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    I want to share with you symptoms that I get…am still doubting that I have sexual exhaustion.

    I am 46 now and enjoy masturbating till I was doing a search on the net and came across this forum, so I tried to read all the posts ( not all of them).

    I started masturbating since I was 12…almost everyday and more than once per day…and it continued with the same pace till my early 20s…even after having sexual intercourse I did masturbate. I always had low back pain and still have…the rate of masturbating diminished to once per day throughout the years…in these recent years I started to realize that when I ejaculate my knees get sore…as if they get weak and my low back pain gets more intense, after having rest this will diminish…never experianced pain in scrotum or testicles, usually during sex my erection lasts for over 20 minutes…but during masturbation I ejaculate in maximum 5 minutes because I want to get the pleasure fast.

    20 yrs ago I decided not to do any masturbation or sex and see what will happen…after 25 days in early morning I had a spontaneous erection and as if an engine was roaring in my erected penis and had an ejaculation …thick white semen…I knew that this happened because of giving rest to my genitals.

    After I came across this forum….I stopped ejaculating for few days and then masturbated, my erection was hard but semen was thin and little load….now my ejaculation is limited to maximum 3 times per week…but I still have this knee issue…even when I touch my penis, the knee gets sore.

    I have undergone a right testilce hydrocele operation 4 yrs ago…and after 1 yr the hydrocele resumed back…have to undergo a second operation…did the first hydrocele happened because of excessive masturbation or sex?

    Anyone can enlighten me ?…thanks in advance.

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    I was married before…and I chose not to marry anymore.

    I have a gf and meet her once every 2 weeks.

    As from yesterday, I started to have pain in my left testicle, may be its because of hydrocele starting to compress on the left testicle, knowing that the hydrocele’s origin is from right side.

    I know I’ll see a surgeon but can not do the surgery for the next few months.

    As for masturbation…am not doing it…but will have intercourse nex weekend with my gf.

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