stuborn or to SCARED to take some real initiative , please dont discredit HRT unless youve tried it there is no such thing as a natural recovery IT JUST SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST maybe one in thousand will heal naturally but if so that person was hardly exausted , the only reason me and j’s are being vocal about it is because we care and are trying to help we know how hard this shit could be so we want people to stop wasting there life away and go take some action already hardly being pessimistic beleive me , i wish i had someone telling me this shit years ago i would of saved so much time and money you cant even imagine , if j’s success so far is not encouraging enough to try HRT then in my opinion your problem is way greater then SE itself and you really need to get your head examined , even for me HRT has done wonders and im 10 times better because of it the only thing im having a hard time figuring out is raising my DHT levels once i fix this it will be the missing piece of the puzzle.



    so you have to continue taking the hormones for life or you can stop?????



    so you have to continue taking the hormones for life or you can stop?????

    Yes unfortunately most people will probly have to replace some of the there hormones for life thats just the way it works , people like me are unfortunate im such a severe case that i preety much have to replace most of my hormones other people can get away replacing only certain hormones for example i know max on this board only takes pregenolone and thyroid replacement and is happy with hes partial recovery , the only way you will know what needs to be replaced is by having a bloodtest i think theres a sticky somewhere on this board that has the list of tests recommended , dont make the same mistake i did years ago when i was mildly exausted i had the chance to recover but ended up being stubborn to pursue “natural alternatives” now years later im worst than ever and suffering because i didnt take initiative whenever my body could of healed easily now healing is much harder.



    Also it seems most people on this board have the wrong mentality with all of is , instead of worrying if the meds are going to make them better , help them recover , or even work to begin with people are more worried with pussy shit like “oh no i need to take meds for the rest of my life im doomed” who gives a shit you want to get healthy move on with your life and enjoy your life right? people have god knows what kind of diseases on this planet and need to take crazy meds that F*ck em up for life and dont complain yet people are complaining about replacing stupid shit like hormones give me a break , the sad truth is some people wont even feel better on HRT but that being said HRT is the cloest thing we have to feeling better and for the people it does work for it works great , so instead of being worried that you need to take meds for life but worried if the meds will even work with you in the first place….



    as for me i never Discredit the HRT neither i neglected as a possible route to deal with this problem ,but my first response above was giving tips to a very young lad that observed improvements.

    but un-responsible and personal response diverts the threads from being a place to share ideas into neglecting all opinions and sticking to only one route. which reflects narrowness in thinking

    your efforts AkirVip and J’s are most than welcomed…but without dominating threads

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