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    Since one year, maybe 2 , I dont feel almost anything when ejaculating. Sometimes I feel a very very weak sensation and weird feeling, and sometimes even pain. I am doomed to dont feel orgasms ever again?

    Has anyone this specific symptom?

    Of course that I know that this can be related with a weakened parasympathetic system but how the F*ck you treat that? A wasted urethra, a screwed penis, even in the inner parts?

    I just want this shit to be exclusively quimic, thats treatable, because if it has another causes… like the surgery I went to.

    F U C K

    If you have any insight of what can be the cause of this or some way to research it or treat it, please feel free to write.

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    This is actually a pretty comon symptom. I have this. Its almost definetly related to neurotransmitters, most notibly low dopamine. When ever i have taken tyrosine for a few days notable

    Improvement in orgasms. Its also related to hypothyroidism which sensitizes ur body to the catecholamines which are what determine ur arousal and orgasm strength. I have also noticed slightly more powerful orgasms since being on trt but i think thats actually related to hcg which has made my loads huge and just kinda makes

    The orgasm contractions longer which obviously feels good.

    But basically its most likely related to ur neurotransmitters and the other biochemical issuea that u have to adress b4 u can hope to really recover



    Yeah that makes sense. At least now I suffer knowing what can be the cause of it. Having answers and people with exactly the same symptoms strengthens my will to have all the tests and the idea that this state that everyone around me denies is real.

    So glad to have you here!



    Check.brain chemistry and Adrenals since majority of cases i have dealt with pois are.really Pstd which masturbation was used as coping mechanisms.



    Adrenals checked and they are pretty fucked. Neuros soon and then we will begin discussing the next step. This fuckery is being so loooooooooong.



    Well I guess it was mainly abstaining and supplements that cured me.

    Can’t say any particular supplements, just continuous use of them while abstaining.

    The one noob trick I and everyone falls for when starting this journey, is thinking there’s a miracle supplement/drug that will cure us. This is mainly due to our naivety, and the marketing and replies on Dr Lin’s website. I don’t blame Dr Lin as many people do on this forum, his supplements do look like a good combination of herbs and vitamins and probably help many people who haven’t been masturbating since a young age. But one thing people have to realise, is that if you have bad sexual exhaustion, by taking his supplements, you may see slight improvement, but unlikely to be cured. Also in my case I was still addicted to masturbation, doing it everyday.

    The supplements I think may have helped the most are borage (or starflower) oil and fish oil, 3 of each with 1 meal. So 6 x 1g capsules with a meal. This will give you omega 6 (GLA) and omega 3 (DHA & EPA).

    The thing that’s helped me recently is pregnenolone, but I can’t say it helped earlier as I never took it back then.

    VIP cream is good for damaged penis/hard flaccid, one of Dr Lin’s products I would recommend.

    Try and replace masturbation with ballooning. Even though I never enlarged my penis, which I think is due to low adrenals and lack of sensitivity (thus not giving me that near to explosion expansion). I have had some success ballooning, which helps supply nutrients to your penis by giving yourself an erection for long periods. I can’t really teach you it, as I never found out how I got the hang of it (and obviously haven’t mastered it as my penis size is the same).

    But basically the only thing I can tell you is get some lube, and masturbate using circular motions with your thumbs on the top side of the glans (facing toward you, not where the urethra hole is). And also the top and the sides of the penis below the glans (using your fingers and thumb). Basically never the the underside of the penis. You can then go 30min-2hour without ejaculating, and I recommend you don’t if you want to recover.

    But ballooning is something that took me years to get working, and will take time yourself to get into. It’s all about time and repetition, and try not to get tempted to masturbate normally or ejaculate. Eventually this will replace masturbation.

    Other than that I still suffer from precum, arousal problems (porn has numbed my brain), and anorgasmia.

    I guess exercise has helped me come to think about it. Not that I’ve done any recently, and I still have belly fat (I’m 24% fat). But fat isn’t really a problem, unless your obese. The biggest problem is your bodies stamina, strength, and efficiency. Basically you need to get some cardio in you or weight training. Try and do 30 mins 3 x a week of anything strenuous. You’ll soon get use to it after the first week.

    Also food is and is not a big deal. The thing is when you cure quite well like I have, you get lazier on the food, and it isn’t as big of a deal. Think of it like your friends who aren’t sexually exhausted, they can get away with junk foods and stuff. However it still does effect you, and recently I’m having to clear up my diet again and get back on track on what I eat, some reason I went from better then most people diet without junk, to normal diet with sweets and chocolate. It effects you with colds and bad moods. Try to eat fruit, veg, and meat. However veg is very important to your sex life, especially broccoli! I read this natural (no steroid) bodybuilder couldn’t get an erection without viagra, also a big point was he was disabled in a wheelchair. Amazingly by adding a lot more veg into his diet, he could get an erection without the need for viagra! That’s absolutely amazing, especially since he was healthy (built) already, but because of his disability his erections suffered, and now he doesn’t need medication at all! Ginger, garlic, and cayenne will also give you super erections (only works for me now and then).

