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    an important question: Excessive masturbation: do some members remember masturbaitng to weak errections, and in order to get a stronger erections, constricting their pelvic muscles down below to rush more blood into the penis ? Do some members rememer ejaculating to semi-ful errections?

    As an aside: does any one also have strong heair loss and absense of hunger?

    Note: Dr. Lin is the biggest bullshit artist who walked the earth, capitalizing on promises of returning to young men what matters to them most. The best lie has a hint of truth…. I had to say that…….

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    OK, so are his solutions bullshit or his diagnosis of the problem(s)?



    No When he talks about hormonal changes like the dopamine conversion after an organism, these things are true….they come from scientific experiments; an indeed his reasoning seems good to us who cant trace ed to anything but masturbation however, the further into science hw goes the murkier it gets, until he gets into the taoist principles ( which I by the way respect) He has no evidence that his herbs can help us.

    So he is prob right about the cause, but the rest he has idea as to how to cure it.



    Ejaculation to semi-full erection yes (without experiencing orgasm). Hair loss no. Absence of hunger yes. Do you also suffer from constipation?



    Yes, I have ejaculation with a semi-erect penis…I’m actually going through lack of hunger right now…



    Ok but do you ever contrict the pelvic floor muscles down there to egorge the penis, when u masturbate. this is important, please respond




    I have done this in order to postpone my ejaculation, during masturbating and during sex ss well. As a result, my penis deflates after the inflation. Dr. Lin is against kegels and in my experience they can cause premature ejaculation if I do them before the urge to ejaculate.



    staavos Yes, I have…it makes the ejaculation feel better because like you said it engorges the penis with blood



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    Anyone ever heard of Dr Richards
    Is he for real or a scam. And what about NFCURE and Shilajit.
    I tried those 2 not a miracle let me tell you. Can you heal from sexual exhaustion just by reducing the frequency of ejaculation or its a must to withdraw 3 months. Its crazy to stop for 3 months. The most i lasted is 5 weeks and it backfired on me. Your member becomes atrophied.

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