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    Right about the first of the year, my mom told me about a supplement she saw on an infommercial called “Cylapril.” She knows about my fatigue issues, but not about my sexual issues. I do believe your adrenal glands play a huge part in any kind of physical exhaustion, including sexual. Anyway, I finally ordered a one-month supply at the end of March and, almost immediately, I noticed a boost in my energy levels. Not only did I seem to have a more positive outlook on life, but my libido was stronger than it’s been in years. I actually thought about sex. And as I said in an earlier post, for the past five months, I’ve been dating a woman much younger than me, and it was at the tail-end of this one month supply that I finally had sex with her.

    I know a lot of you guys on here have extensive knowledge about supplements so I’ll list the ingredients of Cylapril and you can tell me what you think of them:

    thiamin (as thiamin mononitrate.) 3mg

    riboflavin 3.4 mg

    pantothentic acid (as D calcium pantothenate) 1000 mg

    bee pollen

    ashwaganda root (from 5:1 concentrate)

    rhodiola rosea root (1%rosavins.)

    adrenal (bovine)

    schizandra berry (from 10:1 concentrate)

    licorice roote (from 4:1 concentrate)

    passion flower extract (plant)


    panax ginseng root

    wild jujbe seed extract

    5-htp (from grifonia simplicifolia seed extract)

    zinc ascorbate

    As first, I thought it may have been a placebo effect, but I don’t think so. Since I stopped taking the supplement, I do feel totally drained a lot and have a hard time getting started a lot ofmornings and I certainly don’t have the libido I had while taking it.

    The bad news is the business practices of this company leave a lot to be desired. They advertise a one-time 30-day supply for only $9.95 but in fine print, they state that if you don’t call to return the product within 14 days, they’ll charge you the full amount for the product ($49.95.) I found that out the hard way, and not only did they charge me the full amount, but they were going to continue to send me a monthly supply and take $49.95 out of my checking account each month. I had to call and cancel everything. In fact, I had my checking account information changed. I didn’t sign up for any of that.

    I think it’s a shame because the product is wonderful. I don’t know any other company advertising products for adrenal support, but I firmly believe that’s so much of my problem.

    So, what do you guys think of those ingredients and have you ever heard of cylapril?

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    i have like 10 bottles sitting at home, i mistakenly got them while they were meant for someone else

    it’s almost the same ingredients as reset ad

    the companies are off shoots from each other

    i used to take it and noticed great energy, then i got hydrocortisone and now it’s sitting here

    why don’t i take it? the pregnenolone in it converts to more estradiol in my case because if i take this on top of my dhea and hc, i will get worse boners

    fatigue wise it helps though



    Thanks Pimp.

    I will look around for something similar. Word to the wise: If you do decide to order Cylapril, do so over the phone. It’s much safer. If you do anything online with this company, beware! They will sign you up for things you didn’t want. I didn’t even think I was going to receive the product from them because I didn’t even receive a confirmation email. I don’t care what you order online, you always get a confirmation email. A week later, I had this package sitting in front of my mailbox.

    They’re not very professional at all.



    first identify if you are hypo or hyper adrenal..

    if you are treating for low adrenals and will lower cortisol = NOT GOOD !!

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