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    Hi guys been doing well. definately improved in the last few months.

    – i am happy for ur recent success dude. post ur supplement regime, specially those which effect neuros.

    HERES FOR JANZ-please dude need some help.

    I have come to the conclusion that my problem as of right now does not need HRT for sure.

    Dude i am low on serotonin,possibly GABA,high on dopamine and agmatine and epinephrine and norepinephrine.


    our symptoms are: precum-lots of it man, premature ejaculation, good hard erections but those that are still not 100% i am guessiong the agmatine messing with the nitric oxide production? slight headache sometimes specially after being in sun.

    My semen is good nowadays,stamina is also good but after a strenous exercise i get tired next day and sleepy possibly due to excess melatonin from serotonin

    Epinephrine (µg/gCr) 8.0 (8 – 12)

    Norepinephrine (µg/gCr) 53.5 (35-50)

    Dopamine (µg/gCr) 188.5 (110 – 175)

    Serotonin (µg/gCr) 109.2 (150 – 200)

    Glycine (umol/gCr) 75.5 (200 – 400)

    Taurine (umol/gCr) 154.4 (150 – 550)

    GABA (umol/gCr) 1.2 (1.5 – 4 .0)

    Glutamine (umol/gCr) 217.6 (150 – 500)

    Glutamate (umol/gCr) 16.2 (10 – 35)

    Aspartic Acid (µmol/gCr) 22.6 (20 – 40)

    PEA (nmol/gCr) 213.3 (175 – 450)

    Agmatine (ug/gCr) 3.6 (1-2)

    Histamine (ug/gCr) 20.4 (10-20)

    Creatinine (mg/dL) 262.5 (N/A)

    I might be almost the same plus or minus.

    so janz please give me a detailed way to improve my neurotransmitter balance. i believe that i might be undermethylated? whats to be done overall man. please be detailed man, i am counting on u.Please please be very detailed man. thanks for helping out

    P.S- i corrected my serotonin a lot.

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    who’s Janz? Is it JS (yo)? If yea then do you know what he’s up to? I need to talk to him too.



    Frenchi, you will only be able to contact JS if you go to musclechat and look for the user “alex”.



    Frenchi, you will only be able to contact JS if you go to musclechat and look for the user “alex”.

    thanks. how did you know he’s ‘alex’?

    so he posts at musclechat and doesnt bother checking up on this forum? :S wtf?



    Frenchi, you will only be able to contact JS if you go to musclechat and look for the user “alex”.

    thanks. how did you know he’s ‘alex’?

    so he posts at musclechat and doesnt bother checking up on this forum? :S wtf?

    He contacted me there. Was one of those persons who got worried about me and my suicide whining. Actually I was very close to suicide

    Well, its like he is done with this place. I cannot blame him completely having in account all the bullshit you can find here, but of course I do not agree with his statements about the forum. And especially some of the current guys as , you or HANS carry a lot of experience and useful info, so its not true that this forum is useless or even harmful.

    Bear in mind that his case was different than mine (and yours) He told me some days ago that curiously his adrenal hormones were normal or too high in urine testing, completely the opposite than mine. He never had problems with E2 (so not with liver) My opinion is that it was the perfect case for HRT (low total T, no gut or liver problems) and that is the reason he is almost cured by this time. The only thing he havent fixed are neurotransmitters,but he will. You can take a look to my thread on musclechat, JanSz makes some interesting insights and alex answered it periodically.



    Janz had issues with GI problems, methylation issues. I found them all, but as usual people had to go see if the grass was greener on the other side ended up finding out the same thing I told him a year prior when he finally came back and sat in the office told me face to face. He went to Dr up in NY said the same thing,

    I love how people whine and whine “poor me” then turn around and shit on you saying you do not know anything, stab you in the back as fast as they can.


    Karmas a real bitch and will come back with a vengence.

    Let those guys chase their hormones and labs, still be in same position few years later while other people are moving forward with there lives. Funny thing is that I have a lot of people over there I’m working with right now along with their medical Dr who are making progress, but I told them do not say a word..The whole guy who started thread about me who has been on HRT for a long time is in the process of getting off it..LOL



    Yeah you really got stabbed in the back as you say…

    I deffended your honour though! haha Take a look…

    It was all about your elusive way of answering and the fact that you didnt with the “chasing rats” philosophy.

    LoL thats actually funny, we in this forum are the “Headless chicken running” and they are the “Chasing labs rats”.



    What done is done,

    Life goes on. Eventually the light switch will finally kick on, just may take 5 years.

    Its the same old 3-4 people starting crap all the time because they are not satisfied with their lives so they have to make them feel better by flexing thei cyber muscle.

    Thanks for the support.

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