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    Nice decision XF

    but you need to know that the journy into kicking out your addictions

    [porn & MASTURBATION]

    the first thing is you need to change your lifestyle…. get a healthy hobby such as weight lifting…etc


    you need to be patient because in your journey you’ll face many difficulties and one of the main points that will keep your journey successful is consistency…

    Also dont forget these too

    Rule 1: Never return to masturbation & porn

    Rule 2: focus, focus, focus…. you need to know what are you, and what you want to be… set some short and long

    Rule 3: You need to live with a purpose

    And don’t be sad XF, masturbation and porn did played a role in my suffering where it triggered my TSH , slighlty increased my Sugar level and also it triggered the hair loss in all my body… and SE where muscle pains , back pain, fatigue, and insomina …etc

    So you are not alone…

    Good Luck

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