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    OBJECTIVES: The impact of dental amalgam removal on the levels of anti-thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO) and anti-thyroglobulin (anti-Tg) antibodies was studied in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) with and without mercury allergy. METHODS: Thirty-nine patients with AT were tested by an optimized lymphocyte proliferation test MELISA® for allergy (hypersensitivity) to inorganic mercury. Patients were divided into two groups: Group I (n = 12) with no hypersensitivity to mercury and Group II (n = 27) with hypersensitivity to mercury. Amalgam fillings were removed from the oral cavities of 15 patients with hypersensitivity to mercury (Group IIA) and left in place in the remaining 12 patients (Group IIB). The laboratory markers of AT, anti-TPO and anti-Tg autoantibodies, were determined in all groups at the beginning of the study and six months later. RESULTS: Compared to levels at the beginning of the study, only patients with mercury hypersensitivity who underwent amalgam replacement (Group IIA) showed a significant decrease in the levels of both anti-Tg (p=0.001) and anti-TPO (p=0.0007) autoantibodies. The levels of autoantibodies in patients with or without mercury hypersensitivity (Group I and Group IIB) who did not replace amalgam did not change. CONCLUSION: Removal of mercury-containing dental amalgam in patients with mercury hypersensitivity may contribute to successful treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis.

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    there you go!!

    maybe i’ll look into this then ..



    do you have autoimmune disease?

    i do and i have 3 fillings…. i may actually look into this..

    im undecided and im really going to research more of this.



    not sure yet

    i want to do an anti-bodies test soon

    the doc wants to do it only after 6 weeks to three months

    i highly suspect i have an auto immune disease

    apparently when tsh gets higher this could be the cause.. and since the study proves that amalgam can be a cause for this, im not surprised at this moment that i feel more hungry for already a couple of days

    this could mean my body is producing more thyroid hormones and actually lowering tsh

    the soonest i will find out is when i order the new blood/saliva profile from zrt labs through canary club

    i had three drilled out and have two remaining.. total had 4 on the lower side meaning they are closer to the thyroid

    it could be that mercury has dropped into my system and i suspect so.. there is a highly effective natural chelator of mercury in both blood AND the brain

    it’s cilantro, also known as coriander

    chelating doesn’t require dmsa or dmps which are chemical based and i found this much more safer, i just had a large bowl of chicken soup with a big bunch of coriander leaves (not the stems)

    you will also need chlorella, which im taking three times daily.. the cilantro takes it away from the blood and brain, and the chlorella can then bind to it.. this is the cheapest effective way of chelating mercury (and lead and some other stuff as well)

    i just took my blood test results and ft4 has been high on the end for me, last time i took a total t3 test, but the doc didn’t have ft3

    total t3 was below the half of the entire range, meaning i probably am not converting enough t4 to t3 and that’s why i feel like crap

    if there’s too little t3, there is also too little serotonin in the body, as recent research of mine has found out

    maybe my thyroid is indeed dying due to anti-bodies, one remedy is removing the cause, other is assisting conversion

    in a dutch forum there are a few people who have confirmed lower anti-bodies after taking selenium every day.. this trace mineral assist in conversion

    lastly i want to mention that people who have adrenal fatigue have high cortisol and this inhibits t4 to t3 conversion as well

    i highly suspect starting with fixing adrenal fatigue will improve thyroid condition automatically..

    another thing ive been looking for lately is pregnenolone.. pregnenolone is great it seems, not only can you take a lot of it and that doesnt influence your body, it balances out your systems hormones.. it doesnt however raise testosterone but may up dhea, progesterone, cortisol, aldosterone, which is great for adrenal fatigue

    another cool item i found out through LEF studies, is that a double dose of pregnenolone orally, 25 mg, increases acetylcholine levels, something we’ve all been searching for on this forum, thus improving mood and focus, perhaps also curing adrenal fatigue and maybe improves thyroid condition

    i have a consistent eye infection, in both eyes.. i also found a link between systematic continuous infections and low immune system due to low thyroid and adrenal fatigue.. my white blood cell count is also low and other immune system cells as well, apparently i read the immune system is controlled by the adrenal glands

    once i get this damned test i will find out my values and confirm my gut feelings which are starting to come through

    i have adrenal fatigue, possible low dhea-s, high tsh, normal ft4 and low ft3, bad immune system

    im hoping that once i get these other two mercury fillings the F*ck out, i will be a lot healthier on my next blood test

    pfeewww that was a lot



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