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    I began masterbating excessively between the ages of 18 and 25 and now, at 26, I am experiencing the symptoms of exhaustion.

    About 4 months ago I would feel some pain in my abdomen after ejaculation which would go away after a day or two. I didnt pay much attention to it and continued my bad habit until a couple of months ago when the pain simply did not go away.

    I waited two weeks before ejaculation and the pain still was there. At this time I also started to develop very intense low back pain when I’m sitting in certain positions. I became very depressed and started researching all that I could about this problem.

    I am taking saw palmetto, maca, choline, damiana, fish oil, etc. But sadly when I get depressed I end up wanting to masturbate again. It is becoming a very painful addiction.

    Today I have abdominal pain (due to prostate irritation im sure) that will not go away and back pain that will not go away.

    I am getting concerned about any permanent damage I may have caused. I also suffer from premature ejaculation due to this problem and also had seminal leakage when I am on the toilet.

    I am on day 10 now of non ejaculation.

    What kind of case does this sound like to you guys? severe? mild?

    thanks for any info

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    I wouldnt classfiy anyhting as mild or severe based on symptoms. Theres alot of different forms of SE .

    It sorta dosnt matter. The only way your gona figure out why your body is reaciting the way it is is by investigating your neurotransmitter and hormonal function.

    Just going by what you said and my personal experiences as well as the experiences of the people on this forum your neurotransmitters are almost definetly fried. Every person (myself included) who has tested for neuros has gotten back horrible results.

    You may also have some serious hormonal issues on top of that.

    Your first and most important step is to find a doctor who will help you get all the recomeded testing done.

    Then we can tell you how severe things are.

    Though abstainin does have its merits. It will not heal your severe symtpoms. Please dont get throw off by temporary improvments.



    your problems are severe to mild,

    you need to address the Abdominal Pain and back pain at first , check the

    this thread since there is a good explanation for the pelvic floor syndrome

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    as for the seminal leakage, if both issues of back pain and prostate have not resolved this issue, then you need to tackle other problems

    You need to drop your saw palmetto, since it do aid estradiol to dominate over testosterone and i think you dont need such a manipulation to happen.

    In here, our problem is concentrated with low thyroid function , adrenal fatigue>> these cause low testerone , high cholesterol , high blood glucose, abnormal liver enzymes and other issues that is related to neurotransmitters and vitamin mineral deficiencies in our body. so check the sticky for the possible hormonal blood test you can do and try

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Non-bacterial prostatis can be hard to fix , but doing the right tests and trying the possible routes can help alot.

    Mine improved with abstaining, and exercises that is concentrated on the pelvic area. i beleive that may consumption of codliver oil and ginkgo helped in this area



    ”I am taking saw palmetto, maca, choline, damiana, fish oil, etc”

    I would recommend against using saw palmetto. Saw palmetto can cause hormonal and sexual problems in it’s self and is estrogenic.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    If you have prostate problems it’s probably caused by inflammation and or high estrogen. I had quite bad prostate issues in the beginning aswell charlie, but abstinance healthy diet and the right vitamins and fatty acids and time have helped. I recommend you get the right testing done though as i’ve done everything the wrong way round and should have done the testing first. So don’t waste time speculating too much like i have and get tested, so you know where you stand, and then people will be able to give you better advice based on your labs.

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