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    I love this website, its done all the research and put up studies to what works and what doesn’t, personally I don’t think it is at all a biased website.

    I was looking for how I could improve my phosphatidyl serine through my food, but research shows higher intake doesn’t seem to have a big effect.

    I’m starting to spend less money on supplements and concentrating what foods supply these nutrients in high doses, I will soon have a diet high in animal organs cooked in low temperatures with my usual vegetables and fruit.

    Also through the research I’ve done on soy, and my own experience with taking concentrated forms, I became temporarily impotent, and research has shown the same effect in rats, and thats the opposite way to go for us, I think Dr Lins view of soy is flawed, and anything derived from soy like lectithin are not as good as alternatives like egg yolks as you will see reading the site above, they are differently structured, and studies with placebo don’t show significant change.

    I’ll end with, anything healthly promoted in food shops or online, forget it, I never see these places ever promote egg yolks, or organ meat, but you will see a massive load of soy products, and choline from soy, protein from soy, everything derived from soy, look on the internet for the contreversy of soy, also omega 3 I agree with, but the quality in supplements I don’t agree with, its much better for people to eat hemp and flax seeds, not fish due to their mercury content.

    I hope to show you my friends a way of getting better, and know already some great techniques that I know work like the liver flush, and will write a big topic on it.

    Remember I’m not dissing all supplements, like I know 5-htp is excellent and works, but I’m seriously having big doubts about l-arginine and lectithin, alpha gpc.

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    Oh by the way, when I say I doubt l-arginine, I think supplementing it by itself isn’t any more beneficial than eating foods from protien anyway.



    I remember W. saying that soy will lower testosterone levels, which is in agreement with your finding…



    Oh by the way, I don’t agree 100% with the site, and it may be biased in some aspects, but still recommend it for research purposes.

    Thats good to know , one of my most favourite tutors Patrick Holford thinks soy is good for you, so I considered it good, and with Dr Lin to back it up, that was a sure supplement to take for my condition.

    Even though I still think Patrick Holford is a great researcher, you should always question your mentors and idols, like recently mercola found out eating the whole egg is worse for you that just eating the yolk because of the inhibtor in egg white that prevents the abosorbtion of a certain nutrient, but he openly corrected himself.

    Go everywhere for research and do not rely on one.

    My current understanding on food is:

    Eat meat organs, liver, kidneys (not normal meat like chicken or steak, but as many organs available)

    Avoid all derived from milk (milk, cheese, yogurt)

    Avoid Fish (mercury, replace with seeds and nuts for fatty acids)

    Eat egg yolks (hopefully omega 3 rich, flax seed fed birds, just because its dairy, does not make it come in the same category as milk and its derivertives)

    Eat a raw vegan diet (seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetables)

    All organic if possible and definetly no processed junk, e numbers, sweetners, preservatives, ect ect, you should be making your own foods now, and definetly without a microwave, no using tinned tomatoes (GM to the max).



    i agree with your logic, raw vegan diet would be very bad for sexual exhaustion, raw food diet would be very powerful (veggies, fruit, meat, etc)

    well i agree eating organ meat is by far the best, but getting clean sources of organ meat is not that easy for most people. but raw eggs yolks are perfect



    thanks for the website.

    i think a good animal extract will help alot.

    as far as eggs i’ll stick with whole eggs, bioled and/or fried. they don’t have as much phosphatdylcholine as raw egg yolks but they come in second place after them and i can get more from other sources

    as far as cheese goes that will be quite difficult to cut out on. I’ll consider some low fat sources but won’t cut it completely out of my diet. i’ve purchased organic milk so i will also stay with that.

    organ meat is really good but i wouldn’t leave meat and chicken out of the equation

    DMAE doesn’t increase acetylcholine as once was thought. it also has too many side effects.



    Amazingly max I was thinking the exact same thing while lying in bed.

    I thought, would it really be wise to start eating organ meat, when I don’t promote things derived from milk due to the artificial hormones and crap pumped into the cows and animals.

    The fact is I haven’t yet begun to eat organ meat like I have with raw egg yolk, and now considering it further, I have no need to change my idiology on my current diet.

    I like to call my diet the raw semi vegan diet, its not so much about ethics but instead about health.

    And YES you guessed it, it consists of:

    Egg yolks

    Raw Foods (nuts, seed, fruit, veg)

    NO fish, meat, milk derivertives

    It may seem like my opinion has switched constantly in this topic, but its literally been 1 day with my brain not being 100%, thinking that organ meats can be a good option (and they would be if it weren’t for the reasons discussed), but egg yolks provide you with even more because you can eat them raw to get full content. Also the egg white is extremely good, but not in large quantities, and so discussed in my other posts, because you can’t seperate 100% egg white, the egg white that gets left behind is adeqaute.

    Organic eggs are recommended my friends because a lot of chickens get fed GM soy, and which I found out the other day, they add a chemical the chicken feed to make the yolk more yellow. But then try to get omega 3 rich ones, and then just get normal eggs.



    i do agree that fish contains lots of mercury and other PCBs. however supplementing with fish oil is fair enough .you just need a high quality source that filters out all of the PCBs and the other stuff.

    The one i use is flameout from Biotest and it works wonders.

    I’ve done the liver flush thing before. i suggest a kidney flush first.



    i get fish from good clean sources plus i take fish oil. i also get meat from good sources such as grassfed beef, but it’s very hard to get organ meat therefore i’ll be taking a good organ meat supplement. dr lin was healed with organ meat at one time before there was any supplements even on the market



    What are e numbers?



    Yes Dr lin healed by taking these animal organs.

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