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    Hi I am looking for a good multivitamin to start taking as part of my recovery to improve my adrenals and testosterone. I will also start taking as prescribed by my doc:

    20mg cortisol

    50mg DHEA troches

    5% Testosterone Cream

    What do people think of AnimalPak

    Otherwise was thinking of Usana?


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    Its a good multivitamin, but its more like a multisupplement as it contains amino acids and herbs too so there are other added benefits.



    ask your doc for some HCG…

    be careful about that DHEA and T gel going into to much e2..

    ask your doc about control e2 with Armidex or DIM and if he’ll use HCG to keep your nuts good




    Hi Max

    My Doc agreed that my cortisol and dhea were on the low range and same for my testosterone. She also hooked me upto a thyroflex machine which measures your response time of tendon in your elbow/forearm. It showed that I was a bit slow and therefore underactive thyroid.

    She has prescribed 30mg of thyroid extract which is imported pigs T3 and T4 from US.

    I made the point of should I be correcting the adrenals first, she advised if I dont feel any difference with the cortisol or dhea to add in the thryoid extract. Also advised taking all together wont hurt as its only 30mg

    Max are you suggesting HCG as apposed to T cream?

    I had a quick read of this which looks interesting. Talks about AI too



    show your doctor the articles from

    TRT a recipe for success and the article on how to use HCG

    also ask your doctor to get ERFA thyroid from canada, a lot of people are doing that with much success.



    Interesting read max. So it seems HCG works best in combination with my cream. My question what are we trying to achieve by using TRT? is it just for a kick start, will we be able to stop trt or will we see a drop in T levels and then a return of symptoms.

    The other thing that’s confusing me is I’m treating adrenal, thyroid and testosterone so if a start to feel better how will I know which one was the problem.



    most men do best with Testosteroen + HCG

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