    Anyway hope that helps.



    I’d just like to point out my masturbation/porn has gone pretty wild recently, which I’ll get under control again. Literally the last 3 days I’ve masturbated and ejaculated which is not good. However what is good, and the reason I’m posting this, is that I feel fine. No symptoms of foggy mind, lethargy, etc.. Only guilt and scolding from myself, because I don’t want to go down this road again. And really what is the point of masturbating when you can’t orgasm.

    The point of this post is I guess you can recover to a certain degree even after extreme sexual exhaustion.

    And my erections the last three days have been pretty awesome and responsive. But I think that’s because I’ve been taking supplements morning, meal, and night starting three days ago.

    I’ve only just started taking supplements regularly again, mainly focusing back to basic, but high dose vitamins (not herbs). Recently experimenting with mega doses of Vitamin B12, high doses of B-Complex, Vitamin D.


    2 x B-Complex

    1g Vitamin C

    12.5mg Pregnenolone

    5000mcg of Methylcobalamin

    With Meal:

    5x 1g Borage Oil

    5x 1g Fish Oil

    2x 5000 IU of Vitamin D

    3x Probiotic Daily tabs

    3x Kelp tabs

    Before Bed:

    5mg Melatonin


    100mg Pycnogenol

    I think Pycnogenol and pregenolone has the most profound effect on erections, as I’ve tried these two before alone and they work wonders.

    However I’m mostly using what products I have left up, before I revamp my supplement regime. I’ll take out Picamilon, Melatonin, kelp, and add high dose of Zinc before bed, add 500mg of Vitamin B5 in the morning. I’ve decided to go back to basic Vitamins, but in high doses, and create a powerful synergy effect. For example Zinc in high doses has been proven to raise testosterone by 40% (go on ergo log).



    Good stuff you are posting. Always good to hear from someone who is a “veteran” and have almost recovered.


    How much? I have zinc in home, taking 50 mg per day and already feeling some boost on test. Also,why do you take it at night? Its because testosterone is released while sleeping? Im taking it also at night and gives me pathetic boners when waking up (better than nothing)

    I was scared of adding hormones to my plan but what the F*ck I cant screw myself more than I am already so im gonna buy pregnenolone. The one I see that is more popular on musclechat. Micronized Lipid Matrix or something.

    Pscygenol… It catched my attention also, and I have seen it around the forum in post of vets. I will try it also.



    I bought source naturals 50mg pregnenolone. But my hair was falling out more in the shower, so I cut it into 4 pieces and take 1 of them in the morning. 50mg also made me constipated (but my digestion was fucked at the time, loads of things were making me constipated).

    I think pregnenolone works, after all the supplements I’ve taken over the years didn’t cure adrenal fatigue which I didn’t even realise I had. But with pregnenolone I feel better. Apparently if you have low pregnenolone, and you try to boost dopamine, you will suffer from foggy mind. Everytime I took a dopamine boosting drug, or tyrosine, I suffered brain fog. I thought it was because it boosted it too much, but low pregnenolone is also plausible. Pregnenolone research has shown it improves areas of the brain, which include clear thinking and mood.

    I read large doses of zinc make you feel tired, so I thought it’d be better to take it at night.

    Yes 50mg is a high dose. My zinc I’ve ordered only comes in 15mg, I was going to take 3 before bed i.e. 45mg.



    Yeah supposedly zinc induces sleep, especially combined with magnesium but my insomnia is normally incredibly severe so I normally dont feel that effect.

    What brand of Pycgenol (well I know im writing it wrong lol) is the one you noticed the benefits? There are a lot of useless rubbish in the supp world.

    Im doubting these days about the treatment of my adrenals… my options are using vit c, b100 and an adrenal extract by Thorne Research or micronized lipid matrix from Nutricology (100 mg) I know that if I buy pregenenolone it will have an effect on me, no doubt, but on the other hand with adrenal extract I have actually a chance of restoring them naturally…



    I take this brand:

    I chose the one with the highest amount in, so a bit pricey. Also it’s patented by a company, which I still don’t fully understand how they can patent an extract.

    But it works, I just take 1 capsule.



    The first day I was on that T shot I had 40% of a real orgasm.

    Just that day.

    I wonder why.

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